Chrome update now blocks fake ads

Sites will have 30 days to clean up.

The state of the connected world and the challenges that go with it

Now more than ever manufacturers need to take measures to ensure that sufficient interoperability, privacy and security is in place to find continued consumer acceptance, and pre-market testing can help.

Strategies for securing container deployments

Organisations hesitant to adopt containers are often wary of the challenges of securing containers in production.

Hackers are successful for the same old reasons

While the specific modes of attack and popular hacks may change, the reasons why they succeed have remained largely static.

Australia government hit by major cyberattack

Behind this 'unprecedented' attack is a state actor, the government claims.

Vodafone switches on UK's first 5G airport

Superfast network could let travellers download a full TV series in six minutes.

UK doesn't need to ban Huawei from its 5G

Any potential risk can be mitigated, NCSC claims.

Facebook heavily criticised by UK parliament report

Social media giant labeled as "digital gangster".

Symantec looks to secure critical infrastructure

USBs are often used to update systems, but are also frequent carriers of dangerous malware.

Bad mobile working tech is costing businesses thousands

Tech that's supposed to improve productivity sometimes ends up hurting it.

Facebook fights back following release of internal policies

Company policies are being taken out of context, social media giant claims.

淘宝上倒卖新浪微盘事件来龙去脉——谈谈巧用IMEI - laozhu1124


foreach是怎么实现遍历的 - 酱油先生

using System;using System.Collections;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq; using System.Text;using System.Threading.Tasks;namespace Con...

[图]Xbox One数字电视接收适配器上手

今天在德国召开的科隆国际游戏展(Gamescom)上微软展示了Xbox One主机即将获得的诸多新特性,但因Xbox团队不允许对屏幕进行拍摄最终无法呈现相关内容,不过所幸的是工作人员允许外媒对Xbox One数字电视接收适配器进行相关的拍摄。

C#中常量枚举结构及数组的运用 - 云和学院恩

又一天结束了,今天在云和学院学习的知识下面继续来做总结。一、常量枚举结构的运用理论:常量:const 类型 常量名 = 常量值确定数量、确定值的几个取值:东西南北、男女、上中下。枚举: enum Gender{male,

四季沐歌联手新浪微博构筑O2O闭环 抢占春运营销先机



1982年,人民音乐出版社决定出版一本用于改善社会风气、弘扬正确价值观的图书:《怎样鉴别黄色歌曲》。 全书近5 ...

Deadspin Jason Whitlock Out As Head Of The Undefeated | io9 Jurassic World Is All Park And No Bite |

Deadspin Jason Whitlock Out As Head Of The Undefeated | io9 Jurassic World Is All Park And No Bite | Jezebel When Rachel Dolezal Attended Howard University, She Was Still White | Kotaku One Year Later, Did Sony (And Friends) Keep Their E3 2014 Promises? | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

微微正能量 司机大哥驱车两小时还 iPhone!

当你在一个陌生的国家,陌生的城市,然后遗失了自己的 iPhone 手机,你是否会惊慌失措,陷入一个异常抓狂的不安情绪里呢?  

AT&T guns for cord-cutters with new streaming TV options

AT&T is bringing pay TV to the OTT marketplace with the launch of an Internet-based streaming TV service.The company announced Tuesday that beginning later this year, it will offer consumers (yes even cord-cutters) three new package options:  DIRECTV Now, DIRECTV Mobile and DIRECTV Preview. 


【媒体报导】6月2日消息,据外媒报道,《福布斯》杂志周三将其对美国医疗高科技创业公司Theranos的联合创始人兼首席执行官伊丽莎白霍尔姆斯(Elizabeth Holmes)的净资产估计从去年的45亿美元降至零。全球最年轻白 ... ...

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