Symantec looks to secure critical infrastructure

USBs are often used to update systems, but are also frequent carriers of dangerous malware.

Putting Money Into Security

I’ve long been immersed in the world of technology — as a hobbyist, a venture capitalist, a board member and now as a CEO. But looking back at key segments of my personal investment history, I’m struck by the story it tells about security. Yes,

The state of the connected world and the challenges that go with it

Now more than ever manufacturers need to take measures to ensure that sufficient interoperability, privacy and security is in place to find continued consumer acceptance, and pre-market testing can help.

Strategies for securing container deployments

Organisations hesitant to adopt containers are often wary of the challenges of securing containers in production.

Hackers are successful for the same old reasons

While the specific modes of attack and popular hacks may change, the reasons why they succeed have remained largely static.

Australia government hit by major cyberattack

Behind this 'unprecedented' attack is a state actor, the government claims.

Vodafone switches on UK's first 5G airport

Superfast network could let travellers download a full TV series in six minutes.

UK doesn't need to ban Huawei from its 5G

Any potential risk can be mitigated, NCSC claims.

Facebook heavily criticised by UK parliament report

Social media giant labeled as "digital gangster".

Bad mobile working tech is costing businesses thousands

Tech that's supposed to improve productivity sometimes ends up hurting it.

Facebook fights back following release of internal policies

Company policies are being taken out of context, social media giant claims.

5G phones could come with a big price tag

Next-generation devices could be $300 more expensive than their 4G counterparts.

Could the Nokia Lumia 930 come with a free Qi wireless charge pad?


有内部人士透露,Facebook 将在本月底在旧金山召开的“F8”开发者大会上披露移动广告平台的相关信息。

Skier Dominates Treacherous Slopes With 70-Foot Flip

Skier Owen Leeper doesn't just hit the slopes — he hits the cliffsLeeper's extreme new skiing video shows him dominating the rocky slopes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he lands a 70-foot front flip and backflips off a cliff taller than most housesSee also:

JavaScript中的分号插入机制 - YouYaInsist


FKA Is The New $200 Million Tech Fund From Atlas Ventures… For Now

Jeff Fagnan of Atlas Ventures has announced a new $200 million fund dedicated exclusively to financing technology startups. The fund is currently operating as FKA (“formerly known as”) and will be the first time that Atlas Ventures has split its tech/life sciences fund into two separate funds,

用女支 女的思维做好淘宝运营

日前阿里巴巴零售平台开出5月第二张罚单,47个集市淘宝商家被查实参与“仿真刷单”,其中有26个皇冠级卖家,最高 ...

Apache下开启SSI配置使html支持include包含 - 韩子迟

写页面的同学通常会遇到这样的烦恼,就是页面上的 html 标签越来越多的时候,寻找指定的部分就会很困难,那么能不能像 javascript 一样写在不同的文件中引入呢?答案是有的,apache 能做到。


在德国举行的第32届混沌计算机俱乐部会议上,研究员Philipp Winter作了防火长城如何发现隐蔽翻墙服务器的报告(视频)。报告简介称,翻墙服务器利用加密降低了防火长城深度包检测系统的审查精度,但防火长城也随之升级能发现和屏蔽隐蔽的翻墙服务器,它现在能屏蔽Tor、SoftEther和SSH等协议。演讲内容与之前发表的主动探测系统论文(PDF)差别不大,Philipp Winter就是论文作者之一。

物联网技术周报第29期:Window 10 IoT和树莓派2打造六足机器人

创业公司Afero推出解决物联网通信安全的平台;英特尔进军穿戴和物联网 RealSense技术成标配;亚马逊出自家处理器Alpine 适用于物联网设备 By 黄峰达

North Carolina reveals results of welfare applicant drug tests

North Carolina revealed early results on Tuesday from a round of drug tests given to those applying for or living with the help of welfare.From the 7,600 recipients and applicants given an initial screening, social workers referred only 2% for drug testing. That amounted to 89 people. Of those 89,

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