Fortnite gets into Christmas mode with snow, planes and ziplines in season 7

Fortnite, the world’s most popular game, is getting into the festive period after it released its much-anticipated Season 7 update which includes lots of Christmasy touches. The new season sees an iceberg smash into the island where the battle royale smash hit is located,

Tesla’s China factory and the missed growth opportunity

Tesla made its ambition for world domination known when it announced its intention to build a factory in China. The move makes sense — but it might be shortsighted.

Gift Guide: Indie games for players worn out on AAA titles

2018 has been a big year for big games, and with new titles from the Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, and Battlefield franchises all competing… it’s enough to make a gamer want to just quit and play something a little more low key. Here are some of the smaller,

Rothy’s just landed $35 million Goldman Sachs to sell more of its popular ballet flats

Rothy’s, a three-year-old, San Francisco-based company that makes colorful ballet flats and sneakers, has some more walking-around money today. According to Bloomberg, the company just closed on $35 million in funding from Goldman Sach’s asset management unit.

Pretend to be productive by reading TechCrunch in your terminal window

Developers and hipsters, it’s time to join together and ditch your web browser to read this article. Kosuke Yoshimura developed a fun little project and shared it on Product Hunt today. TechCrunch-CLI is a command line interface that lets you read TechCrunch articles in text mode.

Target’s same-day delivery service Shipt will include ‘all major product categories’ in 2019

Target has grand plans for Shipt, the same-day grocery delivery service it bought a year ago for $550 million.

Coinbase lets you convert one cryptocurrency into another

It’s hard to believe that you still had to convert your BTC into USD in order to buy ETH on Coinbase. The company is finally adding direct cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversions. The feature works with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC),

Google still claimed to be blocking search rivals on Android, despite Europe’s antitrust action

Mobile licensing changes made by Google this fall, when it tweaked terms for OEMs wanting to license its Android smartphone platform on devices destined for the European market,

7 things to think about voice

Voice won't change everything but it will be part of a movement that heralds a new way to think about our relationship with devices, screens, our data and interactions.

Microsoft calls on companies to adopt a facial recognition code of conduct

Over the summer, Microsoft President Brad Smith called for governments to take a closer look at how facial detection technology is being implemented across the globe. This week,

MoviePass announces new pricing plans for 2019

It’s been a rocky year for MoviePass, something that CEO Mitch Lowe acknowledged in an interview this week with Variety. “We have a lot to prove to all our constituents,” Lowe said. “We don’t just have to prove ourselves to our members, we also have to prove ourselves to the investment community,

Xbox One将于9月4号正式登陆日本 能否撬动索尼?

微软公司已经在其日本网站宣布:在长久等待之后,日本游戏玩家终于将在9月4号当天,迎来Xbox 360的后续机型——Xbox One。当然,除了日本,微软还将于9月,在其它多个国家和地区推出Xbox One。

Samsung to showcase Smart Office platform and new enterprise printers at IFA

Samsung has a lot planned for IFA, all of it revolving around smart technology of one kind or another, from the smart office to the smart home.Read more:

原來每部 Mac 都隱藏一篇 Steve Jobs 名言

Steve Jobs 一生說過不少名言,相信你也有看過,很多都發人深省。不過你又知不知道原來每部 Mac 都隱藏他的一篇名言?  

Bale, DiCaprio decline Steve Jobs role, leaving door open for Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon and Ben Aff

Okay, so the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic came and went, but the big, major Steve Jobs bio is still in development at Sony, with a script penned by Aaron Sorkin. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

苹果新总部新年新航拍 4K 视频领略新进展

威锋网讯,进入 2015 年之后,苹果的新总部“太空飞船”也在继续建设当中,YouTube 用户myithz就再次通过航拍向我们展示了苹果新总部的最新进展,为我们在新年首次呈现新总部的风貌。  

Zombie cookie: The tracking cookie that you can’t kill

An online advertising clearinghouse relied on by Google, Yahoo and Facebook is using controversial cookies that come back from the dead to track the web surfing of Verizon customers. The company, called Turn,

Plan C: America's Nuclear Doomsday Plan to Declare Martial Law

Newly released documents show that the U.S. government drew up a plan in April of 1956 for how to deal with an impending nuclear war. What was its strategy? Declaration of martial law, evacuation of top American personnel to secret offices, and the immediate detention of over 12,


三星的好消息果然是停不下来,继 A9 订单、全新 MacBook 固态硬盘之后,现在这家韩国企业似乎又获得了全新 MacBook 的屏幕订单。

金属机身无边框加2.5D屏幕 中兴新旗舰谍照曝光


香港售價 $1,588 ! Apple 第 6 代 iPod touch 發表

手機很多人會覺得 Android 手機好用,但有些 iOS 的 App 及 Apple Music 很吸引想用又可以點呢 ? 就是平平地買部 iPod Touch 了,第 6 代 Apple iPod Touch 升級如下:The post 香港售價 $1,588 ! Apple 第 6 代 iPod touch 發表 appeared first on UNWIRE.

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