‘9 for 19’ tech and innovation predictions

In literally what feels like the blink of an eye, we’re closing the books on 2018 and gearing up for what promises to be an incredible 2019.

Patent Reform Tries Again

Patent reform, long a decidedly unsexy topic best discussed over a strong espresso, has been a hot topic in recent years. Even though Congress substantially overhauled the patent system just three and a half years ago with the passage of the America Invents Act,

Citymapper Scoops A Hat-trick At The Annual Europas Conference And Awards

We have come a long way from the first event in a bar in Bermondsey in 2009, but in front of almost 800 of Europe’s top tech entrepreneurs and investors, The Europas Conference and Awards played host to the cream of Europe’s tech startup industry.

Jobvite Lands Another $25M For Its Recruitment-As-Marketing Analytics Platform

Jobvite — a recruitment platform visited by more then 35 million people in the last year,

Why the iPhone 6 launch event is a critical moment for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

There are some folks who have argued that we shouldn’t care or be getting excited about the upcoming iPhone 6 – but they’re dead wrong for a number of reasons.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/07/why-the-iphone-6-launch-event-is-a-critical-moment-for-apples-ceo-tim-cook/

Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things

It is widely acknowledged that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact on nearly every industry, and financial services is no exception. Gartner estimates that connected devices will reach an installed base of 25 billion units by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 35.

UK’s Yieldify Raises $11.5M From SoftBank And Google Ventures To Fix E-Commerce Conversions

London has emerged as a major hub for digital advertising and marketing, and today one of its faster growing startups is getting some funding to go to the next level. Yieldify, a marketing tech business that has built software to improve and track on-site and email conversions — that is,

7 Famous Quotes About the Future That Are Actually Fake

Here at Paleofuture, we love failed predictions. It's kind of our bread and butter. But shockingly, some of the failed predictions being passed around on the internet are often misleading, frequently taken out of context, or sometimes completely fabricated.Read more...

9 of the Biggest Mess Ups in Tech History

Technology is tough to create and even tougher to predict. What can seem like a breakthrough product one minute, can quickly turn into a nightmarish mistake.Read more...

Welcome to the New Age of Counterinsurgency Policing

Last week, as Baltimore braced for renewed protests over the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) prepared for battle. With state-of-the-art surveillance of local teenagers’ Twitter feeds,

It’s Operating Systems Vs. Messaging Apps In The Battle For Tech’s Next Frontier

As mobile devices continue to explore and colonize the technology landscape, their conquests are leading us to a new era, beyond search and apps.Looking to claim the territory previously held by URLs, portals, and even search and apps, the rapid acceleration of mobile interface innovation,

Google hit with £44m fine over advertising practices.

UPDATE: Search giant fined by French data regulator CNIL.

Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI

If your business doesn't use AI, you're probably doing something wrong.

Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

Telus says Huawei offers "comprehensive security measures".

Following the fortunes of our future - 15 technology predictions for 2019

Our team has compiled some of the most likely trends they think have the potential to disrupt the tech industry in the next 12 months.

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase

KPMG research finds slowest growth rate since 2015.

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference

The world of web development experiences demand constant transformation every year, whether it is related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs.

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months

Browser-based attacks were primary method from spreading malicious programs in the country.

Nine predictions for ‘19

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future!

Will 2019 be the year of the customer for telcos?

There is no question 2019 will continue to raise significant questions for the industry, as changes to the competitive landscape take shape.

Putting connectivity back into the hands of the consumer

At a time when trust has been eroded, a new approach is needed to inform the consumer, deliver the service deserved, and put the power back into their rightful hands.





Amplitude 集团收购 Continuum Lasers

法国巴黎2014年7月1日电 /美通社/ -- Amplitude(包括 Amplitude Technologies 和 Amplitude Systemes 子公司)是全球领先的超高速激光科研、设计和制造企业;Continuum Lasers 是为科研、工业和商业应用提供激光全系列产品的领先供应商。



This Is Why You Should Care About Privacy

You should care about digital privacy . You really should. If you're still not convinced , though, you should watch this video, in which Glenn Greenwald talks passionately about why it' so important.Read more...

Artist recreates childhood looks for 'babycore' fashion trend

Couldn't get enough normcore? Well, a new trend might rattle the fashion world — say "whhaaaa" to babycore.From the creative mind of 26-year-old New York artist Matt Starr, babycore aims to represent a "carefree sense of style, but also sense of attitude.” See also:


2015年1月27日,百度发布了其车联网解决方案CarLife。该方案与苹果的CarPlay及安卓的Android Auto类似,以系统平台将手机“迁移”至车机,实现娱乐系统与汽车中控系统的合一操作。


首先要说明:房地产工程项下供应链融资,非常常规,简单的业务,合法合规,不存在擦边球。 房地产项目供应链的还款来源基本上是已经确定的项目贷款。不论是工程项下保理或者是银承,都是用开发贷还的。

Xiaomi’s Mi Note Is A Great Phone You’ll Probably Never Get To Buy

Last week Chinese electronics company Xiaomi gave Western media an in-depth look at its products and business model. From its phones and the Android variant that powers them to its ambitions in the smart home of the future,


东东导读:今年春节时新增加的“摇一摇电视”,让微信的“摇一摇”功能瞬间就在媒体圈引爆,而且几乎众口一词称“摇一 […]

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