BlackBerry calls for better IoT security

Consumers are willing to pay more to stay safe.

The Business Of Privacy On Show At MWC

Privacy was a theme bubbling under the surface at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow — even more so than last year when Silent Circle and Geeksphone grabbed attention with demos of a privacy-centric smartphone called Blackphone. Read More

What is steering the ship when it comes to IT trends for financial services providers – AI, Captain!

AI could be the difference when it comes to supercharging your processes.

UK businesses losing money and customers due to inaccurate data

For most organisations, the biggest issue seems to be the way data is structured.

US looking at making 5G gear outside of China

The next move in the China - US trade war.

Making the intelligent decision

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer just a nice-to-have – it has become a critical factor in ensuring that enterprises are truly customer-centric, competitive and digitally transformed.

How to survive in competitive online food delivery business?

There are a number of measures that must be taken care of before stepping into the competing business market.

UK digital workforce far bigger than previously thought

New methods bring new results.

Data visualization 101 - Five easy plots to get to know your data

Below you will find my personal top five preferred charts to visualize data.

DXC Technologies acquires Luxoft in $2bn deal

DXC hopes that its combined effort will enable strong offerings in the end-to-end digital capabilities for the financial services industry.

IT teams aren't confident in their data compliance

They'd love to see harsher penalties for non-compliance.

Huawei reveals next-generation computing hardware

Chinese giant promises fastest, most energy-efficient chips on the market.

Ninety-Nine Percent of the Ocean's Plastic Is Missing

sciencehabit writes Millions of tons. That's how much plastic should be floating in the world's oceans, given our ubiquitous use of the stuff. But a new study finds that 99% of this plastic is missing. One disturbing possibility: Fish are eating it. If that's the case,

WP商店应用突破30万大关 总下载量超40亿

威智网 8 月 8 日消息,微软近日悄悄更新了官方网站上的“Microsoft By The Numbers”(通过数字看微软)页面,向用户展示包括商店应用、软件以及用户等各方面最新的统计数据。  




约合783元 松下5.0吋P66 Mega智能手机发售

松下(Panasonic)的智能手机业务仅覆盖中国和印度等少部分市场。尽管糟糕的业绩和在新兴市场受到的竞争压力公司早在数年之前就曾宣布关闭移动部门,但由于手机在部分亚洲国家持续畅销,因此公司决定于近日推出新品。援引外媒报道,松下近日面向印度市场发布了P66 Mega智能手机,共有蓝色、玫瑰金和棕色三种颜色供用户选择,售价为7990卢比(约合783元)。




說到毛線給人的印象就是慈祥、溫馨與愛,編織藝術家Jessica Dance 的一系列作品就是顛覆這種刻版的想法,以柔合的線條詮飾舊式手機、電腦螢幕、隨身聽,甚至還有寶石、金屬刀叉工具,加上配色鮮豔簡直就像是卡通走出來的。閱讀全文

Chaos ensues after Trump rally in Chicago is cancelled due to safety concerns

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled one of his signature rallies on Friday, calling off the event in Chicago due to safety concerns after protesters packed into the arena where it was to take place.

Samsung's Smart Motorcycle Windshield Is Super Simple and That's Great

When it comes to smart new features, car drivers get most of the fun . But a new concept from Samsung and Yamaha promises a simple smart windshield for motorcyclists which could help them stay safe on the roads.Read more...

百度紧急回应魏则西事件:全力配合主管部门调查 接受监督

5 月 2 日消息,今日,国家互联网信息办公室发言人姜军发表谈话指出,近日魏则西事件受到网民广泛关注。国家网信办会同国家工商总局、国家卫生计生委成立联合调查组进驻百度公司,对此事件及互联网企业依法经营 ... ...

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