Contentful raises $33.5M for its headless CMS platform

Contentful, a Berlin- and San Francisco-based startup that provides content management infrastructure for companies like Spotify, Nike, Lyft and others, today announced that it has raised a $33.5 million Series D funding round led by Sapphire Ventures,

Lego pauses marketing of police sets, amid protests

Earlier this week, Lego sent a letter to affiliates requesting a wide range of kits be removed from all sites and marketing. The list featured a number of different kits involving police minifigs (yes, including “Donut Shop Opening”), along with the White House.

Why you should worry about data transparency

Leaders of firms that thrive in the coming years must be prepared for success in fits and starts,

Google says Chinese, Iranian hackers targeted Trump, Biden campaigns

Google security researchers say they’ve identified efforts by at least two nation state-backed hackers against the Trump and Biden presidential campaigns. Shane Huntley, director for Google’s Threat Analysis Group,

Twitter has a record-breaking week as users looked for news of protests and COVID-19

Civil unrest due to the nationwide George Floyd protests drove Twitter to see a record number of new installs this week, according to data from two app store intelligence firms, Apptopia and Sensor Tower.

SaaS earnings rise as pandemic pushes companies more rapidly to the cloud

As the pandemic surged and companies moved from offices to working at home, they needed tools to ensure the continuity of their business operations. SaaS companies have always been focused on allowing work from anywhere there’s access to a computer and internet connection,

Daily Crunch: Snapchat says it won’t promote Trump

Snapchat is the latest social media company to take on the president, Fitbit gets approval for its emergency ventilator and we review the new Sonos soundbar. Here’s your Daily Crunch for June 4, 2020. 1.

All Facebook users can now access a tool to port data to Google Photos

Facebook’s photo transfer tool is now available globally half a year on from an initial rollout in Europe, the company said today.

FB QVC? Facebook tries Live video shopping

Want to run your own home shopping network? Facebook is now testing a Live video feature for merchants that lets them demo and describe their items for viewers. Customers can screenshot something they want to buy and use Messenger to send it to the seller,

Join TechCrunch for our 2nd Annual Winter Party

After last year’s stellar turn out of almost 1,000 Silicon Valley shakers and movers at our inaugural Winter Party, TechCrunch is returning with the 2nd Annual Winter Party in San Francisco on February 8. The party will feature tasty cocktails and canapés, party games and activities,

Rideshare advertising startup Firefly launches with $21.5M in funding

Firefly, a startup that allows rideshare drivers to make money through digital advertising, is officially launching today. It’s also announced that it has raised $21.5 million in seed funding. The idea of sticking advertising on a cab isn’t new,

宏碁Iconia One 7廉价多彩平板试玩 体验尚可

宏碁在近日举办的新品发布会上不仅推出了其第一款穿戴式智能设备——Liquid Leap智能腕带,而且与之同时登场的还有多款Windows 8与Android设备,而Iconia One 7平板电脑就是其中之一。

埃迪·库伊: iTunes的歌曲已经卖出350亿首

威锋网讯,在苹果正式宣布收购 Beats Electronics 和 Beats Music 之后,苹果 iTunes 主管埃迪·库伊和 Beats 联合创始人之一吉米·艾欧文正在一起参加 Re/code 的“Code(代码)大会”,并上台接受采访。  

Clothing sales responsible for online shopping growth, says ONS

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show the UK public's Internet usage in 2014. The findings suggest that clothes shopping has been a key driver.Read more:

Explore the Ocean Deep in a Personal Submarine

If you ever find yourself staring out at the sea, thinking, "Holy shit, I have way too much money. I should blow some of it on a personal submarine," the Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II is here to part you from that troublesome cash. Read more...

Photoshop Contest: Is There Anything Worse Than an iPad Selfie Stick?

Earlier today, we found a device that might be the very pinnacle of human garbage: the iPad Selfie Stick . But as we all know, things can always get worse. And that, dear readers, is where you come in. Read more...

The Physics Behind Ice Spikes, Nature's Perfect Murder Weapon

Ice spikes may very well be the perfect untraceable weapon, but how do these jagged sticks of frosty death form? Turns out there’s no magic involved (womp), just some simple physics.Read more...

Xbox One sales are up and the Xbox 360 is immortal

Consoles, as their lives typically go, have a shelf life of around five years, maybe a few more if they are particularly lucky. It is something of an inevitability that, as technology advances, the public will eventually look for something else to entertain themselves with. That is of course,

Microsoft will be before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals tomorrow defending email

Microsoft will be in court tomorrow before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to try to reverse a lower court’s ruling that the Redmond, Washington based company has to turn over customer email...

匿名函数、闭包、lambda表达式、Block - 巴黎欧莱雅

C#有lambda、匿名函数,js有匿名函数、闭包,OC中有block,看到这是不是心中有一万个草泥马在跑,不过它们这些都是换汤不换药,不同语言名字不一样。 从功能性上说lambda和closure(或是OC中的blocks)是一个东西,只是不同语言的不同称呼罢了,它们都是匿名函数。若匿名函数捕获了

[视频]四大旗舰盲评揭晓 S7 Edge/LG G5/HTC 10/iPhone 中篇

感谢科技美学的投递大家好,我是那岩。欢迎观看本期「科技美学」视频。这一季的内容,我们为你带来的是目前市面上最新发售的四款旗舰手机的测评。四大旗舰盲评揭晓 S7 edge/LG G5/HTC 10/iPhone(第七季)中篇的视频中,我们将详细为你介绍四台手机的拍照体验、录像对比内容以及为你揭晓本次盲评的最终结果。

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