Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.

Google hit with £44m fine over advertising practices.

UPDATE: Search giant fined by French data regulator CNIL.

Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI

If your business doesn't use AI, you're probably doing something wrong.

Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

Telus says Huawei offers "comprehensive security measures".

Following the fortunes of our future - 15 technology predictions for 2019

Our team has compiled some of the most likely trends they think have the potential to disrupt the tech industry in the next 12 months.

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase

KPMG research finds slowest growth rate since 2015.

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference

The world of web development experiences demand constant transformation every year, whether it is related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs.

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months

Browser-based attacks were primary method from spreading malicious programs in the country.

Ten small steps to make your big IoT dream a reality

Based on my experience with dozens of IoT implementations across industries, I have discovered that these guidelines are often overlooked.

Yubico reveals USB security keys for iPhone

The keys will use UBS-C and Lightning ports.

Surviving seasonal stress and network strain

To make sure this doesn’t happen, there are four key considerations for hoteliers across the globe to take into account.

JS设计模式——5.单体模式(用了这么久,竟全然不知!) - JChen___


Javascript多线程引擎(九) - tickObject

Javascript多线程引擎(九)--垃圾回收 垃圾回收这个话题对Programer来说是非常老旧的话题, 从手动的malloc/free 到半自动的 引用计数 再到全自动的 mark-sweep 算法 最后进化到 分代回收, 可以发现程序员越来越懒了^_^.


Dropbox收购了图片云服务Loom和文件协作工具HackpadDropbox低收购了图片云服务Loom和文件协作工具Hackpad,至此三个月内已知收购已达4桩,之前两桩是聊天工具Zulip 和社交阅读器Readmill。



艾瑞咨询:截至2013年中国移动网民规模为5.0亿人 占整体网民 81.0%


[视频]520不只是我爱你 还是世界计量日


Here's How Anatomically Impossible That Spider-Woman #1 Cover Is (NSFW?)

A few weeks ago, our pals over at io9 showed the Milo Manara cover illustration for Spider-Woman #1 in all its as(s)tounding opposite-of-majesty . Now, a Redditor did a 3D rendering to show just how ridiculous that pose is, from an anatomical standpoint. Some nudity and a lot of weirdness ahead.

開價過七千!Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 即將發售

Samsung 今年壓軸智能手機除了 Note 4,相信大家仲記得同日公佈的 Galaxy Note Edge 吧!這部有「弧邊屏幕」的旗艦機至今仍未有發售詳情,但剛剛收到消息它將會稍後正式發售,但定價將會比 Note 4 更貴!(以下有更多資料。

外星人的回歸, ALIEWWARE 電競系列產品動眼看

Dell 日前宣布再度引進 ALIENWARE 電競系列產品線,今日也針對這幾款產品舉辦展示活動,包括 ALIENWARE 15 、 17 以及 X51-R2 ,同時還展出 ALIENWARE 筆電專屬的 Graphics Amplifier 外接顯示卡擴充模組。



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