Microsoft Edge goes Chromium

The rumors were true: Microsoft Edge is moving to the open-source Chromium platform, the same platform that powers Google’s Chrome browser. And once that is done, Microsoft is bringing Edge to MacOS, too. In addition,

Tesla’s China factory and the missed growth opportunity

Tesla made its ambition for world domination known when it announced its intention to build a factory in China. The move makes sense — but it might be shortsighted.

Gift Guide: Indie games for players worn out on AAA titles

2018 has been a big year for big games, and with new titles from the Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, and Battlefield franchises all competing… it’s enough to make a gamer want to just quit and play something a little more low key. Here are some of the smaller,

Rothy’s just landed $35 million Goldman Sachs to sell more of its popular ballet flats

Rothy’s, a three-year-old, San Francisco-based company that makes colorful ballet flats and sneakers, has some more walking-around money today. According to Bloomberg, the company just closed on $35 million in funding from Goldman Sach’s asset management unit.

Pretend to be productive by reading TechCrunch in your terminal window

Developers and hipsters, it’s time to join together and ditch your web browser to read this article. Kosuke Yoshimura developed a fun little project and shared it on Product Hunt today. TechCrunch-CLI is a command line interface that lets you read TechCrunch articles in text mode.

Target’s same-day delivery service Shipt will include ‘all major product categories’ in 2019

Target has grand plans for Shipt, the same-day grocery delivery service it bought a year ago for $550 million.

Coinbase lets you convert one cryptocurrency into another

It’s hard to believe that you still had to convert your BTC into USD in order to buy ETH on Coinbase. The company is finally adding direct cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversions. The feature works with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC),

Google still claimed to be blocking search rivals on Android, despite Europe’s antitrust action

Mobile licensing changes made by Google this fall, when it tweaked terms for OEMs wanting to license its Android smartphone platform on devices destined for the European market,

Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project goes live for all

Last month, Pandora announced it would soon be bringing its “Genome” technology to a new space outside of music: it would leverage a similar classification system to make podcast recommendations, too. Initially, the feature was only available to select users on mobile devices,

Mogu’s long journey: From rejecting Alibaba’s advances to US IPO

Mogu, a Tencent-backed service that offers fashion content and products to young women, has joined a string of Chinese tech companies pressing ahead to sell their shares through initial public offerings in the US before the year-end. Mogu priced its sale at $14 per share on Wednesday,

How France wants to become a tech giant

Around 40 partners of venture capital firms as well as limited partners came to Paris to talk about tech in France, from Andreessen Horowitz to Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures and more. The two-day roadshow took place at Station F, the Vision Institute, iBionext and the Elysée Palace.



[CSS]white-space 属性详解 - cloudshadow

实例规定段落中的文本不进行换行:p { white-space: nowrap}可能的值值描述normal默认。空白会被浏览器忽略。pre空白会被浏览器保留。其行为方式类似 HTML 中的 标签。



别去看林志颖了,真正的爆料大神是 evleaks

在我写这篇文章的时候,林志颖的“iPhone 6 真机”试用微博已经有了 16 万的转发,7 万多的评论。


原九城 CTO、原冰动娱乐创始人孙涛已作为投资人入驻天使汇,成为天使汇平台认证投资人。「市场容量够大、产品需求够刚性、团队有战斗力」是他对项目提出的基本要求。


增哥点评:靠卖概念吆喝来获得融资的时代已经结束,谁能够提供优秀的用户体验,谁就是未来的王者。 小学的时候,班上 […]

三星联想齐传绯闻 黑莓为何是专利界的香饽饽


Sony 公佈 2014 年度最受歡迎 PS Store 遊戲

Sony 日前公佈了 2014 年度 PlayStation Store 北美和歐洲最高銷量遊戲排名,在歐美非常火熱的 Minecraft,其熱潮似乎未有冷卻跡象。在歐洲佔據了 PS4、PS3 和 PS Vita 的銷量榜榜首;在北美的 PS3 銷量榜排第一、Vita 則排第二。

Report: Sony Hackers Used a Zero Day Vulnerability to Break In

That hackers really messed up Sony's shit is indisputable, but how they did it (and also who they were) is still up in the air. A Recode report sheds some light on the former, though; access was apparently gained through a Zero Day vulnerability,



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