Skype brings back “Away” status with latest Insider build

By popular request, Skype is bringing back the “Away” status that used to be available in the Skype classic app before it was deprecated in November.

LinkedIn will be transitioning to Azure in the next couple of years

Three years after being acquired by Microsoft, LinkedIn has just announced a multi-year transition to Azure, a move that now seems necessary as the company experiences significant growth.

Estimated Download queue feature makes a comeback in latest Xbox One 1908 preview build

The Xbox One is about to get another system update next month, and today the Estimated Download queue feature that was briefly tested earlier this year is making a comeback in the latest 1908 build for Preview Beta testers.

Xbox Controller Fortnite Special Edition to be available to purchase separately starting September 1

The purple-colored Fortnite Xbox One controller that was previously exclusive to the the $299 Xbox One S Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition Bundle will be availalbe to purchase separately starting September 17.

How to use Smart Lists in Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do has support for “Smart Lists,” which automatically aggregate items from your regular task lists. To-Do ships with a set of Smart Lists which provide an overview of your pending tasks, so you don’t need to view individual lists. Users of Wunderlist should find the concept familiar.

Wakelet app launches for Microsoft Teams users

Microsoft has just introduced the Wakelet app for Microsoft Teams, which allows users to view their saved web collections straight from within Teams.

Our favorite tips and tricks for Office 365: OneDrive

In this guide, we take a closer look at our tips and tricks for OneDrive, how you can manage your storage space, and more. 

Your Phone app gets support for Inline replies from toasts for Windows Insiders

Windows Insiders are receiving an update to bring in-line message replies to notifications, allowing users to reply to messages without reaching for their mobile device.

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8cx chip is built for future Always Connected PCs and supports Windows 10

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8cx chip is designed for the ground up for new Windows 10 Always Connected PCs, and it will also be the first 7nm platform that will be found in a PC.

Microsoft seeks Insiders for feedback on Chromium Edge development

The company is now searching for willing participants to help them shape the future of its new Chromium powered Edge software.

It’s official, Microsoft Edge will become a Chromium-based browser next year

It will take some time for Microsoft to rebuild its Edge browser on Windows 10, but a preview version should be available for Windows Insiders in early 2019.

Nokia XL Hands-On: A Lumia-Flavoured Android Phablet on a Budget

As well as the 4-inch X phones, Nokia's testing the Android waters with an entry-level phablet, the Nokia XL. Is this the first truly-affordable big-screen phone for emerging markets?Read more...    




这是一个知乎网友在早前提出的一个问题,很有趣,同样也值得我们思考。“Surface平板”,在这里主要指搭载Wi […]





android之JSON解析 - 追梦人星尘

什么是JSON JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)是一种轻量级的数据交换格式,易于阅读和编写,同时也易于机器解析和生成,非常适合于服务器与客户端的交互。

不存在黑洞 大爆炸理论也是错的 已数学验证


自己筆電自己砌 DIY 筆電 Pi-Top 集資中

早前我們報導過的 Pi-Top 筆記簿電腦,終於開始在 Indiegogo 的集資計劃。,這部以 Raspberry Pi 為核心的筆電,讓用戶可以自己 DIY 組裝,滿足感爆燈。以下有更多資料The post 自己筆電自己砌 DIY 筆電 Pi-Top 集資中 appeared first on UNWIRE.

苹果发布会汇总:四款产品更新两大系统升级 在线商店现已开售

美国东部时间10月16日下午1点(北京时间10月17日凌晨1点),苹果在加州库比蒂诺总部Town Hall召开新品发布会,网易科技为您带来全程跟踪报道。

BIG Talk干货:3D打印技术,将革新这十大行业和领域

3D打印的出现使得制造能力从机构、公司回归个体,也因此3D打印被很多人称为第四次工业革命。《3D打印:从想象到现实》作者Hod Lipson告诉你3D打印将要颠覆的十大行业和领域。

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