BlackBerry calls for better IoT security

Consumers are willing to pay more to stay safe.

The Business Of Privacy On Show At MWC

Privacy was a theme bubbling under the surface at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow — even more so than last year when Silent Circle and Geeksphone grabbed attention with demos of a privacy-centric smartphone called Blackphone. Read More

Google hit with £44m fine over advertising practices.

UPDATE: Search giant fined by French data regulator CNIL.

Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI

If your business doesn't use AI, you're probably doing something wrong.

Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

Telus says Huawei offers "comprehensive security measures".

Following the fortunes of our future - 15 technology predictions for 2019

Our team has compiled some of the most likely trends they think have the potential to disrupt the tech industry in the next 12 months.

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase

KPMG research finds slowest growth rate since 2015.

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference

The world of web development experiences demand constant transformation every year, whether it is related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs.

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months

Browser-based attacks were primary method from spreading malicious programs in the country.

DXC Technologies acquires Luxoft in $2bn deal

DXC hopes that its combined effort will enable strong offerings in the end-to-end digital capabilities for the financial services industry.

IT teams aren't confident in their data compliance

They'd love to see harsher penalties for non-compliance.

Huawei reveals next-generation computing hardware

Chinese giant promises fastest, most energy-efficient chips on the market.

回头看看 Toy Fair 2014 有些什么好玩的东东吧(视频)


Hadoop伪分布式搭建以及入手小例子——面向纯新手(下) - _Rex

额,本来还雄心壮志的打算做一名量产的高达呢,但Boss不遂人愿,一封邮件让我回到解放前...邮件的主旨就是四个大字 “ 下个月加班不设上限!”,看来我朝9晚9的幸福生活要结束了 T T 先让我哭会...哎,真不知道在坚持什么.




从 Power PC 到英特尔处理器,Mac 电脑的转型已经经历了 8 年的时间。然而也许在不久之后,苹果又会将英特尔处理器抛弃,以基于 ARM 的 A 系列处理器来代替,从而将 Mac 以及 iOS 产品的所有营销主动权都掌握在自己手里。

Watch ISEE-3's Lunar Flyby at 1:30pm ET

At 1:30pm today, you can live stream coverage of ISEE-3's lunar flyby. The broadcast will come live from McMoons, an abandoned McDonald's near NASA's Ames Research Center which was retrofitted for the event. Read more...

新功能可能让Xbox One成为盗版内容的“好朋友”

本周二Xbox One迎来了重大系统更新,修复大量BUG的同时也引入了诸多新特性,其中一项功能就是全新的多功能播放器,支持包括.avi、.jpg、.gif、.mov、.mp3、.mpeg、.wma和.wmv在内的文件格式。


(威锋网9月5日讯) 想看苹果发布会的实况播报?除了到威锋网观看图文直播外,还可以前往苹果官网观看视频直播。  苹果今日宣布,将在官方网站视频直播 9 月 9 日的发布会。

Windows 9 won’t be free for everyone

A prominent Microsoft leaker has revealed that certain Windows 8 users as well as Windows 7 customers won’t be able to download the update free-of-charge.Read more:


作为美国首批纳入谷歌光纤计划的密苏里州堪萨斯市,现在作为密苏里州堪萨斯市大都会区的一部分,现在该市的李斯萨米特区也迎来了谷歌光纤计划的曙光,根据居住在此的外媒TechReport记者Scott Wasson报道,可以看到施工队到处抓紧施工,到处可见工程皮卡拖着标志性的橘红色光纤缆桶在进行施工。


@Chern Z给的那篇文献里已经讲的比较清楚了。蒙特利尔议定书之后各国已经逐渐不再使用氟利昂作为制冷剂,氟利昂的替代品在工业上也比较成熟了。

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