How to keep safe with cybercrime and data breaches on the up

For those who are concerned about their data, the following tips will help keep individuals secure and prepared.

How to ensure your business' data is safe from inside threats

Although you may trust your employees, a rogue member of staff or disillusioned co-worker has the potential to create immeasurable damage to your organisation. Read more:

Data Integration: The only true provision against cybercrime

Even previously well protected and "secure" industries such as the public sector have realised that they must take extra steps in order to secure their data. Here's how to do it.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Four Reasons Why Millennials Should Care About Safer Internet Day

Growing up, I was always close to technology. I explored the vast world of the internet from a young age. I created my first email account when I was 10 years old, but had no concept of acting safe online and signed up for numerous websites that promised free TVs and other cool prizes.

The Business Of Fraud

When you visualize a hacker, what do you see? A young computer enthusiast coding in their basement, pounding Red Bull? A futuristic robot plugged into hundreds of servers deep inside a secret warehouse in the desert? A person from another country sporting a shaved head, smoking a cigarette,

9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew

Every day, you hear about security flaws, viruses, and evil hacker gangs that could leave you destitute — or, worse, bring your country to its knees. But what's the truth about these digital dangers? We asked computer security experts to separate the myths from the facts. Here's what they said.

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple

Security giant says Apple is abusing its position within the App Store.

Microsoft Teams passes 500,000 organisations, promises new features

Microsoft Teams celebrates its second birthday.

World's largest aluminium producer hit by major cyberattack

Norks Hydro is still recovering following ransomware attack.

Half of EU businesses attacked in last two years

Attack surfaces are growing thanks to new IoT gadgets, BYOD movement and a general lack of vigilance.

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment strategy

To avoid overlooking the right resources during the transformation journey, a phased approach should be implemented.

Google will offer Android users a free choice of browser and search engine

The company wants to avoid another hefty EU fine.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform modern workplace

Irrespective of the workplace, AI offers the Midas’s touch for every type of workplace.

Three ways businesses will adapt to become data-driven in 2019

Mathias Golombek, CTO at Exasol reviews progress in data transformation and shares three pragmatic strategies that businesses will adopt to outmanoeuvre their competitors to become more data-driven in 2019.

London and UK top tech investment across Europe

Berlin and Germany 'cemented' in second place.

Deep learning – The next big thing in data analytics… and you probably haven’t heard of it!

There are a growing number of tech vendors entering the space who are keen to discuss how this is the next generation of data science, but what exactly is it?

Steve Jobs Is Getting A Postage Stamp

There are few canvases harder to find yourself portrayed upon than the US postage stamp. Unless you’re a state bird, a beautiful wild flower, or a historic/cultural icon, it’s pretty unlikely that your mug will ever act as proof-of-payment on a piece of mail. Joining the ranks in 2015:

How do you bring great talent to your small business?

Managing director and co-founder of design studio dn&co Joy Nazzari tells us how to hire great employees for your startup.Read more:

Google 航班搜索现在加入随机结果功能

从前大家只会用 Google 的航班搜索来为自己找出目的地的机票价,不过现在就算大家没有计划好目的地,也可以用它来助你一臂之力了。现在该页的搜索栏旁边出现了一个「I'm Feeling...

Socket网络编程--简单Web服务器(4) - 无脑仔的小明

上一小节已经实现了对图片的传输,接下来就是判断文件是否为js,css,png等格式。我们增加一个函数用于判断格式 1 int WebServer::get_filetype(char *type,char *path)//用于判断该url指向文件的后缀 2 { 3 if(strstr(p...

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: The Review

Apple’s largest iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus, has unusual, almost hypnotic powers. I’ve witnessed people who are initially confounded, even repulsed, by the 5.5-inch phablet, hold and play with it for a while and then proclaim this is the iPhone 6 for them.



Android中Dialog对话框的调用及监听 - Fly_Elephant


Bill Gates Sponsoring Palladium-Based LENR Technology

Baldrson writes reports that: "Low energy nuclear reactor (LENR) technology, and by extension palladium, is attracting the attention of one of the richest men in the world and a pioneer inventor of new technology...In a recent visit to Italy, billionaire business man,


“妈,我想买电脑了。” “败家玩意儿,整天就知道花钱”,老妈心里快速盘算着,之前答应过这小兔崽子,考上大学就买 […]



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