FB QVC? Facebook tries Live video shopping

Want to run your own home shopping network? Facebook is now testing a Live video feature for merchants that lets them demo and describe their items for viewers. Customers can screenshot something they want to buy and use Messenger to send it to the seller,

Indonesia restricts WhatsApp and Instagram usage following deadly riots

Indonesia is the latest nation to hit the hammer on social media after the government restricted the use of WhatsApp and Instagram following deadly riots yesterday. Numerous Indonesia-based users are today reporting difficulties sending multimedia messages via WhatsApp,

Facebook found hosting masses of far right EU disinformation networks

A multi-month hunt for political disinformation spreading on Facebook in Europe suggests there are concerted efforts to use the platform to spread bogus far right propaganda to millions of voters ahead of a key EU vote which kicks off tomorrow. Following the independent investigation,

Tencent CEO warns companies must keep innovating to survive amid US-China tensions

On Tuesday, Tencent’s usually low-profile founder and CEO Pony Ma made rare comments to weigh in on escalating tensions between the United States and China, calling domestic tech companies to build more self-reliance in a bid to stay competitive. “China has come to the forefront of development.

In Ford’s future, two-legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries

Autonomous vehicles might someday be able to navigate bustling city streets to deliver groceries, pizzas, and other packages without a human behind the wheel. But that doesn’t solve what Ford Motor CTO Ken Washington describes as the last 50-foot problem.

Leak reveals Uber’s $9.99 unlimited delivery Eats Pass

What’s the cord-cutting equivalent to ditching your kitchen? Uber’s upcoming subscription to unlimited free food delivery. Uber is preparing to launch the $9.99 per month Uber Eats Pass, according to code hidden in Uber’s Android app.

India’s Ola switches gears on its food delivery business Foodpanda

India’s Ola, which has expanded to select international markets and set ambitious goals for its electric vehicles business, is struggling with selling food. So it is making major changes to its food business. The ride-hailing giant is pivoting Foodpanda,

Valve’s Steam Chat gets its own iOS and Android apps

A little under a year ago, Valve released a big overhaul for the chat features built into its Steam game store/launcher. Focusing on modern day chat conveniences like better group chats and embedded media (GIFs!),

Join TechCrunch for our 2nd Annual Winter Party

After last year’s stellar turn out of almost 1,000 Silicon Valley shakers and movers at our inaugural Winter Party, TechCrunch is returning with the 2nd Annual Winter Party in San Francisco on February 8. The party will feature tasty cocktails and canapés, party games and activities,

Rideshare advertising startup Firefly launches with $21.5M in funding

Firefly, a startup that allows rideshare drivers to make money through digital advertising, is officially launching today. It’s also announced that it has raised $21.5 million in seed funding. The idea of sticking advertising on a cab isn’t new,

Microsoft Edge goes Chromium

The rumors were true: Microsoft Edge is moving to the open-source Chromium platform, the same platform that powers Google’s Chrome browser. And once that is done, Microsoft is bringing Edge to MacOS, too. In addition,

The MTA Clearly Doesn't Watch Futurama

This morning, passengers headed to NYC on the Metro-North rail line hit serious delays. The culprit? A suspicious package found near the Farfield, CT station. Or rather, a suspiciously Bender-shaped package. Bite my shiny metal ass, commuters.Read more...




「拥有对方所没有的信息给了风险投资一个优势:他们从没有经验的创业者那里占便宜。」– Mitch Kapor,

好可怕!《NBA 2K15》雷人BUG造异形

新作《NBA 2K15》独创性地加入了“扫脸(Facescan)”功能,本来是个造福手挫玩家的新特性,没曾想这造就了大量异形球员。  

The Crazy, Broken Food Superhighway That Supplies America's Produce

You might know that a lot of your produce comes from farms in Mexico. But the infrastructure and economics of that system are incredibly screwed up—like throwing tons of ripe tomatoes into a landfill screwed up.Read more...

发售前的定心丸 《GTA5》优化真的超赞!

距离《侠盗猎车手 5》PC 版正式发售只有不到一周的时间,相信不少玩家现在已经提前把游戏下好了吧。毕竟是 65GB 的庞然大物,这要跑不起可就尴尬了。现在,开发商来给玩家们吃定心丸了。  


This Biotech Startup Promises Lab-Grown Pork Within Five Years

The future of lab-grown meat is coming. Or at least it feels that way, based on burgeoning interest in the biotech community. One by one, companies are staking out different animal tissues to grow in vitro for human consumption. First there was beef. Then there was chicken. Now there’s pork.

: 把聲音具像化變成戒指

想把聲音保留下來嗎?不用特別去存錄音檔也可以辦的到。日本3D列印公司提供錄音服務,只要三秒就好,你可以講「我愛你」「謝謝您呦」等,截取音頻的圖形製成Encode Ring。閱讀全文

Man in animal onesie shot after bomb threat at Baltimore TV station

A man dressed in an animal onesie was shot by Baltimore Police after walking into a local television station and allegedly making a bomb threat.The incident unfolded Thursday afternoon at Baltimore's Fox 45 when the man walked into the station's lobby,

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