'Game of Thrones' trailer shows a chill creeping into Westeros

The end is nigh for Westeros. HBO dropped our first look at Game of Thrones Season 8, and if this 39-second trailer is true to what's coming, we're not prepared.SEE ALSO: 'Game of Thrones' director compares set secrecy to 'the Gestapo'Old trailers compiled footage from previous seasons,

2018 was the year of the youth activist

These are the young activists who made their voices heard this year. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Activism, Unicef, Immigration, and Gun Control

Google to invest $1 billion for new NYC campus

The tech behemoth is calling the new 1.7 million square-foot campus, "Google Hudson Square." Read more...More about Google, Android, Mashable Video, New York City, and Campus

Vitaminwater is offering $100,000 to keep off your smartphone for a year

The beverage company is offering up big cash if you can stay unplugged. Read more...More about Technology, Smartphone, Mashable Video, Contest, and Water

10 of the best places to watch anime online

There's nothing quite like the feeling of sitting down to watch anime. When you don't have time to sit down for US dramas with hour-long episodes, it's nice to kick back with half-hour installments of the frantic action, bright colors, wacky comedy, and immersive drama that only anime can provide. 

Save $400 off this Samsung 4K TV at Walmart and get a better deal than Black Friday

Holiday sales are the real gift that keep on giving. Just when you think you've seen the best deal available, suddenly another hits that's even better than before. Just check out this Samsung 4K TV that's on sale at Walmart.The 55-inch Samsung NU7100 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is $477.

Twitter is bringing back the reverse chronological timeline today

The reverse chronological timeline is making a comeback.Twitter is rolling out an update to all users today that makes it easier to revert back to the old timeline,  where tweets are shown in reverse chronological order rather than ranked by an algorithm.Starting today,

2018 was the year self-driving cars hit a roadblock

It's been a long day. As you ride home from the office, you start to nod off. You close your eyes as the self-driving car merges onto the highway. When you’re zonked out 15 minutes later, the car changes your route because of traffic, and eventually you wake up at your destination. 

3D-printed vegan meat is here

Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti's creations are unique because they are fibrous, mimicking the texture of animal meats.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Meat, Steak, Vegan, and 3d Printing

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx chip for Windows 10 laptops could end Intel's dominance

Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips dominate mobile — you'll find them in almost every Android phone and tablet — and now they're ready to invade Intel's main turf: PCs.On the third day of its annual Snapdragon Technology Summit,

Audeze Mobius review: PC gaming for serious audiophiles

Audeze Mobius$399.00View ProductThe GoodImmersive 7.


今天早些时候,微软Outlook.com和Skype团队共同宣布,将正式开放Outlook.com内嵌Skyp […]

面向对象(基础oop)之初识继承 - 烈阳耀京


LG将推Gx2中端智能手机 继承G3激光对焦功能

LG准备推出旗下最新Android智能手机-LG Gx2,内建LG高端旗舰G3相同的激光对焦系统,并且采用5.7英寸720p高清显示屏,内建800万像素的摄像头,Gx2勿庸置疑是去年12月推出的LG中端智能手机Gx的继任者。


索尼最近公布的 QX1 镜头“相机”,继续其颠覆传统相机构造的风格,让用户可以配合E卡口镜头使用。细小的机身如果加上长焦镜头,效果会是啥样?  在 IFA 大会上,索尼就展出了 QX1 加配 70-200mm 镜头作为示范。


联想智能旗舰X2正式开售,官方售价2499元。据悉,联想手机X2全国渠道已经到货,在全国联想手机500家专卖店与3C店,25000 家品类店,以及苏宁、国美、迪信通等大型卖场均有销售。

What It Takes to Be a Professional Voice Actor

Saturday morning cartoons are a defining piece of everyone's childhood. The people who have made our favorite cartoons have worked day and night for decades to create incredible shows. Even the voices behind your favorite characters require a dedicated amount of time and a keen ear,



我也要学IOS逆向工程--全局变量 - dodolook

大家好!很久不见了.我之前去音乐学院进修爵士吉他去了.现在回来了.之前我一直在学windows开发和逆向.后来到了音乐学院,老师推荐了1个录音软件叫logic prox.可惜啊!当时我只有个索尼的笔记本电脑,后来我在淘宝上找了个卖家,


北京2015年4月21日电 /美通社/ -- 2014腾讯A股大赛颁奖典礼于4月18日下午在北京举行。 总决赛、模拟赛前三以及各券商赛区高手悉数现身并与投资者分享心得。

Microsoft hands $10m to University of Washington to build a new computer science building

To facilitate the building of a new computer science for the University of Washington, Microsoft (based in Redmond), has given the institution a gift of $10 million.Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel and executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs,

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