The cybersecurity beast: what’s in store for 2019

Below are some predictions of what 2019 is likely to hold for businesses from a cybersecurity perspective.

Five tips to enhance employee goodwill

Losing employee goodwill translates to a gradual decline in company image, which is never good news.

Damaged customer relationships – the real cost of poor packaging and product breakages

Packaging is the first tactile experience an eCommerce customer has with a brand so getting this right is vital for encouraging repeat purchases.

Security considerations when storing data in the cloud

In as little as five years, cloud has evolved to be a necessity for growth in the digital age and a fundamental pillar of global business.

How data will take the IT role to the next level

As data becomes increasingly important, it's vital brands understand the advantages of utilising data.

How biometrics can help to reduce fraud and improve the customer experience

Fraud prevention techniques could be boosted by biometrics.

China expects a billion 5G connections by 2024

Majority of Chinese consumers should have access to 5G within five years.

Mirai botnet successor emerges

Echobot is looking to cast a wider net than its predecessor.

Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.

Ten small steps to make your big IoT dream a reality

Based on my experience with dozens of IoT implementations across industries, I have discovered that these guidelines are often overlooked.

Yubico reveals USB security keys for iPhone

The keys will use UBS-C and Lightning ports.



HTC One M8 dual-SIM version about to emerge in Europe

The flagship phone is about to get a dual-SIM model in Germany and a couple of other Euro territories, though it remains to be seen if the UK will be graced with this variant.Read more:

Hinge raises $12 million to take on Tinder in new markets

Mobile startup Hinge has raised $12 million in Series A funding as the popular dating app looks to spread into new markets.The investment is the largest cash influx to date for Hinge, which had previously brought in $8.6 million in seed funding and convertible notes. Shasta Ventures led the round,

San Francisco officers kill man near police station, authorities say

SAN FRANCISCO — Authorities say officers shot and killed a man near a San Francisco police station who held what appeared to be a handgun.Police spokesman Albie Esparza says police opened fire Sunday evening after the man pulled what was later determined to be a type of air gun.


微信连 Wi-Fi 独立申请入口正式对外开放。同时,其申请入口也同步在微信公众平台的商家后台发布。



微软发布新Surface Pro 4广告:讲述较之前身的升级

今日,微软又为Surface Pro 4发布了一组新的广告。

福州夫妻“双11”凌晨网购刷爆卡 吵架升级报警求助


12 部 Xperia Z5 砌成 360 度超高清 VR 攝影

Sony 早前拍攝了相信是全球首條 360 度的 48K 超高清影片。Sony 以 3D 打印技術製作了一個可以放置 12 部 Xperia Z5 手機的特製圓形支架。每部手機首先拍攝 4K 影像,然後再接合成一條 48K 的影像,這影片在之前 CES 會場內 Sony 攤位的大型屏幕率先播放。以下有更多資料The post 12 部 Xperia Z5 砌成 360 度超高清 VR 攝影 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

青春偶像助阵 SNH48献歌魅族魅蓝3发布会

通信世界网消息(CWW)今天下午14:30,魅族就将在北京国家会议中心举行发布会,【颜值加速度】的新品魅蓝3即将上市。魅族月内的第三个发布会看点不少,除了万众期待的新机,素来被戏称为演唱会公司的魅族还将邀请人气 ... ...

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