IT teams aren't confident in their data compliance

They'd love to see harsher penalties for non-compliance.

Microsoft starts urging Windows 7 users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the system in less than a year.

Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

People are asking questions.

Google hit with billion-euro EU antitrust fine

Online giant faces another major fine.

Half of businesses don't have a clear digital transformation plan

Lack of preparation is making life difficult for them.

Enterprise service management – why every business needs to think like an IT department

By automating processes and organising service assets through ESM, service teams are able to deal with requests without getting bogged down in admin.

Connecting the dots – why personalised experiences are the holy grail of CXM

What are the core elements of making joined up customer experience a reality? How can they be achieved?

UK businesses could face £1bn bill from DDoS attacks this year

Large-scale attacks are getting cheaper to carry out, but the consequences are getting more expensive.

Huawei reveals next-generation computing hardware

Chinese giant promises fastest, most energy-efficient chips on the market.

A year of data infection over protection - the rise of Magecart

Considering the alarming rate at which digital credit card skimmers are found to be compromising e-commerce sites, what do businesses need to know about Magecart?

Marriott reveals more details about the customer data breach

Less people affected that previously thought, but victims still number in the millions.

金卫医疗公布2013 / 2014年度业绩

香港2014年6月24日电 /美通社/ -- 港元'000 截至2014年 3月31日止年度 截至2013年 3月31日止年度 变动 + / - 收入 1,085,068 1,079,062 +0.6% 脐带血储存业务收入 722,167 647,

Stop Everything: Showtime is Bringing Back 'Twin Peaks'

Showtime is taking us back to Twin Peaks, Washington.The network announced Monday via a video posted on their YouTube channel that it is resurrecting the '90s cult classic title for a limited series, set to be written by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.


北京、上海和广州2014年10月30日电 /美通社/ -- 国内做云存储的公司如雨后春笋,但只专心于移动互联网市场的并不多见。

YC-Backed CloudMedx Helps Doctors Spot Patients Who Will Need Expensive Treatment

Y Combinator-backed CloudMedx is building a suite of physician- and patient-facing apps that together lead to better, cheaper health care outcomes. Read More

HTTP协议学习,post于get;用Fiddler测试请求(转) - dayiran1222

1.简介:HTTP协议:Hypertext transfer protocol超文本 传输 协议它是TCP/IP协议集中的一个运用层协议。用于定义WEB浏览器和WEB服务器之间交换数据的过程和数据的格式。2.会话方式:1.建立链接 2.客户端发送请求到服务器 3.服务器响应 4.

挑戰 Tesla!Porsche Mission E Concept 發表

豪華房車和跑車多年來德國車廠都處於領導地位,但說到豪華的電動車,美國車廠 Tesla 則是一哥。 雖然沒有明言,但日前在法蘭克福車展發表的 Porsche Mission E 概念車,似是衝著 Tesla Model S 而來。

Java条形码生成技术-Barcode4j - 唐卓章


16G 版 iPhone 想好好玩转 iOS 9,再等等吧

买个 128G 版 iPhone 保你没这烦恼~#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅

Fiddler+Jmeter+断言详细教程 - 果冻迪迪

Fiddler+Jmeter+断言详细教程 一、Fiddler抓包工具的配置和使用在编写网关自动化脚本之前,得先学会如何抓包,这里以Fiddler为例。

USPS Bans Hoverboards From Its Aircraft

Multiple American airlines have already banned self-balancing scooters from their aircraft over the potential fire risk, and now the US Postal Service is adding itself to that list. Read more...

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