Four innovative uses for blockchain in retail

From managing the supply chain to improving customer loyalty programs, here are four of the most promising use cases for blockchain in retail.

Everledger Is Using Blockchain To Combat Fraud, Starting With Diamonds

The wild valuation swings of Bitcoin are something of a sideshow when compared with the potential of the underlying blockchain engine. Focusing on the utility of this distributed, consensus-based technology is exactly what London-based startup Everledger is doing. Read More

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple

Security giant says Apple is abusing its position within the App Store.

Microsoft Teams passes 500,000 organisations, promises new features

Microsoft Teams celebrates its second birthday.

World's largest aluminium producer hit by major cyberattack

Norks Hydro is still recovering following ransomware attack.

Half of EU businesses attacked in last two years

Attack surfaces are growing thanks to new IoT gadgets, BYOD movement and a general lack of vigilance.

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment strategy

To avoid overlooking the right resources during the transformation journey, a phased approach should be implemented.

Google will offer Android users a free choice of browser and search engine

The company wants to avoid another hefty EU fine.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform modern workplace

Irrespective of the workplace, AI offers the Midas’s touch for every type of workplace.

Smartphones "reaching saturation point"

5G can be a new driver for growth, but people will need convincing.

BlackBerry calls for better IoT security

Consumers are willing to pay more to stay safe.

DXC Technologies acquires Luxoft in $2bn deal

DXC hopes that its combined effort will enable strong offerings in the end-to-end digital capabilities for the financial services industry.

Startup Offers Free Ebooks So No Good Book Goes Unread

The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here.Name: ScrewpulpOne-Liner Pitch: Screwpulp helps indie authors find an audience with pricing driven by demand.

中文分词器性能比较 - aitanjupt


关于苹果MacBook Air"贴纸"广告的几点想法

昨天苹果推出了一则关于Macbook Air的“贴纸”新广告。我觉得很有意思,理由如下: 划痕和凹痕意味着被使用过。这则广告通过展示某些带有磨损和擦伤痕迹的MacBook Air强调了该产品的可靠性。

抢票软件“秒胜”12306网站 当心信息泄露



据彭博的报道,主打P2P学生教育贷款的Social Finance Inc.(简称SoFi)最近计划在15年上市。SoFi的这次IPO可能将筹集到5亿美元并获得35亿美金的估值,这几乎是SoFi最近一轮估值额的3倍。




Google 的无人驾驶汽车已经在更多的城市启动测试,就连碰撞事故都发生了超过两位数,而苹果在这方面仍显得神秘且低调。 就在最近,传言苹果与宝马的汽车项目又有了新消息。

New England company will ship you 3 dead leaves for $19.99

Have no fear, people who live in beautiful locations that don't have the pleasure of experiencing four distinct seasons — you can now be the proud owner of some beautiful dead leaves for the low, low price of $19.99.The New England-based company ShipFoliage.

Firefox OS 可以直接在 Android 上安装试用了,来下载吧!

尽管 Firefox OS 的手机再美,但这个较少人接触的系统,反而成为阻挡你下手的高墙?看来 Mozilla 打算通过让你轻松在 Android 系统上试用的方式,来吸引你乃至于开发者在适应后可以投身 Firefox OS 手机系统的怀抱。

Feast your eyes on the top 10 YouTube videos of 2015

Tired of year-end top lists already? Too bad, because there will be a lot more of them before the year is doneThe latest list out is YouTube's top 10 trending videos of 2015. According to YouTube, the list is about more than pure views; likes, shares, searches, parodies,

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