Microsoft makes its possible to disable cross-play on Xbox One for child accounts

Microsoft is making it possible for parents to control cross-compatibility setting for children of the Xbox One.

New Windows 10 Insider preview 18290 (19H1) ISOs are now available

The Windows team has also rolled out the ISO images for Windows 10 19H1 build 18290.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant will soon recognize multi user voices

Cortana will soon learn from and recoginize up to six individual voices as well as present information specific to each voice during interactions.

Windows Admin Center version 1809.5 is now available for Insiders

Microsoft released today Windows Admin Center version 1809.5 for members of the Windows Server Insider program, and this is a cumulative update for Windows Admin Center version 1809

December Patch Tuesday is out for Windows 10 versions 1809 and 1803, here’s what’s new

Microsoft has just released new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all supported versions of Windows 10, including the freshly-released October 2018 update.

Minecraft Bedrock update celebrates the arrival of… Pandas!

Minecraft players running the Bedrock Edition can now enjoy pandas, bamboo, redesigned cats and experimental crossbow enchantments.

A web developer’s perspective: Edge’s move to Chromium will increase productivity, but raises long-t

Last week Microsoft confirmed the unprecedented news that it’s rebuilding its Edge web browser atop the Chromium open-source rendering engine. It spells the end for Microsoft’s EdgeHTML engine less than four years after it first shipped to the public with Windows 10’s launch.

Microsoft releases Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business

Microsoft’s Surface devices are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, and the company is now looking to make it easier for IT admins to resolve any issues affecting the various models.

There are now over 550 backward compatible games on Xbox One, with more than 100 additions in 2018

More than 550 Xbox 360 games can now be played on the Xbox One, thanks to the work the company and developers have put into making this possible.

Watch The Game Awards on Mixer today to get exclusive “Mixpot” rewards

The free digital gifts will include a mysterious Sea of Thieves DLC, and the Mixer team will also offer 500 copies of Battlefield V to some lucky members of the audience.

Microsoft releases another patch for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The build 17763.168 addresses several issues related to Microsoft Edge, Bluetooth headsets, multi-monitor configurations, Brightness settings and more.

GitHub Cofounder Resigns After Internal Harassment Investigation

GitHub president Tom Preston-Werner has resigned from the social network for software engineers that he cofounded in 2008. He and his wife Theresa Preston-Werner were cleared of any legal wrongdoing regarding harassment claims from GitHub engineer Julie Ann Horvath. Read more...

After John Oliver's Net Neutrality Rant: 22,000 Comments and Site Overload

John Oliver called for the Internet to rise up on the Federal Communications Commission's website at the end of his epic, 13-minute rant on net neutrality on Sunday — and commenters responded en masse.

Skype revises the way it charges VAT in EU region

There's a surprising news for Skype users residing in the European Union or Switzerland. It seems Skype has revised the way it charges VAT in the region. If you didn't know, Skype charges 15 percent VAT in the EU region, while its 8 percent for those in Switzerland. Previously,


德国议会正对NSA的监视活动展开调查,调查委员会主席Patrick Sensburg表示,出于安全着想他们正认真考虑使用手动打字机。他说,他们非常严肃的对待安全问题,目前已经有了一台非电动打字机。

Join the Global Discussion at Social Good Summit 2014

Global meetups play an integral part in the Social Good Summit. Along with the main event in New York City, people convene around the world to take part in the global discussion about how communities are using the digital tools of today to build a brighter future. This year,

Drogba can't escape Messi's massive shadow in clever Turkish Airlines ad

Soccer demigod Lionel Messi is short in stature, but he casts a massive shadow over the beautiful game — so large that it often eclipses fellow soccer superstars like Didier DrogbaThat's the premise of Turkish Airlines' latest clever ad,



Qwilr 获种子轮融资,可将商业文件转变成更吸引人的网页

Qwilr 是一款工具,目标人群是那些花费数小时制作 PowerPoint 文件,在发送出去之后只想知道究竟有没有人去下载这些文件来看的人。


上海2015年7月9日电 /美通社/ -- 一名成功的企业家对于企业的长期健康发展起着至关重要的作用。

快乐的JS正则表达式(开篇) - 追梦子

我不喜欢一开始就去讨论某某有多强大,因为我觉得那样没意思,首先我们的知道它是干什么,对我们有啥用,再去讨论它的强大之处也不迟。那和往常一样我们先来看几个例子。 又比如我们想提取var str = 'eignwererherhtml5ewrqrpasfnh' ;这段文本里面的html5,又应该怎么做,

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