Apple acquired Platoon, a platform for musicians to create and distribute work

Spotify has made some significant moves to bypass record labels and work directly with artists, and there are signs that Apple could be eyeing up a similar approach to get a bigger share of original content.

Indonesia restricts WhatsApp and Instagram usage following deadly riots

Indonesia is the latest nation to hit the hammer on social media after the government restricted the use of WhatsApp and Instagram following deadly riots yesterday. Numerous Indonesia-based users are today reporting difficulties sending multimedia messages via WhatsApp,

Facebook found hosting masses of far right EU disinformation networks

A multi-month hunt for political disinformation spreading on Facebook in Europe suggests there are concerted efforts to use the platform to spread bogus far right propaganda to millions of voters ahead of a key EU vote which kicks off tomorrow. Following the independent investigation,

Tencent CEO warns companies must keep innovating to survive amid US-China tensions

On Tuesday, Tencent’s usually low-profile founder and CEO Pony Ma made rare comments to weigh in on escalating tensions between the United States and China, calling domestic tech companies to build more self-reliance in a bid to stay competitive. “China has come to the forefront of development.

In Ford’s future, two-legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries

Autonomous vehicles might someday be able to navigate bustling city streets to deliver groceries, pizzas, and other packages without a human behind the wheel. But that doesn’t solve what Ford Motor CTO Ken Washington describes as the last 50-foot problem.

Leak reveals Uber’s $9.99 unlimited delivery Eats Pass

What’s the cord-cutting equivalent to ditching your kitchen? Uber’s upcoming subscription to unlimited free food delivery. Uber is preparing to launch the $9.99 per month Uber Eats Pass, according to code hidden in Uber’s Android app.

India’s Ola switches gears on its food delivery business Foodpanda

India’s Ola, which has expanded to select international markets and set ambitious goals for its electric vehicles business, is struggling with selling food. So it is making major changes to its food business. The ride-hailing giant is pivoting Foodpanda,

Valve’s Steam Chat gets its own iOS and Android apps

A little under a year ago, Valve released a big overhaul for the chat features built into its Steam game store/launcher. Focusing on modern day chat conveniences like better group chats and embedded media (GIFs!),

Walmart acquires art and wall décor retailer

Walmart’s acquisition spree continues. Only a couple of months after picking up apparel and lingerie brands, ELOQUII and Bare Necessities, respectively, the company on Thursday announced its plans to acquire the assets from online art and wall décor retailer,

The next Avengers movie has a title and a cryptic first trailer

 If you’re reading this post, you probably want to watch the first trailer for the new Avengers movie. So go ahead, watch it. I’ll wait. The trailer doesn’t show much that viewers of “Avengers: Infinity War” hadn’t already guessed (spoilers!): Namely,

Lyft’s going public, Uber’s eyeing Bird, Utah’s tech scene and trade tensions

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had Connie Loizos in the studio along with Kate Clark, myself and a special guest. The special guest was fitting, as it was a special episode. Why?

Diamond Armor:320万美元的时尚防弹衣

防弹衣通常和时尚、舒适这些词不搭边,但Diamond Armor却不一样,由SuitArt制作的这件套装售价320万美元。它镶有钻石,可防弹,有空调,成为世界上最贵的定制套装。

Star Trek 迷必備遙控器

圖文引用來源:Gizmodo這款跟初代 Star Trek 裡頭隨身攻擊武器 Phaser(相位槍、光砲、死光槍...啥的)長的近乎一模一樣遙控器,雖然沒有任何按鈕,但是它真的是遙控器無誤。閱讀全文

慈善独立游戏包HIB 12上线

Humble Indie Bundle发布了HIB 12正统慈善独立游戏包,所有独立游戏都支持Windows、OS X和Linux平台,并提供了相应的DRM-free版。


日本著名的男演员小栗旬在2012年时曾主演过日剧《Rich man,Poor woman》。在剧中,他曾经发明过一款神奇的试衣镜。只要人站在镜子面前,选好自己喜欢的衣服,就可以看见衣服穿在自己身上的样子了。

Far Cry 4 價格公佈 & 預訂開始,首批限量版送露營杯及遊戲內容

相信不少 Far Cry Fans 都熱切期待著下月推出的 Far Cry 4,於 Kyrat 大地上探索狩獵、協助派系鬥爭,及登上喜馬拉雅山。Ubisoft 近日宣佈港行將有首批限量版,附送 Far Cry 杯及各種遊戲內容。

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据路透社报道,据一份提交至美国证券交易委员会(SEC)的监管文件显示,在2015年苹果公司股价出现强势反弹之前,多支顶级对冲基金大幅减持苹果股票。  苹果在2014年成为了大赢家,其股价上涨近38%。

A Conversation With Slash About Music Streaming In A Rapidly Changing Industry

Some, like the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist known as Slash, head to BitTorrent.Slash is the latest artist to release his work in a Bundle on the peer-to-peer file sharing site. He and his new band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators released the BitTorrent bundle “Live at the Roxy,

The Evolution of the TV Camera From Football Fields to Space in 40 Steps

It is a cliché that our TV watching habits are changed a lot in the past few decades. But if we look back in time, we can see how broadcasting technology has been changing continuously since the first television programs were telecasted for the first TV sets,



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