Huawei reveals next-generation computing hardware

Chinese giant promises fastest, most energy-efficient chips on the market.

Google hit with £44m fine over advertising practices.

UPDATE: Search giant fined by French data regulator CNIL.

Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI

If your business doesn't use AI, you're probably doing something wrong.

Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

Telus says Huawei offers "comprehensive security measures".

Following the fortunes of our future - 15 technology predictions for 2019

Our team has compiled some of the most likely trends they think have the potential to disrupt the tech industry in the next 12 months.

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase

KPMG research finds slowest growth rate since 2015.

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference

The world of web development experiences demand constant transformation every year, whether it is related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs.

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months

Browser-based attacks were primary method from spreading malicious programs in the country.

A year of data infection over protection - the rise of Magecart

Considering the alarming rate at which digital credit card skimmers are found to be compromising e-commerce sites, what do businesses need to know about Magecart?

Marriott reveals more details about the customer data breach

Less people affected that previously thought, but victims still number in the millions.

How organisations can start using threat intelligence to boost their security

Hearing the phrase “high-level threat intelligence”, the immediate reaction for many people would be to think of elite security analysts employed only by secretive government organisations and the world’s largest mega corporations.

互联网金融的前世、今生和未来——系列一:山雨欲来 - Maxwell Zhou


Thailand Blocks Facebook to Silence Coup Protests

Thailand's military has blocked Facebook in hopes of quieting protests against the coup d'etat it declared last week.The country's information technology ministry announced the block on Wednesday after reports that users were not able to access their Facebook accounts. Initially,

Bill Blunden's Rejected DEF CON Presentation Posted Online

Nicola Hahn (1482985) writes "Though the Review Board at DEF CON squelched Bill Blunden's presentation on Chinese cyber-espionage, and the U.S. government has considered imposing visa restrictions to keep out Chinese nationals,

當 GoPro 上的生活 VS 真實的生活,你會發現...


Amazon's GoPro Hero 4 Bundle Includes a $50 Gift Card and 32GB MicroSD

GoPro's brand new Hero4 Silver is the first GoPro with an integrated LCD touchscreen, and packs advanced features like 2.7K recording at 30FPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Yesterday's L.L. Bean $40 cash discount was the first deal we'd seen on it, but Amazon just topped it with a bundle of their own.

Facebook Messenger Shows Its New Speed With FacePile Read Receipts

Milliseconds make a difference when it comes to chat. The less lag, the more it feels like being in the same room. But with texting, we lost the cues like nods and “mmhmm”s that tell you someone heard what you said.

真的太精致!数百 Nanoblocks 拼出Watch

如图我们看到的是按 Apple Watch 等比例放大 2.6 倍,使用 Nanoblocks 拼出来的模型。Nanoblocks 积木最早在日本流行起来,后来才逐渐在全世界范围内受到欢迎。  

vivo X5 Pro:一柄走偏锋的剑

很久没有见到 vivo 发新机了。时隔半年,vivo 的 X 系列再添新军。经历之前的爆料、传闻阶段,5 月 13 号晚上,vivo 在广州和北京两地举行手品会,发布了 X5 系列新变种  X5 Pro。


Treyarch和动视今日在圣迭戈动漫展(SDCC)上为旗下热门FPS大作《使命召唤12:黑色行动3(Call of Duty:

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use? And Other Science Explainers

If you love a good explainer, you’ll love SciShow, a prolific YouTube channel (nearly 700 videos) that tackle science and technology questions in bite-sized primers, usually around three minutes long. Here are a few to jumpstart your cocktail party small talk for this weekend.Read more...

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