Sticking to your cybersecurity resolutions in the New Year

The Information Security Forum recommends that businesses focus on the following cyber security topics in 2019:

What is steering the ship when it comes to IT trends for financial services providers – AI, Captain!

AI could be the difference when it comes to supercharging your processes.

UK businesses losing money and customers due to inaccurate data

For most organisations, the biggest issue seems to be the way data is structured.

US looking at making 5G gear outside of China

The next move in the China - US trade war.

Making the intelligent decision

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer just a nice-to-have – it has become a critical factor in ensuring that enterprises are truly customer-centric, competitive and digitally transformed.

How to survive in competitive online food delivery business?

There are a number of measures that must be taken care of before stepping into the competing business market.

UK digital workforce far bigger than previously thought

New methods bring new results.

Data visualization 101 - Five easy plots to get to know your data

Below you will find my personal top five preferred charts to visualize data.

Q&A with Lilybeth Go, chief IT architect at BP

For technologists, the key success factors are not to be complacent and developing deep-rooted business knowledge.

The biggest threat facing the hospitality sector

To avoid becoming a victim of today’s technologically advanced times, established brands must enhance the user experience.

Agile policing – how a data-driven and analytical approach to cross boundary policing will help the

Whilst technology advances can provide law enforcement with new solutions to prevent criminal activity, it can also cause problems.

[图]三星GALAXY S5拆解报告出炉 内部芯片揭秘

三星GALAXY S5即将在全球发售,而这款新机相比过去在内部构造上到底有怎样的变化,尤其新增的指纹识别和心率感应等功能,到底有何特别之处更是大家关心的话题。

Google Y lab set up to build airports and cities

As the search engine giant’s ambitions continue to grow, reports suggest that it will open a second research and development lab with plans to build a city and make airports more efficient.Read more:


云文档编辑公司Nitro刚刚获得了BatteryVentures的1500万美元融资。Nitro此前还从澳大利亚风投公司Starfish Ventures获得了两笔未披露金额的融资,使得其总融资额达到了2160万美元。

现代汝窑达到古汝窑的水平了吗 ?


Wisconsin town bans kangaroos as service animals

In a blow to marsupial supporters in the small town of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, city officials have implemented changes to the municipal code, forbidding the use of kangaroos as service animalsThe move comes following an incident at a McDonald's earlier this yearSee also:

'Zoolander 2' teaser is here to teach you about neuroscience

Inside Derek Zoolander's brain, Einstein's theory of relativity swirls, mocha frappuccinos float, synapses sputter and the word "Eugoogly" is very clearly defined. The new teaser for the sequel to Zoolander also explains the most pressing question some fans may have:

The gaming gems you may have missed in 2015

How many games did you miss this year?Sure, there's not enough time to play everything, and we all invariably pass over some highlights each year. But these 18 standouts deserve a second look — even though they didn't get enough love in 2015.See also:

Lumia不死 微软:肩负抗衡iPhone重任

上周,有外媒报道称,Lumia 650将在2月1日线上发布,而且这将是最后一款Lumia手机,也就是说Lumia 750/850都搁浅了。  对此,NPU今日发文斥责友媒的说法失实,根据他们掌握的资料,RM-1182这款已经在中国、印尼完成的设备肯定会推出,而且之前微软高管也澄清,所谓Surface Phone有可能继续作为Lumia的延伸。  当然,具体用哪个品名意义不大,关键是会否出现所谓的Wintel x86手机。  

彩云天气:用人工智能,给你打造私人天气预报员 | MindStore

温馨提示:你所在地 30 分钟后要下雨。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

《刀塔传奇》更名《小冰冰传奇》 重新上架

龙图和莉莉丝昨天发布公告,宣布就《刀塔传奇》的版权诉讼案正式告一段落。公告内容中表示,龙图和莉莉丝已经就《刀塔传奇》的侵权问题与版权方维尔福和暴雪达成和解,除支付赔偿费用外,《刀塔传奇》将更名为《小冰 ... ...

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