IBM's Watson Will Help Veterans Prepare for Post-Military Life

From Jeopardy contestant and customer-service agent to master chef, IBM's Watson supercomputer has taken on a number of roles in the past few years.Now, IBM is partnering with United Services Automobile Association to put the world's most famous supercomputer to a new use:

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Before and After Satellite Images Show Russian Military's Buildup

Busted.One day after an official in the Russian military general staff accused NATO of publishing old satellite images that show the country’s military amassing on its border with Ukraine, the military alliance is doubling down.

Microsoft Store has military discounts on Windows 10 PCs and more

For those that did not know, the Microsoft Store offers special discounts to those of you who are active duty members, reserve military personnel, and/or a military veteran. Individuals eligible to purchase from the Microsoft Store...

The Military's Power-Generating Boot Isn't Quite Battlefield Ready

This week, Marines at the Experimental Forward Operating Base at Camp Pendleton, California, got to try out some prototypes of energy-generating equipment to keep combat electronics charged and ready. The verdict: back to the drawing board. Read more...

Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change

An anonymous reader writes Rising sea levels and other effects of climate change will create major problems for America's military, including more and worse natural disasters and food and water shortages that could fuel disputes around the world, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Monday.

Identity Dominance: the US Military's Biometric War In Afghanistan

Advocatus Diaboli (1627651) writes "For years the U.S. military has been waging a biometric war in Afghanistan, working to unravel the insurgent networks operating throughout the country by collecting the personal identifiers of large portions of the population. A restricted U.S.

The Military's Mini X-Ray Camera Can See Through Your Suitcase

American Science and Engineering (AS&E) just released a tiny new X-ray gun with some impressive capabilities. Roughly the size of a breadbox, the Mini Z Backscatter imaging system can find contraband in bags and see through car doors.

University of Phoenix banned from recruiting students on military bases

Amid allegations that it has preyed upon military personnel to obtain funding,

Pentagon readying plan to lift ban on transgender individuals in the military

Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, the Associated Press has learnedSee also: What it's like to come out as transgender to 2 million people via text messageSenior U.S. officials say an announcement is expected this week.

The Mystery of the Facebook Manipulation Study's Military Connection

New statements from the U.S. military related to Facebook's controversial emotion-manipulation study have further muddied the origin of the News Feed experiment some have called "creepy." On Wednesday,

Military's Chief Spokesman Mistakenly Tweets Link to Satirical News Story

The chief spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense on Wednesday mistakenly tweeted a link to the military’s version of The Onion.The tweet has since been deleted.See also: Defense Secretary Proposes Big Cuts to U.S. Military SpendingRear Adm. John Kirby,

Nightmare two-headed snake found in Virginia just in time for Halloween season

'Tis the season for nightmare fuel, and one fascinating but unsettling discovery is getting into that fall spooky spirit.A woman in northern Virginia found an extremely rare baby copperhead snake in her neighbor's yard recently, complete with not one but two heads. Because, ya know,

Internal memo from Google's CEO insists search results are free from political bias

Google chief Sundar Pichai wants the people working for him to understand this clearly: Google's search results aren't influenced by political bias.That's the message Pichai focused on sending in a Friday email to all employees.

Bananas donated to a Texas prison turn out to be $18 million of cocaine

No, this is not an episode of Breaking Bad. This is real life.On Friday, Sept. 21, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) posted on Facebook about a drug mix up that sounds like it has just as wild a story behind it as the hit AMC TV series.

Silicon Valley’s hottest job is styling helpless tech execs

The casual uniform of the millennial techie is a running joke by now, but some are starting to swap in their t-shirts and worn jeans for actual adult clothes.

Disney re-did the art for a princess in 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' after whitewashing criticisms

For once, it seems the story of a big Hollywood studio facing criticisms over poor representation ended with a happily ever after.In the months since teasers for Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, started showing a Disney princess reunion scene,

Japan's Hayabusa2 successfully deploys two rovers on the surface of an asteroid

It's just like the movie Armageddon, but without the apocalypse scenario.The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reason to celebrate after successfully deploying a pair of robots on the surface of an asteroid. The mission, which played out on Friday,

Period tracking apps taught me more about my flow than sex ed

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility.

Mesmerizing Clip Imagines Los Angeles Without Traffic

Los Angeles roadways are some of the country's most congested, but this mesmerizing clip imagines how the city might look without trafficFilmmaker Russell Houghten turned Los Angeles into a ghost town for his eerie and beautiful video, "Urban Isolation."See also: 10 U.S.

Amazon Fire: The Phone That Makes You a Star

Amazon took its time in launching the Fire phone, and it shows. Where you might expect a device carelessly thrown together to capitalize on the popularity of the Kindle Fire tablets, you instead find a remarkably well-designed piece of technology. And it's fun to use, too.

William Shatner Slams Facebook App Designed for Celebs Like Him

Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: next time you launch an app aimed at making Facebook easier for celebrities, consider asking William Shatner to beta-test it first.Shatner — yes, that Shatner, the singer,

唔怕認錯人!Simplicam 監控鏡頭配備人臉識別功能

家居監控需要一個好的監控鏡頭,可能大家會即時想起 Google 的 Dropcam,不過近日由 ArcSoft 推出的 Simplicam 監控鏡頭,則打著人臉識別技術的賣點而來,希望能夠挑戰 Dropcam 的王者地位。以下有更多資料:The post 唔怕認錯人!

Bootstrap学习之路(3)---列表组件 - 三卷天书


Contour Roam3 Hands-On: Shaky First Steps Back

The last time we saw an action-camera come out of Contour, it was for the Contour+2 . Image quality was pretty good, but the mounts were way too fragile, and under the shadow of GoPro's colossal market-share, Contour shuttered its doors. But now it's back! And its first product back is...

9 simple body language tips for your next job interview

Leaning in isn't just a metaphorical way to get ahead. It's also a legitimate way to portray good body language during a job interviewJob interviews are notorious tightrope walks. You want to be confident, but not obnoxious; intelligent but not a know-it-all.

APPLE WATCH人机交互指南之UI元素设计

编者按:豆腐得趁热吃,好东西也得赶紧学起来,这篇人机交互指南19号刚有的英文版,优设几位译者分工合作,两天搞定 […]



澳洲天文爱好者发现的彗星Lovejoy(C/2014 Q2)明亮现身

彗星Lovejoy(C/2014 Q2)在周三,将进入距离地球最近的轨道,而本月中旬其亮度将达到4.1,这意味若天气良好,在世界各地灯火通明的城区,也能用肉眼目睹它划过夜空的奇观。

IBM Pours Researchers And Resources Into Apache Spark Project

IBM today pledged it would devote 3500 researchers to the open source big data project, Apache Spark. It also announced that it was open sourcing its own IBM SystemML machine learning technology in a move designed to help push it to the forefront of big data and machine learning.

美高中生发明埃博拉检测技术 30分钟搞定


The trouble with Tesla: Cutting through Elon Musk's hype machine

Consumer Reports recently released its annual survey of car owners that looks reliability and satisfaction, amongst many other factors. While some brands and models rose and fell in the ranks, none garnered as much press as Tesla's Model S.

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