A bizarre Instagram glitch is the reason your feed is messed up

If Instagram looks a little off to you right now, you're not alone: the app is experiencing a strange glitch that is messing with users' feeds.The issue is causing bars to appear over images, making them look like they are the product of a scrambled VHS tape or some strange new filter.

AMD's new 12-core, $499 processor is a pretty big deal

Nowadays, most computer users don't need to worry about the exact specifications of the chips running in their machines — a mid-range processor will run the majority of common tasks without issues. 

Get 20% off in the B&Q Bank Holiday outdoor event: garden furniture, BBQs, lawnmowers, plants, and m

We're into the final day of the Bank Holiday weekend, but don't be down about it, because if these last few days have taught us anything it's that summer is on its way.If we are to expect more great weather, we ought to get the garden in order. Nobody wants to spend the whole day stuck inside,

Facebook used as a platform to promote dog fighting, report finds

Facebook has come under criticism for not doing enough on dog fighting, a practice which is illegal in numerous countries around the world.The report, published by animal rights organisation Lady Freethinker, highlights how dog fighting content is easily found on the platform,

Kit Harington finding out about *that* moment in 'Game of Thrones' is destroying fans

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the finale of Game of Thrones. You must know this by now.No one was more emotional about the fate of Daenerys Targaryen than Kit Harington.As seen in HBO's behind-the-scenes Game of Thrones documentary, The Last Watch, which aired Sunday,

'Aladdin' flies high at the box office despite mixed reviews

When you first heard about Disney's live-action remake of the 1992 classic, Aladdin, you probably had a pretty strong opinion.So did critics, throwing down divided reactions to the studio's latest major redo of an animated classic. But that hasn't stopped Aladdin from flying high at the box office.

Music could make Snapchat more like TikTok

Snapchat could soon get more musical.Snap has been "in talks" with a number of record labels in an effort to broker deals that would let the company add more music to its app, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. The talks are not yet final but have "intensified in recent weeks.

Tesla will limit charging to 80 percent at some Supercharger stations

Tesla owners will soon find that they can no longer charge up to 100 percent at some Supercharger stations. The car maker has opted to limit charging to 80 percent at some of its busiest stations, according to a report in Electrek. "Today,

PETA's campaign to stop anti-animal language sparked a new meme

PETA's ridiculed campaign inspired a glorious new meme. The animal's rights group was heavily criticized for comparing "anti-animal" idioms to racism, homophobia, and other discriminatory language. Along with their terrible opinion,

'Game of Thrones' trailer shows a chill creeping into Westeros

The end is nigh for Westeros. HBO dropped our first look at Game of Thrones Season 8, and if this 39-second trailer is true to what's coming, we're not prepared.SEE ALSO: 'Game of Thrones' director compares set secrecy to 'the Gestapo'Old trailers compiled footage from previous seasons,

3D-printed vegan meat is here

Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti's creations are unique because they are fibrous, mimicking the texture of animal meats.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Meat, Steak, Vegan, and 3d Printing

历经3年封闭研发 新锐互联网安全软件“火绒”正式面世


Google X 隐形眼镜项目将商业化

Google X 实验室的又一神器走向了商业化,Google 刚刚与瑞士诺华(Novartis)制药公司宣布合作,共同研发智能隐形眼镜,该项目最初由 Google X 实验室提出设想,用于解决测量血糖难的问题。



Eclipse 常用快捷键 (动画讲解) - 小坦克

Eclipse有强大的编辑功能, 工欲善其事,必先利其器,掌握Eclipse快捷键,可以大大提高工作效率。小坦克我花了一整天时间, 精选了一些常用的快捷键操作,并且精心录制了动画, 让你一看就会。如果您看了本篇博客,

To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

will_die writes Because of recent currency devaluation Steam has now added region locking for games sold in Russia and CIS. Brazil and local area and Indonesia and local area are also being locked. If you purchase a game from one of those regions you cannot gift it to somone outside of the area.

Driver captures terrifying moment semi-truck loses control on icy highway

A driver in central New Jersey came within feet of an out-of-control semi truck.Black ice on the I-95 turnpike caused a string of accidents, and sent the huge truck flying over a median.

富士康管理人员涉嫌偷数千部手机 鸿海查内鬼



为宣传 Apple Watch,苹果在伦敦塞尔福里奇、巴黎老佛爷、日本伊势丹这三家奢侈百货商场都设置了柜台并且配置 Apple Store 员工。今天开启 Apple Watch 试戴和预购体验。



谷歌新在线工具可让早期Project Fi注册用户检查邀请状态

如果你是谷歌即将到来的谷歌运营商服务--Project Fi项目的早期邀请注册用户之一,那么现在你能够更方便轻松的追踪你的邀请状态。

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