Serverless computing for enterprises: Start small and think about data

For IT leaders, the goal must be helping developers focus their excitement over serverless on the right applications.

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple

Security giant says Apple is abusing its position within the App Store.

Microsoft Teams passes 500,000 organisations, promises new features

Microsoft Teams celebrates its second birthday.

World's largest aluminium producer hit by major cyberattack

Norks Hydro is still recovering following ransomware attack.

Half of EU businesses attacked in last two years

Attack surfaces are growing thanks to new IoT gadgets, BYOD movement and a general lack of vigilance.

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment strategy

To avoid overlooking the right resources during the transformation journey, a phased approach should be implemented.

Google will offer Android users a free choice of browser and search engine

The company wants to avoid another hefty EU fine.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform modern workplace

Irrespective of the workplace, AI offers the Midas’s touch for every type of workplace.

Private v. public cloud: Can the private cloud keep up?

Let’s take a look at cloud evolution and considerations for the future.

Hacker confesses to German politican data breach

Over a thousand prominent figures, including Angela Merkel, had their data exposed.

Sticking to your cybersecurity resolutions in the New Year

The Information Security Forum recommends that businesses focus on the following cyber security topics in 2019:









[图]或因驱动问题 微软暂停向HTC手机推送WP 8.1 Update更新

经微软最新证实HTC旗下手机将会获得WP 8.1 Update更新,至少就目前而言。微软公司表示已经“暂停”推送更新,主要是HTC 8X/8S两款设备面临一个“非常严重”的问题。



North Korea accuses U.S. of helping produce 'The Interview,' issues warnings

North Korea is accusing the U.S. government of having direct involvement in the production of The Interview. Kim Jong-un's regime also made what appeared to be threats against the White House and Pentagon.In a statement published Sunday on state-run news site Korean Central News Agency (KCNA),

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition now 80% off on Steam for a limited time

If you’re familiar with Valve’s Steam, you know that the online game store constantly runs discounts on the games it offers, and today as part of its Weekend Deals, you can download Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition for 80% off!

You Can Hide Secret Messages in Fake Academic Writing 

Ten years ago, a trio of MIT students created SCIgen, a program that spits out gibberish academic papers that have, improbably, since been published in real journals. Many embarrassing catches later, SCIgen’s creators are back with something even better: SCIpher. Read more...

C++强制类型转换操作符 dynamic_cast - melonstreet

dynamic_cast是四个强制类型转换操作符中最特殊的一个,它支持运行时识别指针或引用。>>>>>>>>>>>编译器的RTTI设置>>>>>>>>>>>dynamic_cast提供RTTI(Run-Time Type Information),也就是运行时类型识别。它对编译器有要求,需要编译器启...

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