Ten small steps to make your big IoT dream a reality

Based on my experience with dozens of IoT implementations across industries, I have discovered that these guidelines are often overlooked.

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple

Security giant says Apple is abusing its position within the App Store.

Microsoft Teams passes 500,000 organisations, promises new features

Microsoft Teams celebrates its second birthday.

World's largest aluminium producer hit by major cyberattack

Norks Hydro is still recovering following ransomware attack.

Half of EU businesses attacked in last two years

Attack surfaces are growing thanks to new IoT gadgets, BYOD movement and a general lack of vigilance.

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment strategy

To avoid overlooking the right resources during the transformation journey, a phased approach should be implemented.

Google will offer Android users a free choice of browser and search engine

The company wants to avoid another hefty EU fine.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform modern workplace

Irrespective of the workplace, AI offers the Midas’s touch for every type of workplace.

Yubico reveals USB security keys for iPhone

The keys will use UBS-C and Lightning ports.

Surviving seasonal stress and network strain

To make sure this doesn’t happen, there are four key considerations for hoteliers across the globe to take into account.

IoT devices now top targets for cybercriminals

Email servers aren't as interesting as they used to be.

Gmail Is 10 Years Old Today

Take heed, because there's a lot of bad stuff out there on the internet today. But there's one thing that's very good and useful: it's Gmail, and today your favorite email service is celebrating its tenth birthday. Read more...    



These Concepts Show What Apple Watch Apps Will Look Like

The Apple Watch won't be released onto our unsuspecting wrists until early next year, but developers are obviously already hard at work writing apps for the tiny screen. A group of designers have put together some ideas for what popular apps might look like when they land. Read more...

Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files

An anonymous reader writes "Researchers have found a way to deliver a malicious app to Android users by hiding it into what seems to be an encrypted image file, which is then delivered via a legitimate, seemingly innocuous wrapper app.

可涂鸦的围巾:Paper Scarf

和别人不一样,哪怕只是一条围巾,也要戴出特立独行的腔调。 自己织?即便你心灵手巧,能搞定的也只是毛线材质。香港 […]



Strategy Analytics:2014年Q3美国每个家庭宽带平均互联网电视终端达1.9部

互联电视终端持有率(含智能电视、智能蓝光播放器、带IP功能的游戏终端和数字媒体流)季度环比增幅为5%,年度同比增幅28%,达1.68亿台。 受对通过开放的互联网交付的观看视频内容的渴望驱使,相比于2013年Q3的1.



Union Gaming宣布香港业务正式启动

香港2015年4月30日电 /美通社/ -- Union Gaming Group,


-弗洛伊德-梅威瑟将着印有宇舶品牌名的拳击短裤登上周六晚的擂台 拉斯维加斯2015年5月4日电 /美通社/ -- 瑞士奢侈腕表品牌宇舶(Hublot)今天与十次获得世界冠军的“钱先生”弗洛伊德-梅威瑟(Floyd "Money" Mayweather)召开记者招待会,宣布为这位未来入选国际拳击名人堂的拳王周六晚在拉斯维加斯与曼尼-帕奎奥(Manny Pacquiao)之间的终极对决提供赞助。

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