What will workplace technology look like in 2019?

Here are the key workplace technology trends that we expect to see next year.

How Amazon Swallowed Seattle

Seattle is dead and Amazon killed it.

What is steering the ship when it comes to IT trends for financial services providers – AI, Captain!

AI could be the difference when it comes to supercharging your processes.

UK businesses losing money and customers due to inaccurate data

For most organisations, the biggest issue seems to be the way data is structured.

US looking at making 5G gear outside of China

The next move in the China - US trade war.

Making the intelligent decision

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer just a nice-to-have – it has become a critical factor in ensuring that enterprises are truly customer-centric, competitive and digitally transformed.

How to survive in competitive online food delivery business?

There are a number of measures that must be taken care of before stepping into the competing business market.

UK digital workforce far bigger than previously thought

New methods bring new results.

Data visualization 101 - Five easy plots to get to know your data

Below you will find my personal top five preferred charts to visualize data.

Why sustainability has to extend down the supply chain

Right now, sustainability’s role in business is rapidly growing in importance.

‘9 for 19’ tech and innovation predictions

In literally what feels like the blink of an eye, we’re closing the books on 2018 and gearing up for what promises to be an incredible 2019.

Nine predictions for ‘19

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future!

Can Nike Buy its Way to the Final Four?

In the big business of college basketball, one question is paramount: Will Nike blow it again?Last year's NCAA tournament saw Adidas maneuver through the bracket to have its gear on the backs of Louisville's championship team, while Nike's hometown Oregon Ducks got washed out in the Final Four.

RE:MAKE A WISH 膠樽捐贈造聖誕波

AllRightsReserved 找來荒木經惟、Phillip Lim、LINE 等著名設計師和品牌,將回收的膠樽再造成特別設計的聖誕球造成扭蛋樹並義賣,所有收益將會全數捐贈到願望成真基金,以實現重病兒童的聖誕願望。The post RE:

Everyone is freaking out over the latest episode of 'Sons of Anarchy'

Warning: This episode discusses the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy, and contains some major spoilers. Beware.When it comes to TV deaths, Sons of Anarchy ranks right up there with the current greats, like Game of Thrones and The Walking DeadSee also:


本文来自Forbes.com,由福布斯中文网翻译:对于索尼影业(Sony Pictures)来说,直到圣诞节前夕,形势都一直显得非常不利。


12月下旬的时候,AMC放出了《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)衍生剧《风骚律师》(Better Call Saul)的30秒预告片。据悉,该片将于北美时间2月8日和9日开启双日首播(随后将转至每周一更新)。

QT皮肤框架-TQUI - 林胜勇


数据结构与算法之“图” - 山中水寒


男女大脑有别 对药物反应也不同


五年后,Instagram 没有被任何人毁掉

Instagram 五岁了。

【MDCC 2015】开源选型之Android三大图片缓存原理、特性对比

这是快的打车移动端架构师、Android 开源项目源码解析codeKK发起人 吴更新(@Trinea)在MDCC上分享的内容,从总体设计和原理上对几个图片缓存进行对比,没用到它们的朋友也可以了解它们在某些特性上的实现。

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