‘9 for 19’ tech and innovation predictions

In literally what feels like the blink of an eye, we’re closing the books on 2018 and gearing up for what promises to be an incredible 2019.

Patent Reform Tries Again

Patent reform, long a decidedly unsexy topic best discussed over a strong espresso, has been a hot topic in recent years. Even though Congress substantially overhauled the patent system just three and a half years ago with the passage of the America Invents Act,

Citymapper Scoops A Hat-trick At The Annual Europas Conference And Awards

We have come a long way from the first event in a bar in Bermondsey in 2009, but in front of almost 800 of Europe’s top tech entrepreneurs and investors, The Europas Conference and Awards played host to the cream of Europe’s tech startup industry.

Jobvite Lands Another $25M For Its Recruitment-As-Marketing Analytics Platform

Jobvite — a recruitment platform visited by more then 35 million people in the last year,

Why the iPhone 6 launch event is a critical moment for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

There are some folks who have argued that we shouldn’t care or be getting excited about the upcoming iPhone 6 – but they’re dead wrong for a number of reasons.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/07/why-the-iphone-6-launch-event-is-a-critical-moment-for-apples-ceo-tim-cook/

Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things

It is widely acknowledged that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact on nearly every industry, and financial services is no exception. Gartner estimates that connected devices will reach an installed base of 25 billion units by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 35.

UK’s Yieldify Raises $11.5M From SoftBank And Google Ventures To Fix E-Commerce Conversions

London has emerged as a major hub for digital advertising and marketing, and today one of its faster growing startups is getting some funding to go to the next level. Yieldify, a marketing tech business that has built software to improve and track on-site and email conversions — that is,

7 Famous Quotes About the Future That Are Actually Fake

Here at Paleofuture, we love failed predictions. It's kind of our bread and butter. But shockingly, some of the failed predictions being passed around on the internet are often misleading, frequently taken out of context, or sometimes completely fabricated.Read more...

9 of the Biggest Mess Ups in Tech History

Technology is tough to create and even tougher to predict. What can seem like a breakthrough product one minute, can quickly turn into a nightmarish mistake.Read more...

Welcome to the New Age of Counterinsurgency Policing

Last week, as Baltimore braced for renewed protests over the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) prepared for battle. With state-of-the-art surveillance of local teenagers’ Twitter feeds,

It’s Operating Systems Vs. Messaging Apps In The Battle For Tech’s Next Frontier

As mobile devices continue to explore and colonize the technology landscape, their conquests are leading us to a new era, beyond search and apps.Looking to claim the territory previously held by URLs, portals, and even search and apps, the rapid acceleration of mobile interface innovation,

Microsoft starts urging Windows 7 users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the system in less than a year.

Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

People are asking questions.

Google hit with billion-euro EU antitrust fine

Online giant faces another major fine.

Half of businesses don't have a clear digital transformation plan

Lack of preparation is making life difficult for them.

Enterprise service management – why every business needs to think like an IT department

By automating processes and organising service assets through ESM, service teams are able to deal with requests without getting bogged down in admin.

Connecting the dots – why personalised experiences are the holy grail of CXM

What are the core elements of making joined up customer experience a reality? How can they be achieved?

UK businesses could face £1bn bill from DDoS attacks this year

Large-scale attacks are getting cheaper to carry out, but the consequences are getting more expensive.

Nine predictions for ‘19

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future!

Will 2019 be the year of the customer for telcos?

There is no question 2019 will continue to raise significant questions for the industry, as changes to the competitive landscape take shape.

Putting connectivity back into the hands of the consumer

At a time when trust has been eroded, a new approach is needed to inform the consumer, deliver the service deserved, and put the power back into their rightful hands.





随着越来越多的智能设备添加到汽车中,汽车安全问题曾不止一次在 Black Hat 安全大会上被提出。在汽车里装个 CAN Hacking Tool 小设备,或者仅利用一个无线装置,黑客们就能对车锁、后备箱,甚至刹车、方向盘等设备进行控制。



WinBeta Podcast 5: Windows 10's Spartan meets Cortana

Welcome to the weekend and the latest episode of the WinBeta podcast! If you haven’t already listened to our previous episodes, you can check them out on your favorite podcast clients including SoundCloud, TuneIn, iTunes, and the Windows Phone Podcast app.


威锋网7月14日消息,据国外媒体报道,Adobe的Flash又再一次被吐槽。这一次不是乔布斯,而是Facebook高管。  Facebook首席安全官Alex Stamos今天在Twitter连发两条推文表示,Adobe是时候该终止Flash软件了。  

周鸿祎:私有化回归 是国家对我们的期望


Ricoh 釋出 Pentax 全幅機機背外型,並加映經典 FA* Ltd 試拍照



题图 / 火影忍者看了那么多年的盗版,总该为情怀买个单吧。2月18日,《火影忍者剧场版:博人传》在全国上映,这是日本三大民工漫首次进入国内影院。作为《火影忍者》完结后的最后一部剧场版(也可以算是2016年将开始连载的《BORUTOB-博人传》开篇),这部情怀满满描述新一代火影忍者的电影拥有极好的口碑。在粉丝数量众多的中国,它是否能承载日漫迷们的期待,书写出一个新的日漫国内电影票房的新记录呢?剧场版首次引进,火影迷轰动去年12月10号,网上放出博人传有可能引入国内的消息。今年1月15日,确定该片将在2月底引入国内。1月18日,中文预告片放出,确定2月18日全国上映。2月3日,电影举行超前点映。


谷歌围棋人工智能AlphaGo今天与韩国棋手李世石进行最后一轮较量,AlphaGo获得本场比赛胜利,最终双方总比分为4:1,AlphaGo取得了人机围棋对决的胜利。  在周日第四局的比赛中,李世石下出白78“神之一手”,导致AlphaGo误判形势,在程序的“值网络”(用于评估电脑胜率)中,误以为胜率达到70%,直到第87步才反应过来,最终李世石中盘获胜,取得对AlphaGo的首场胜利,而AlphaGo也因为首场失利获得世界第四的排名。  今日的比赛,由李世石执黑先行,谷歌AlphaGo执白。李世石与AlphaGo的首次交战在棋盘右上与右下方,李世石顽强作战将这部分黑棋做活。

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