New next gen Xbox Scarlett rumors surface: will use Zen 2, possibly 4K@60fps

While Microsoft may have sold the Xbox One X as the future of console gaming with its beefed-up graphics and improved processing power, the reality has fared a bit differently.

Deal: Windows 10’s TouchMail app is now 50% off for the next two weeks

TouchMail, a popular Windows 10 email app, is currently selling in the Microsoft Store app store with a 50% discount which brings its price down to $14.99 from the usual $29.99. This discount period will run for the next two weeks so those that have thought about picking up this app,

Xbox One’s The Banner Saga and Metal Gear Survive are now playable with Xbox Game Pass

The Banner Saga and Metal Gear Survive are both now playable for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Both titles were announced to be coming to the subscription service this morning and will be followed by six other video games over the coming weeks.

Microsoft Store for Business apps fail to install on Windows 10 May 2019 Update, fix coming next wee

A known issue preventing the installation of UWP apps from the Microsoft Store for Business or Intune in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update will be fixed next week.

Learning to code? With Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft has made installing Python much easier

When you’re just learning to code, sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. Most tutorials you’ll find online assume you know how to do the basic stuff, and move right in to managing your server farms or whatever. This is true across a lot of technical learning,

New Xbox Game Bar starts rolling out to PCs running Windows 10 May 2019 update

The new Xbox Game Bar is now rolling out to all users running the freshly-released Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

New online Windows Health Dashboard works with Windows 10 May 2019 Update and older versions, too

Microsoft has already flipped the switch and has begun rolling out the Windows 10 May 2019 Update to the general public. While it definitely has its share of useful new features, it also has its fair share of known issues that need to be sorted out.

Windows Server version 1903 also reaches general availability

Adding to its docket of Windows-related releases for the month of May is Windows Server version 1093, which became generally available earlier this week. 

Xbox head Phil Spencer wants to bring Xbox Game Pass to “every device”

Spencer didn't go into details about how the company intends to make Xbox Game Pass available on mobile, but it could all be a part of Microsoft's upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.

Microsoft makes its possible to disable cross-play on Xbox One for child accounts

Microsoft is making it possible for parents to control cross-compatibility setting for children of the Xbox One.

There are now over 550 backward compatible games on Xbox One, with more than 100 additions in 2018

More than 550 Xbox 360 games can now be played on the Xbox One, thanks to the work the company and developers have put into making this possible.



Windows Phone 8.1通知中心该怎么玩?

Windwos Phone 8.1更新带来了许多用户期待已久的下拉式通知中心,也有许多网友戏称 “终于不残疾” […]


导语: 糟糕的网页设计会给用户带来糟糕的体验,从而影响网页的流量,或是产品的销售。那么在设计网页的过程中,应该避免出现哪些错误呢?   

一舊水去日本!國泰推 2,014 張 100 蚊 「fanfares」機票

國泰「fanfares」又來了!這次為了慶祝自己得獎,將會在 8 月 26 日早上 8 點開始 100 蚊 「fanfares」機票,提供 2,014 張商務或特選經濟客位來回機票優惠。The post 一舊水去日本!國泰推 2,

How Do You Feel About Peanuts In CGI?

Same Snoopy, same familiar "Linus and Lucy" theme music, but the look is a little bit different. Your old favorite cartoon, Peanuts, is hitting the big screen for the first time in 2015, and here's the first trailer. How do you feel about the gang going 3D CGI?Read more...

PMP考试内容即将变更 重视干系人管理及战略一致

北京2015年6月15日电 /美通社/ -- 项目管理顺应环境而发展,PMI(项目管理协会)将对其 PMP 认证考试的内容进行更新,并将于2015年12月在中国大陆举行的 PMP 考试中体现。

If This Selfie Emoji Becomes Official I Am Going Back To Using A Flip Phone

One of my favorite things to do is to watch and see what emojis become candidates for Unicode updates (don’t judge). Sometimes they’re really great and sometimes they’re well…obnoxious. Two years ago, the word “selfie” was added to the Dictionary,

ACLU sues psychologists who designed CIA torture program

The ALCU (American Civil Liberties Union) is suing two psychologists contracted by the CIA for their role in designing the agency's interrogation program that involved using systematic torture on U.S. prisonersThe union is suing on behalf of three former prisoners held by the CIA: Gul Rahman,


创见干货:除了需要面对资本寒冬以外,硅谷还需要面对多样性问题。蒂夫 · 托巴克(Steve Tobak)最近发表了一篇名为《硅谷的多样性神话》的文章,意在表明硅谷并不存在多样性问题。本文作者凯丽萨 · 罗梅罗(Carissa Romero)认为托巴克的文章存在 6 个非常典型的论证错误,因此撰文反驳。 相信绝大部分身处硅谷的人都会同意多样性的缺失将会导致各种问题的出现。多个证据显示多样性的缺失往往与偏见有关,尽管这个解释不一定能说服每一个人。良性的争论非常重要,但切记,只有在信息对称且经过深思熟虑的情况下争论才会产生正面的影响。

真・超便攜 ! Cowon Plenue D 入門級 Hi-Res DAP 艾域評測

早年曾經在 DAP(Digital Audio Player,數碼音樂播放器)市場佔據重要地位的韓國品牌 Cowon,近年先後推出高階及中階 Hi-Res DAP 產品 Plenue 1 及 Plenue M,重新受到 Head-Fi 友注視。在 15 年即將完結之際,Cowon 再度擴展 Plenue 系列,加推超入門型號 Plenue D,單計 $2,188 的售價,面對各大陸品牌同類產品亦不乏競爭力,究竟此機有何賣點,而聲音表現又是否達標?就讓艾域為各位 Wire 民解構一下吧。

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