IBM selling Lotus Notes/Domino business to HCL for $1.8B

IBM announced last night that it is selling the final components from its 1995 acquisition of Lotus to Indian firm HCL for $1.8 billion. IBM paid $3.5 billion for Lotus back in the day. The big pieces here are Lotus Notes, Domino and Portal.

Week-in-Review: Trump’s order takes a hatchet to Huawei’s heart

Last week, Trump signed an executive order that enabled the federal government to prohibit U.S. companies from buying telecom equipment from foreign companies at their discretion. This week, the full damage began to feel apparent to China’s fastest-growing smartphone powerhouse, Huawei.

Equity transcribed: How to avoid an IPO

This week, the Equity duo of Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm convened to get some quick hits in about Slack’s WORK, Luckin Coffee and Sam Altman’s departure from Y Combinator. They then dug a bit deeper into the money around food: DoorDash and Sun Basket both raised this week.

To realize its VR dreams, Facebook needs to kill what Oculus has built

Mark Zuckerberg has poured billions into his virtual reality dream, a new platform that Facebook owns. Facebook bought Oculus and has spent the last five years killing what it was and reinventing it as a Facebook-scale company. It has dumped most of the co-founders,

This is one smart device that every urban home could use

Living in a dense urban environment brings many startup-fuelled conveniences, be it near instant delivery of food — or pretty much whatever else you fancy — to a whole range of wheels that can be hopped on (or into) to whisk you around at the tap of an app.

Growth, Kubernetes, rocket launches, gender in tech, and more Luckin Coffee

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Which public US universities graduate the most funded founders?

When it comes to public universities, the old adage “you get what you pay for” clearly does not apply. Leading public research universities have a track record of turning out successful graduates.

Startups Weekly: VCs are drunk on beverage startups

In this week's newsletter: Y Combinator has a new president, DoorDash raises $600M and startups go on acquisition sprees.

Amazon’s cashier-free Go stores may be coming to airports

According to a new report from Reuters, Amazon is looking at several top U.S. airports for potential locations for its cashier-free Go stores. The service cites public request records from airport operators suggesting meetings with the head of the retail service.

Apple acquired Platoon, a platform for musicians to create and distribute work

Spotify has made some significant moves to bypass record labels and work directly with artists, and there are signs that Apple could be eyeing up a similar approach to get a bigger share of original content.

Walmart acquires art and wall décor retailer

Walmart’s acquisition spree continues. Only a couple of months after picking up apparel and lingerie brands, ELOQUII and Bare Necessities, respectively, the company on Thursday announced its plans to acquire the assets from online art and wall décor retailer,




目前,在世界范围内用户所熟知的浏览器有:来自谷歌的Chrome、Mozilla的Firefox、微软的IE,除 […]

[图]太阳遭月亮“抢镜” NASA卫星观测到“月中天”





数百万企业的大市场,就算只争取到其中的数万付费用户,对一款备份工具来说都是巨额的回报率,何况 CubeBackup 是既便宜又高效的云 to 本地 Google Apps 备份工具。

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end humankind

LONDON — Professor Stephen Hawking is warning that artificial intelligence could end mankind as we know it.In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday, he admitted his fears about the consequences of future creations, which could match or surpass humans' current abilities.See also:



Yo is moving to your wrist

AUSTIN, Texas — Yo is building an Apple Watch app to make notifications easy.Once the poster child for "dumb apps," Yo will be able to deliver a snippet of content along with the Yo, extending beyond the service's typical notifcations, which are usually restricted to the two-letter alert.


创变者思想汇:如何打造商业新价值 沈阳2015年4月7日电 /美通社/ -- 4月1日下午,2015中国绿公司年会在清华大学经管学院举行发布会。

The complete guide to shooting your wedding via drone

SONOMA, Calif. — Love is soaring to new heights this wedding season, thanks to the growing trend of drone photography.More couples are adding drones to their wedding-day wish lists to capture stunning aerial shots of their special day.See also:

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