Extreme climate change suffocated nearly all ocean life 250 million years ago

The Great Dying was as nasty as it sounds. Some 250 million years ago, around 95 percent of ocean species vanished during the planet's largest-known extinction event, also called the Great Permian Extinction. The culprit is suspected to be extreme climate change,

Tesla releases DIY guide series for Model 3 maintenance

With an increased demand from consumers to fix products themselves, Tesla is capitalizing on that with a series of DIY guides for their Model 3 electric car.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Tesla, Elon Musk, and Tesla Model 3

LG to add Alexa support to its 2019 ThinQ TVs

LG's line of AI-enhanced, ThinQ television sets will get Amazon Alexa support soon, the company announced Thursday. The new feature will roll out to customers in North America this month, with Europe and Asia getting it "in the weeks to come."SEE ALSO:

The White House's new Twitter graphic instantly becomes a meme

If it's a day that ends in "y" then the White House probably did something that's been turned into a meme.This time it was a late night tweet follow up to Donald Trump's brief Rose Garden rant on Wednesday morning. Late Wednesday night,

Save £36 on the 5-litre Crock-Pot DuraCeramic slow cooker

We would all love to have the time and energy to spend a couple of hours lovingly creating a delicious meal for the whole family, but sometimes it's not possible.Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time meticulously chopping up some fresh veggies, marinading some meat,

This Nintendo Switch shoulder bag is down to under £13 on Argos

The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is its portability. Well, that's not the only great thing about the console, but it's certainly what sets it apart from the competition.You can play at home, in the car, in the great outdoors, or anywhere, really.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and get up to £350 off when you trade in your old device

There's no clearer sign that we're all living in the future than the launch of 5G. Yep, EE’s service will be available in six cities when it goes live on May 30 — London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, and Manchester — and the operator says it plans to add 10 more cities in 2020. 

Beats headphones, Tower air fryers, Fire tablets, Sony speakers, and more on sale for May 23 in the

The Amazon Bank Holiday Sale started slowly but is finally gaining a bit of momentum, with a wave of new deals on everything from kitchen essentials to speakers. You can save on a wide range of devices with this deals round-up, including coffee machines, air fryers, slow cookers, headphones,

This app is creating a community for those living in sobriety

Loosid is an app that offers a multitude of resources for the sober community to get social, without the pressure or anxiety to drink or be around around drinkingBetween events, dating, and recovery resources, Loosid is aiming to be a multi-platform community.

'Subtle asian traits' is a place for second gen bonding, but it's not all fun and memes

Is there anything more real than bonding over shared trauma through Pikachu memes? When a friend added me about a month ago, subtle asian traits had about 300,000 members.

Time's Up tops list of most successful GoFundMe campaigns in 2018

GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform, released its annual "Year in Giving" report for 2018, which includes data about the most generous U.S. states and cities, global trends, and best of all, the top fundraisers by the numbers. The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund,

The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

redletterdave writes: "The stodgy old enterprise company whose former CEO once called open source Linux a 'cancer' is gone. So is its notorious tendency to keep developers and consumers within its walled gardens.

改进的二值图像像素标记算法及程序实现(含代码) - tianya2543


Cool video selfie taken with a drone

You know what I want now? A flying iPhone.



如何看待「Basic and Applied Social Psychology」禁用 p 值事件?



编者按:今天这类效果曾大热一时(印象中最常见的是个小木人),今天@P大点S微博 同学将操作步骤重新过一遍,界面全中文方便练习,源文件已打包微盘,来脑洞...

PPI达300 亚马逊Kindle Paperwhite3外媒上手

近日,亚马逊公布了新一代Kindle Paperwhite 3电子阅读器,相比去年推出的旗舰产品Kindle Voyage较高的售价,升级的Kindle Paperwhite 3价格更亲民,而分辨率同样得到了提升,达到了300的PPI。

【极客车闻播报】委内瑞拉油价暴涨6086% 法拉利推SUV系造谣

优酷互动请点击Hello,大家好!我就是要招女主播的爱极客招来的女主播褥子。可能你现在还不够了解我,但是你只需要记住我很优秀就够了。不要问我为什么,因为A代表优秀,呵呵。好啦,废话不多说 ,新年第一期的极客 ... ...


我不知道什么是绝对安全的方法,但我想把我能知道的都拿来保全你。即使再危险的世界,我们还是要骄傲地活着。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

Sensor Tower:2016年Q2全球手游下载量猛增22%

据科技网站VentureBeat报道,即使在《口袋妖怪Go》7月份发布前,手游产业也出现了2位数增长。移动市场研究公司Sensor Tower的数据显示,今年第二季度,在苹果App Store和谷歌Google Play应用商店,游戏仍然是最受欢迎的应用类别,下载量比上年同期增长22%。

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