3D-printed vegan meat is here

Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti's creations are unique because they are fibrous, mimicking the texture of animal meats.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Meat, Steak, Vegan, and 3d Printing

AgTech Is The New Queen Of Green

Before Monsanto acquired Climate Corporation in late 2013 for nearly $1 billion, few investors gave much thought to technological innovation in our agriculture system. What a difference a year can make. In what can be described as the Netscape moment for agriculture technology (AgTech),


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Snapchat is more popular than ever

Snapchat is more popular than ever, and that's very good news for Snap. The company reported its second quarter results for 2019, revealing that user growth is again on the rise — by a lot.Snapchat's daily active users (DAUs), one of the app's most closely watched metrics, grew to 203 million,

Jon Stewart's face as Mitch McConnell walks by him is priceless

Every so often a photograph captures a facial expression so priceless that you feel compelled to print it out, frame it, and do something really dramatic like sneak it into the Louvre. Today I am pleased to announce that I had one of those moments.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is $80 off at Amazon

TL;DR: Get the perfectly compact Samsung Galaxy Tab for $249.99 at Amazon and save $80 (off the normally $329 price) with a coupon.Dorm rooms are small — like really small. Some might even say basically the same size as a closet, and when you add a roommate, forget about it. 

With autonomous valet parking, your Mercedes-Benz can park itself

Drop off your car and let it find itself a parking spot.On Tuesday, the Mercedes-Benz company Daimler and German car parts company Bosch unveiled their driverless parking without supervision (either in or outside the car) at a German parking garage. At the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart,

George Foreman indoor/outdoor electric grills are just $55 at Walmart

TL;DR: Get this convenient George Foreman electric grill for indoor and outdoor use for only $54.99 at Walmart. You save $44 off a grill that can cook up to 15 servings. Outdoor grilling season is here, but you can't rely on the weather to always cooperate.

Trump haters commiserate with UK over Boris Johnson with a heartfelt meme

Boris Johnson has officially become the next prime minister of the UK, and there's something eerily familiar about him to Americans. Johnson holds isolationist and anti-immigration views (he's basically the face behind Brexit); he's loud and outspoken; and he has a mop of yellow-blond hair.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx chip for Windows 10 laptops could end Intel's dominance

Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips dominate mobile — you'll find them in almost every Android phone and tablet — and now they're ready to invade Intel's main turf: PCs.On the third day of its annual Snapdragon Technology Summit,

Audeze Mobius review: PC gaming for serious audiophiles

Audeze Mobius$399.00View ProductThe GoodImmersive 7.

Save $70 on this Ninja coffee maker at Walmart and get your caffeine fix all season long

A good cup of coffee can be your best friend during the holidays. How else are you going to get through all the gift shopping, parties, and random drop-ins from the in-laws? If it's time to upgrade your coffee maker, or if you're looking for a great gift idea for someone on your list,

关注龙蟠润滑油微信 赢iPad豪礼

北京2014年4月2日电 /美通社/ -- 为感谢用户对龙蟠润滑油官方微信的支持,龙蟠润滑油将在四月份举行感恩大回馈,即日起推出“关注龙蟠润滑油微信  赢iPad Air豪礼”活动。


最近不光爆出苹果频频招纳医疗健康与可穿戴设备人才的消息,还爆出了 HealBook 应用与 iWatch 的计划。而今天路透社的报道,再一次印证了苹果对医疗健康产业的痴迷。 据称,一名该领域重要的研究者两周前加入苹果公司。

You Can Get Free Unlimited Data If You Convert Friends to T-Mobile

I think we can safely label T-Mo a meddler. Helmed by the mildly eccentric CEO John Legere, the Uncarrier announced today that it'll offer a free year of unlimited data to current subscribers who successfully coerce a family member or friend from Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon to join T-Mobile.Read more.

nubia Z7 max/mini 中秋套装版上市


[组图]GoPro Hero4与GoPro Hero3+参数对比

上月底,GoPro推出了3款横扫高中低端的新品,它们是旗舰级的GoPro Hero4 Black(售价499.99美元)、Hero4 Silver(售价399.99美元)、以及入门级的GoPro Hero(售价129.99美元)。与上一代产品相比,新产品又有哪些何不同呢?





Lizard Squad Claims Attack On Lenovo Days After Superfish

Amanda Parker writes with news that hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for a defacement of Lenovo's website. This follows last week's revelations that Lenovo installed Superfish adware on consumer laptops,

美国律师: iPhone的安全性帮助了恐怖份子

美国政府部门,包括联邦调查局(FBI)曾多次指责 iPhone“太过安全”,从而影响到他们对一些犯罪案的处理,因为要破解 iPhone 实在太难了。这些言论曾经被人当成笑柄,因为他们实在太过夸张。

Smashed Apple Watch gallery of horrors, it's not pretty

Now that users finally have the Apple Watch in their eager little hands, the device is finally being put to the test in real world conditions, which includes cracking the screenAlthough there is (thankfully) no epidemic of smashed Apple Watch screens popping up,

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