Agile policing – how a data-driven and analytical approach to cross boundary policing will help the

Whilst technology advances can provide law enforcement with new solutions to prevent criminal activity, it can also cause problems.

Microsoft starts urging Windows 7 users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the system in less than a year.

Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

People are asking questions.

Google hit with billion-euro EU antitrust fine

Online giant faces another major fine.

Half of businesses don't have a clear digital transformation plan

Lack of preparation is making life difficult for them.

Enterprise service management – why every business needs to think like an IT department

By automating processes and organising service assets through ESM, service teams are able to deal with requests without getting bogged down in admin.

Connecting the dots – why personalised experiences are the holy grail of CXM

What are the core elements of making joined up customer experience a reality? How can they be achieved?

UK businesses could face £1bn bill from DDoS attacks this year

Large-scale attacks are getting cheaper to carry out, but the consequences are getting more expensive.

What will workplace technology look like in 2019?

Here are the key workplace technology trends that we expect to see next year.

Why sustainability has to extend down the supply chain

Right now, sustainability’s role in business is rapidly growing in importance.

‘9 for 19’ tech and innovation predictions

In literally what feels like the blink of an eye, we’re closing the books on 2018 and gearing up for what promises to be an incredible 2019.

Googlers didn't make a 'traitor' cake for a departing co-worker

You may have seen this hilarious image floating around recently with the caption: "Googler leaves to join Bing at Microsoft. Here's the cake his co-workers gave him." Read more...

The ISS Has The Only Leonard Nimoy Tribute That Matters

Since Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday, tributes have been pouring in from around the we b. But this one, posted without comment from NASA astronaut Terry Virts aboard the ISS, is probably the most touching. LLAP. Read more...


哈萨克斯坦阿斯塔纳2015年7月3日电 /美通社/ -- 阿斯塔纳经济论坛是全球最为知名的专家对话论坛之一。根据传统惯例,该活动于2015年在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳举行,吸引了全球约100个国家的5000多名参与者。

(三)Linux基本命令 - fuly




'The Bachelor' premiere: Ben Higgins is America’s most vanilla-gible man

LOS ANGELES — Tonight, on the season premiere of The Bachelor, you burning questions will be answered: Will Ben, America’s most vanilla-gible bachelor, find his future wife in a room filled with 28 hopeful women? Will his concerns about being 'unlovable' finally be assuaged?



关于MacBook Air 2016: 这些消息你了解吗?

到目前为止,我们听到了许多关于苹果新款 MacBook Pro 的消息,但是 MacBook Air 的传闻却变得有些安静了。这款产品已经陪伴了我们 8 年的时间,但是它在过去的几年时间里几乎没有什么改变,去年传闻中的视网膜显示屏也没有成为现实。  日本科技博客 Macotakara 曾经报道称,苹果将会给 MacBook Air 带来一些根本性的变化。今天,我们就来说说目前关于 MacBook Air 笔记本的那些传闻。  


北京2016年7月11日电 /美通社/ -- 作为一款“骨骼清奇”的互联网智能锁,7月5日上午10时,果加互联网智能锁正式登陆京东众筹。1小时便成交100万元,达成众筹目标,24小时后突破300万。众筹金额还在继续飙升中。果加互联网智能锁在一个正确的时间,一个合适的平台,拿出了一款优秀的产品,发起了一次亮眼的众筹。 果加京东众筹上线 据著名市场研究公司 statista 的数据显示,2015年我国智能家居市场规模达403.40亿元,同比增长41%,预计到2018年,我国智能家居市场规模将达到1300亿元,未来年均复合增长率达48%左右。


———————————吃了早饭换了自己的号仔细码码———————————题主的问题可以拆分成两个问题,1.为什么现在很多骨折倾向于手术治疗,2.骨科内植物值不值这个价钱。1.为什么现在很多骨折倾向于手术治疗1.1技术的进步带来了更多的治疗手段。得益于工程学的进步,现代骨科有了更多的治疗手段来达到更好地恢复骨折患者的功能。而这些在70-80年前是完全不可想象的。在20世纪初期,对于骨折的治疗目标在于对骨折的大致手法复位以促进骨折的愈合与预防感染,降低死亡率上。所采取的技术手段也局限于石膏或牵引制动患肢。 图1.

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