Symantec looks to secure critical infrastructure

USBs are often used to update systems, but are also frequent carriers of dangerous malware.

Putting Money Into Security

I’ve long been immersed in the world of technology — as a hobbyist, a venture capitalist, a board member and now as a CEO. But looking back at key segments of my personal investment history, I’m struck by the story it tells about security. Yes,

Only one in ten NHS Trusts are fully digitised

Most are planning to wrap the process up within three years.

Half of businesses don't have skills for proper cloud security

Cloud and security need to be considered as parts of the same ecosystem, report suggests.

How technology is revolutionising the food industry

Seeing the potential and using tech we already have, to create a new global food system.

Windows 10 zero-day exploit uncovered

Another way for hackers to take over your machine.

Why prediction, and not detection, is the key to reducing email risk

Implement a predictive security posture to proactively identify attacks, rapidly respond to threats and minimize business disruption.

ARM tells staff it won't work with Huawei

Huawei's chip production could be in serious trouble.

AI is dead, long live AI

Misconceptions of AI are causing businesses genuine problems, here’s how redefining the term can help.

Bad mobile working tech is costing businesses thousands

Tech that's supposed to improve productivity sometimes ends up hurting it.

Facebook fights back following release of internal policies

Company policies are being taken out of context, social media giant claims.

5G phones could come with a big price tag

Next-generation devices could be $300 more expensive than their 4G counterparts.




前言在办公桌、床头养个小绿植是件很有爱的事情,和养宠物不同,养植物作为“小伙伴”能提供别样的乐趣。对于有一双养什么死什么的“火手”人群,BitGarden 会是你最需要的产品。



How 'Game of Thrones' Makes Westeros Look So Real

We have some bad news. Westeros isn't real.So how does Game of Thrones make it look so believable? For that, you can thank the magic of visual effects and CGISee also:

Serve an 8-Bit Breakfast With This Poke-a-Pixel Wafflemaker

Quirky's approach of bringing user-submitted inventions to life pre-dates Kickstarter by quite a few years.

【Maker Voice】智能投影大起底

看到这个题目,是不是很激动。Maker Voice还在继续,欢迎投稿(。本文作者:若愚智能创始人兼CTO 宋健由于本文篇幅略长,又偏技术流,所以调整了原文顺序,将原文分割为了上下两部分。

Gear S smartwatch goes on sale at Samsung stores and O2 on Friday

However, it’s a pricey watch, particularly compared to rivals like the Moto 360, which undercuts the Gear S by £130.Read more:


近来读了pm必读书籍《结网》,读完就知道为什么这本书为什么这么受欢迎了,为什么是pm必读之物了。它从三个角度解 […]



Former Ad Tech CEO Rob Leathern Is Building A Subscription Service For Avoiding Ads

Rob Leathern is hoping to help publishers embrace ad blocking, and he’s doing it under a familiar name —, which was previously the social ad company where Leathern was founder and CEO. Brand Networks acquired Optimal (okay, so not exactly the same name, but really,

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