Watch all the highlights of 2018 with YouTube Rewind

Can you believe it's already the end of 2018? YouTube is celebrating its biggest creators with a collaborative video featuring over a hundred vloggers in YouTube Rewind. The video opens up with Will Smith at the Grand Canyon, a throwback to his wild birthday jump from September.

Jimmy Fallon made Steph Curry drop weird phrases into NBA All-Star interviews

Did Steph Curry's interviews over the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend seem full of weird turns of phrase to you? It's all Jimmy Fallon's fault.For a segment subbed "Drop It In," The Tonight Show host had the basketball star slip strange words into his post-game chats,

Stephen Colbert also thinks Trump's national emergency lacks a little, er, emergency

Trump's state of emergency seems a bit, well, not much of an emergency.You might've figured that one out already, but Stephen Colbert was just as perplexed at Trump's casual demeanour during his press conference on Friday, announcing the national emergency."I'm sorry Mr. President.

Netflix's 'Friends From College' won't be back for a third season

Another Netflix series has bitten the dust.Friends From College won't be returning for a third season, the show's co-creator Nicholas Stoller revealed on Twitter.SEE ALSO: Netflix's first dating show pretends it's not trash. It is indeed trash."Thanks to everyone who watched it.

Seth Meyers slams Trump's golf trip: 'In a real emergency, no one goes to the omelette bar'

Late Night host Seth Meyers absolutely eviscerated Trump's press conference regarding his declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall.Tackling Trump's speech delivered at the White House on Friday, Meyers noticed it was "less of a declaration and more of a sing-song ramble.

Huawei founder speaks amid pressure: 'The U.S. can't crush us'

The founder of Chinese electronics giant Huawei said it doesn't need the U.S. to survive. Ren Zhengfei spoke to the BBC in his first interview since the arrest of his daughter, Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, in Canada.SEE ALSO:

Please enjoy the unnecessarily lit 'Act My Age' by One Direction meme

One Direction may have disbanded three years ago, but their songs are still undeniable meme-worthy bops. You've probably stumbled across this bizarre meme in the past few days: A trio goes hard and dances in perfect sync to what sounds like the beginning of a sea shanty. 

Buckle up, Queen is performing at the Oscars

Guys. Queen is performing at the Oscars this year. With Adult Goth/possible vampire Adam Lambert at its helm, Queen is set to dazzle us all during the awards show, which controversially tried to cut four categories from its broadcast in hopes of saving time.SEE ALSO: Never mind,

Extreme climate change suffocated nearly all ocean life 250 million years ago

The Great Dying was as nasty as it sounds. Some 250 million years ago, around 95 percent of ocean species vanished during the planet's largest-known extinction event, also called the Great Permian Extinction. The culprit is suspected to be extreme climate change,

This app is creating a community for those living in sobriety

Loosid is an app that offers a multitude of resources for the sober community to get social, without the pressure or anxiety to drink or be around around drinkingBetween events, dating, and recovery resources, Loosid is aiming to be a multi-platform community.

'Subtle asian traits' is a place for second gen bonding, but it's not all fun and memes

Is there anything more real than bonding over shared trauma through Pikachu memes? When a friend added me about a month ago, subtle asian traits had about 300,000 members.

别拿免费茶水当福利 看旧金山技术公司给些啥


文章: 深入浅出Docker(二):Docker命令行探秘


Deadspin Hae Min Lee, Team Player: The Serial Murder Victim's Lacrosse Heroics | io9 Biggest Scienti

Deadspin Hae Min Lee, Team Player: The Serial Murder Victim's Lacrosse Heroics | io9 Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs Of 2014 | Jalopnik Afroduck Explains How His Fast Lap Cost Him $50,000 And His Life In NYC | Jezebel Shade Court:

摩根士丹利CFO跳槽谷歌 出任CFO

摩根士丹利今日宣布,公司首席财务官(CFO)露丝·波拉特(Ruth Porat)将离职,其职位将由公司全球金融机构投资银行业务联主管乔纳森·布鲁赞(Jonathan Pruzan)继任。波拉特今年57岁,1987年加盟摩根士丹利,将于今年4月正式离职。

The Apple Watch May Actually Become Useful With Native Apps

Six weeks ago, people began getting Apple’s latest piece of luxury hardware, the Apple Watch. Reviews have been mixed, but the company aims to change that by giving developers a chance to develop more apps for the new Watch OS — which means users will soon have a ton of apps to choose from.


流氓推广手段是一些厂商和运营者为了达到自己用户量的目的想出来的方法,这些流氓的推广方法,背负着欺骗、不道德、偷 ...



“喜马拉雅FM” :已拆完 VIE 架构,下一战略重点是车载娱乐

音频 FM 界混战似乎永远都结束不了,此前曾有媒体报道称,喜马拉雅FM 遭遇资金链濒临断裂。

iOS 9.3:自带应用全面支持3D Touch快捷方式

据科技网站AppleInsider报道,本周,苹果向开发者推送了iOS 9.3的第一个测试版本,带来了许多新功能。其中值得注意的一点是iPhone 6s系列的自带应用终于全面支持3D Touch快捷方式操作了。其中,App Store的快捷方式中加入了“升级全部”和“购买链接”选项。而原本享受不到3D Touch快捷方式的设置图标这次也得到了升级,苹果为其快捷方式中加入了“蓝牙”,“Wi-Fi”,“电池”和“设定壁纸”四个选项。

7月上海铝展亮点揭秘 《消费电子用铝白皮书》全国首发

北京2016年5月5日电 /美通社/ -- 2016中国国际铝工业展览会将于7月12-14日在上海新国际博览中心盛大开幕。本届展会在保持对铝材深加工、交通及包装用铝等领域持续关注的同时,还根据新的行业应用趋势与发展,开设了铸件专区、消费电子用铝行业发展论坛及印度主宾国论坛等活动。于此同时。对铝工业新应用领域拓展具有重要指导意义的、中国首份权威解读消费电子用铝领域加工技术及采购行为的《消费电子用铝白皮书》将于展会现场全国首发。 国内首发《消费电子用铝白皮书》,助力铝加工企业向消费电子领域转型升级 消费电子市场近年来发展迅猛。

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