Chrome update now blocks fake ads

Sites will have 30 days to clean up.

Only one in ten NHS Trusts are fully digitised

Most are planning to wrap the process up within three years.

Half of businesses don't have skills for proper cloud security

Cloud and security need to be considered as parts of the same ecosystem, report suggests.

How technology is revolutionising the food industry

Seeing the potential and using tech we already have, to create a new global food system.

Windows 10 zero-day exploit uncovered

Another way for hackers to take over your machine.

Why prediction, and not detection, is the key to reducing email risk

Implement a predictive security posture to proactively identify attacks, rapidly respond to threats and minimize business disruption.

ARM tells staff it won't work with Huawei

Huawei's chip production could be in serious trouble.

AI is dead, long live AI

Misconceptions of AI are causing businesses genuine problems, here’s how redefining the term can help.

Symantec looks to secure critical infrastructure

USBs are often used to update systems, but are also frequent carriers of dangerous malware.

Bad mobile working tech is costing businesses thousands

Tech that's supposed to improve productivity sometimes ends up hurting it.

Facebook fights back following release of internal policies

Company policies are being taken out of context, social media giant claims.


从 1993 年直到 1997 年,当每个驾驶员从 Highway 280 大道驶过的时候,都能看到立在 Infinite Loop 3 栋的苹果彩虹 logo。

美Boost Mobile首款增强型LTE机型:中兴Warp Sync即日开售

中兴最近为美国Boost Mobile提供了一款中端预算级新品——采用了5英寸高清显示屏和大猩猩玻璃的Warp Sync——售价为180美元。配置方面,该机采用了1.



手机APP UI设计尺寸基础知识

从原理开始介绍一下移动端设计尺寸规范右键“在新标签页中打开图片”看  初涉移动端设计和开发的同学们,基本都会在尺寸问题上纠结好一阵子才能摸到头绪。





Amy Poehler's Smart Girls ask better red carpet questions than Ryan Seacrest

Red carpets are a breeding ground for casual sexism, and Amy Poehler isn't having itAfter a few steps backward for feminism last year, Amy Poehler's empowering website Smart Girls took the initiative to ask the thoughtful questions teen girls actually want answers to by actually listening to them.

比得上 iPhone!Apple 每賣出一部 iPad Pro 即可淨賺 200 美元

早前 Apple 終於正式推出最新款的 12.9 吋 iPad Pro 平板,雖然如此大尺寸的平 板未必人人啱用,銷量或及不上其他 iPad 產品,不過 Apple 或依舊能獲得可觀的收入。

This iPhone video goes behind the scenes of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tons of work goes into making the parade happen, and this video shows everything from the set, to the dance routines to the inflating of the infamous balloonsFor info on how the video was made, read more: Read more...More about Macy S Thanksgiving Day Parade, Apple Iphone,


如果要问 2015 年苹果有哪款产品最令人惊艳,相信会有不少人说出 12 英寸 Retina MacBook 的名字。原本 MacBook Air 已经足够轻薄,但是 12 英寸 Retina MacBook 居然还可以在轻薄度上更上一层楼,着实让人惊讶。这款产品之所以可以进一步削减机身,其中一个最主要的原因就是浑身上下只有一个接口,即 USB Type-C。  尽管这个 Type-C 接口也引来了不少人的置疑,但有分析师相信这一标准将会在明年大红大紫,我们甚至可以把 2016 年称为“USB Type-C 之年”。

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