Cybersecurity 2018: The year that was

2018 has marked the full awakening from the boardroom to shop floor and having the combination of appropriate technology and policy endorsed and supported by management is delivering results. Lands $15 Million Series A

Herzliya Israel-based isn’t yet saying exactly what it’s up to, but investors must like what they’re seeing.The stealth-mode company,

Government cloud computing adoption

While the private sector is building on cloud computing's various benefits, government organisations are also having a go at benefitting too.Read more:

Some free VPN apps on Android come with malware, DNS leaks

Report raises privacy concerns among the top free VPN apps on the Play Store.

Google hit with largest GDPR fine to date

Company will have to shell out $50 million following ruling from French data regulator.

USA will seek extradition of Huawei CFO

As the deadline approaches, Canadian diplomat sheds new light on the US government plans.

Three-quarters of companies still failing to comply with GDPR

When users request a copy of their data, it needs to be supplied, in full, within a month.

How banks can create a sustainable Open Banking model

Since open banking is the future, it is vital that banks evolve a stable and sustainable model for it at the earliest. The following suggestions may help them be on their way.

5G and digital transformation for IT professionals: Q&A with Sascha Giese

This year is expected to be all about 5G, but there is one element largely absent from the discussion.

Small-scale DDoS attacks are on the rise

Spreading tiny parts of junk traffic across a wide range of IP addresses can wreak havoc, while avoiding detection.

The cybersecurity beast: what’s in store for 2019

Below are some predictions of what 2019 is likely to hold for businesses from a cybersecurity perspective.

Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.

Ten small steps to make your big IoT dream a reality

Based on my experience with dozens of IoT implementations across industries, I have discovered that these guidelines are often overlooked.

一个都不能少:继扎克伯格、Elon Musk一众科技巨子纷纷投资后,人工智能公司Vicarious还将接受Jeff Bezos、杨致远、Skype联合创始人、Saleforce CEO等人的投资






《8/28-9/4 新品79折預購》【大人的科學】一眼就愛上的復古小玩具《啪搭啪搭---電波時計》


为什么 iPhone 之后越来越多的智能手机取消外置存储卡?




苹果动议被拒 违反劳动法集体诉讼继续进行

威锋网 12 月 6 日消息,加州高等法院最近拒绝了苹果请求否决某集体诉讼的上诉。该集体诉讼是苹果目前和已离职的雇员提出的,他们称苹果公司对待员工的方式违反了国家的劳动法规。  


文/中国电子商务研究中心互联网金融部分析师 钱海利互联网时代,孕育出了许多创新模式与思维逻辑,传统行业随时有被颠覆的可能,在金融行业,互联网金融的崛起无疑是最大的颠覆,而它的产生又给传统行业带来了哪些变革呢?

平安金融旗舰店打造时点理财 9%收益非私行客户专享

上海2015年3月6日电 /美通社/ -- 羊年伊始,平安金融旗舰店就打响了第一波互联网金融入口抢滩战。平安集团此次借力“三八”妇女节时点,打造全民金融节日“女神节”。



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