Amazon is having a *giant* Instant Pot sale — and it includes the new Instant Pot Max

PSA: Amazon is having GIANT (no, seriously) sale on Instant Pots today. No time for a witty intro right now.All you need to know is that this isn't like one of those random sales where all sizes in one or two models are on sale. This isn't even like the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

AMD's new 12-core, $499 processor is a pretty big deal

Nowadays, most computer users don't need to worry about the exact specifications of the chips running in their machines — a mid-range processor will run the majority of common tasks without issues. 

Get 20% off in the B&Q Bank Holiday outdoor event: garden furniture, BBQs, lawnmowers, plants, and m

We're into the final day of the Bank Holiday weekend, but don't be down about it, because if these last few days have taught us anything it's that summer is on its way.If we are to expect more great weather, we ought to get the garden in order. Nobody wants to spend the whole day stuck inside,

Facebook used as a platform to promote dog fighting, report finds

Facebook has come under criticism for not doing enough on dog fighting, a practice which is illegal in numerous countries around the world.The report, published by animal rights organisation Lady Freethinker, highlights how dog fighting content is easily found on the platform,

Kit Harington finding out about *that* moment in 'Game of Thrones' is destroying fans

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the finale of Game of Thrones. You must know this by now.No one was more emotional about the fate of Daenerys Targaryen than Kit Harington.As seen in HBO's behind-the-scenes Game of Thrones documentary, The Last Watch, which aired Sunday,

'Aladdin' flies high at the box office despite mixed reviews

When you first heard about Disney's live-action remake of the 1992 classic, Aladdin, you probably had a pretty strong opinion.So did critics, throwing down divided reactions to the studio's latest major redo of an animated classic. But that hasn't stopped Aladdin from flying high at the box office.

Music could make Snapchat more like TikTok

Snapchat could soon get more musical.Snap has been "in talks" with a number of record labels in an effort to broker deals that would let the company add more music to its app, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. The talks are not yet final but have "intensified in recent weeks.

Tesla will limit charging to 80 percent at some Supercharger stations

Tesla owners will soon find that they can no longer charge up to 100 percent at some Supercharger stations. The car maker has opted to limit charging to 80 percent at some of its busiest stations, according to a report in Electrek. "Today,

Watch all the highlights of 2018 with YouTube Rewind

Can you believe it's already the end of 2018? YouTube is celebrating its biggest creators with a collaborative video featuring over a hundred vloggers in YouTube Rewind. The video opens up with Will Smith at the Grand Canyon, a throwback to his wild birthday jump from September.

Extreme climate change suffocated nearly all ocean life 250 million years ago

The Great Dying was as nasty as it sounds. Some 250 million years ago, around 95 percent of ocean species vanished during the planet's largest-known extinction event, also called the Great Permian Extinction. The culprit is suspected to be extreme climate change,

This app is creating a community for those living in sobriety

Loosid is an app that offers a multitude of resources for the sober community to get social, without the pressure or anxiety to drink or be around around drinkingBetween events, dating, and recovery resources, Loosid is aiming to be a multi-platform community.

Tour the Fish Farm Hidden in a Hong Kong High-Rise

In cities as crowded as Hong Kong, there is nowhere to go but up up up—even for fish. So, on the fifteenth floor of a high-rise, is a mini ocean in the sky: 80,000 liters of salt water where young groupers swim under cool, blue light. Could this be the future of urban farming? Read more...    


1、直接可感知   在产品的文案策划和画面表达上有两个要求:一要直接,讲大白话,让用户一听就明白;二要切中要害,可感知,能打动用户。   

Alibaba’s Ant Financial Takes Minority Stake In Security Software Maker V-Key To Beef Up Alipay

V-Key, a security software maker for mobile apps, has raised $12 million from Alibaba Group affiliate Ant Financial Services and IPV Capital, a venture capital firm based in China. The Series B round means that Ant Financial now has a minority stake in V-Key, which is based in Redwood City,

mysql监控、性能调优及三范式理解 - 凌.风

1监控工具:sp on mysqlsp系列可监控各种数据库2调优2.1 DB层操作与调优2.1.1、开启慢查询在My.cnf文件中添加如下内容(如果不知道my.cnf的路径可使用find / -name my.cnf进行查找):在mysqld下添加Log_slow_queries = ON作用:开启...

IHS:2014半导体行业营收将达3530亿美元 增长近10%


Moto G :情怀和性价比怎样得兼?

摩托罗拉被联想收购的消息已经过去一年有余,新婚燕尔,二者正处在磨合的阵痛期。根据联想 2014-2015 第三季度财报,公司净利润同比下滑了 5%,其中 Moto 依旧亏损。

延遲或無反應!外國用家接連投訴 LG G4 螢幕輕觸功能出現問題

近日陸續有外國用家投訴 LG G4 的輕觸式螢幕似乎出現問題,而且更有可能會影響到 Knock On 及 Knock Code 等功能。The post 延遲或無反應!外國用家接連投訴 LG G4 螢幕輕觸功能出現問題 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

6英寸QHD屏+八核3GB内存:BLU Pure XL上市价仅为350美元

美国本土手机制造商BLU已经宣布了一款价格实惠的6英寸Quad HD屏智能机,它就是售价仅为350美元的BLU Pure XL。该机定于9月29日在美上市,作为一款运行Android 5.

只要50刀、买5还送一 亚马逊把屠刀伸向Fire平板

最近在装逼性地看一本科技圈内都在推荐的书《创业维艰》,作者Ben Horowitz在书中提到了一个“以门当桌”的故事。讲述的是亚马逊创始人贝佐斯曾设想创办一家“不再从顾客身上获利,而是把利益带给顾客”的公司。

Lionsgate exec teases 'Hunger Games' prequels, fresh horrors in store

"There are worse games to play," Katniss says at the end of Mockingjay: Part 2, relieved — spoiler alert! — that she now lives in a world devoid of Hunger Games and the tyranny of the Capitol.That said,

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