Essential acquires email startup CloudMagic

Andy Rubin’s Essential has acquired CloudMagic, makers of the Newton email app, for an undisclosed sum. The news, first reported this morning, has since been confirmed by TechCrunch. An Essential spokesperson offered the following admittedly open ended statement,

YouTube demonetizes anti-vaccination videos

YouTube will demonetize channels that promote anti-vaccination views, after a report by BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies, running before anti-vax videos.

Briq, the next building block in tech’s reconstruction of the construction business, raises $3 milli

Bassem Hamdy has been in the construction business for a long time. He spent the last few years at the construction software business Procore, now a $3 billion dollar company developing technology for the construction industry,

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams to step down from the company’s board

Ev Wiliams is stepping down from Twitter's board of directors effective at the end of the month, according to documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

Latchel wants to make maintenance easier for landlords and property managers

Relationships between landlords and their tenants don’t need to be fraught ones. With Y Combinator -backed Latchel, landlords and property managers can access a 24/7 maintenance service that takes requests from tenants and deploys the right professional to fix the things that need fixing.

Elon Musk finally hosted meme review with the co-creator of Rick and Morty

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been teasing — and his fanbase has been making pleas — to host a meme review. And after tweeted hints, meme review has arrived via YouTube star PewDiePie. Musk tweeted last month a photo and a question “Host meme review?” Host meme review? pic.twitter.

Apple confirms its plans to close retail stores in the patent troll-favored Eastern District of Texa

Apple has confirmed its plans to close retail stores in the Eastern District of Texas – a move that will allow the company to better protect itself from patent infringement lawsuits, according to the Apple news site MacRumors which broke the news of the stores’ closures.

Report: Zoom, the video conferencing company, may be a public company as early as April

The video conferencing company Zoom is aiming to file a public S-1 by the end of March, according to a new report in Business Insider that adds the company could go public as soon as April. Business Insider reported last month that Zoom had filed confidentially with the SEC to go public,

Pivotal announces new serverless framework

Pivotal has always been about making open source tools for enterprise developers, but surprisingly up until now the arsenal has lacked a serverless component. That changed today with the alpha launch of Pivotal Function Service. “Pivotal Function Service is a Kubernetes-based,

Audi e-tron first drive: Quick, comfortable and familiar

Even after a few minutes behind the wheel, it’s easy to forget the Audi e-tron is electric. The SUV is not outrageous or radical, but rather pedestrian and effortless. Audi didn’t invent something new with the e-tron. The German car company stuck a competent electric powertrain in an SUV,

This DIY Enigma machine fits inside a pocket watch

The year is 1940. Through the use of arcane atomic technologies, the Axis have brought back modern technology from the year 2018. Their main prize? This amazing Enigma Pocket Watch. This tiny watch, created by a maker calling himself asciimation,

用基础知识实现数据到模型的填充 - loogn


Raspberry Pi Has a Tiny $45 PC Competitor

The Hummingboard, a personal ARM computer the size of a mouse, is available for pre-order today, starting at $45 from SolidRun. It looks like a toy for a child with small, delicate hands, but it's really a toy for adults of all hand sizes who like to rig up their own media centers. Finally,


富士康、三星、华为、格力,这些耳熟能详的知名企业,也曾成为雇佣童工、过劳死、血汗工厂的代名词。如今,随着互联网行业竞争的白热化,越来越多的业内人开始抱怨有关于职场中遇到的种种不公:没有加班费;管理 ... .



March Sadness: Every heart-breaking moment you missed

This time it's not over spoiled brackets.A cruel, sadistic person carefully combed through all the footage of March Madness and made a montage of every agonizing loss. All of the heartbreak of this tournament's biggest upsets could be seen on the faces of players and fans alike.

Loop Commerce Raises $16 Million For Its “E-Gifting” Checkout Service For Online Retailers

Loop Commerce,

育碧:游戏数字发行大幅增长 推动财年营利提高


[图]第三代Moto G将开放Moto Maker定制功能


Google enables super fast news for smartphone — if you don't mind ads

Google thinks you're going to be bored by the end of this sentence.That's about the attention span, they say, of the average mobile user. If you don't hook 'em in a few seconds, you've lost 'em.This is the ethos behind the new web project launched by Google on Wednesday,

如何看待豪情的前端群的群规? - 豪情

1. 网络工具的娱乐性已经大于他的实用性,很多同学不会利用工具学习,而是用他浪费青春。2. 很多喜欢交流的同学没有去处。3. 很多想学习的同学没有去处。4. 很多同学在走弯路,我们试着让这个弯路充满温情或期待。5.

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