Next Windows 10 update reserves space on your hard drive

It wants to make sure critical features always have enough space.

How to smoothly migrate from Windows Server 2003: 12 best practices outlined

We’ve got a heap of good advice straight from the trenches when it comes to the reality of migrating from Windows Server 2003, an OS which is now on death row.Read more:

Elite F-14 Flight Officer Explains Why The Tomcat Was So Influential

We sat at the end of the runway, our F-14's GE-110 motors humming, awaiting our clearance to begin what would be the last F-14 Demonstration ever. The Air Boss's voice crackled over the radio: "Tomcat Demo, you're cleared to five miles and 15k feet. The air show box is yours" At that very moment,

Five tips to enhance employee goodwill

Losing employee goodwill translates to a gradual decline in company image, which is never good news.

Damaged customer relationships – the real cost of poor packaging and product breakages

Packaging is the first tactile experience an eCommerce customer has with a brand so getting this right is vital for encouraging repeat purchases.

Security considerations when storing data in the cloud

In as little as five years, cloud has evolved to be a necessity for growth in the digital age and a fundamental pillar of global business.

How data will take the IT role to the next level

As data becomes increasingly important, it's vital brands understand the advantages of utilising data.

How biometrics can help to reduce fraud and improve the customer experience

Fraud prevention techniques could be boosted by biometrics.

China expects a billion 5G connections by 2024

Majority of Chinese consumers should have access to 5G within five years.

Mirai botnet successor emerges

Echobot is looking to cast a wider net than its predecessor.

Cybersecurity 2018: The year that was

2018 has marked the full awakening from the boardroom to shop floor and having the combination of appropriate technology and policy endorsed and supported by management is delivering results.

The cybersecurity beast: what’s in store for 2019

Below are some predictions of what 2019 is likely to hold for businesses from a cybersecurity perspective.

Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.



Remembering Rod Serling And the Debut of The Twilight Zone

On this day in 1959, American TV audiences embarked on a trip to a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. This first journey to the middle ground between light and shadow was a powerful voyage we still haven't forgotten.

The Guardian Publishes A Pretty Amazing Whisper “Clarification”

The Guardian, the British newspaper that published a series of articles last fall (starting with this one) about anonymous social media app Whisper, issued a “clarification” today about those stories. The Guardian post gets pretty nitpicky and specific,

迪士尼带你回到童年 看土豪分分钟拯救世界


The trailer for Beyond the Brick reminds us why we love Lego so much

A childhood spent building everything from castles, to spaceships, to monsters is all one really needs to remind themselves why Lego is the ultimate toy for everyone from toddlers to seniors. But check out the trailer for Beyond the Brick:

Report on self-driving car accidents is in violation of good sense

Writing a good news story is, to a certain extent, like driving in busy traffic. To do a good job of it you have to pay attention, follow the rules of the road and show some skill. It’s easy to mess up — we humans are fallible, after all — and when we do,


科技网站Mashable今日刊文称,过去几年里,可穿戴设备逐渐走进人们的视野,尤其是Apple Watch的发布,更是引发一大批可穿戴设备的开发热潮。继智能手表、智能手环之后,现在,又有一款名为Neyya的智能戒指诞生了。


Apple Music是苹果自家推出的一项音乐流媒体服务,Android版本去年11月份还曾登录过Google Play,但对于国内用户来说,那种下载体验...你懂得。日前,苹果和国内最大的Android应用商店之一——百度手机助手合作,正式在国内推送Android版Appe Music,下载安装体验大大提升。

9点1氪:iPhone 5SE/iPad Air 3曝光;Uber再获2亿美金投资;维密CEO突然请辞;

大公司李彦宏和龚宇提议收购爱奇艺 交易估值28亿美元百度今日宣布,公司董事会接到公司董事长兼CEO李彦宏和爱奇艺CEO龚宇的初步非约束性收购提议,计划收购百度所持有的爱奇艺股份。排除现金及负债交易即把现金与负债排除在合约之外),该交易为爱奇艺估值28亿美元。当然目前还未有任何实质性的结果。对于以后双方的关系,爱奇艺称百度对爱奇艺的发展给予大力支持,未来爱奇艺与百度将继续在多项业务上发挥战略协同效应。维多利亚的秘密CEOSharen Jester Turney突然辞职维密CEOSharen Jester Turney在长达10年工作后,宣布离职。

iOS 开发周报:Apple 推出 WWDC 16 应用,兼容 tvOS;iPhone 7 可能取消 16GB 版本

Apple 推出 WWDC 16 应用,兼容 tvOS;iPhone 7 可能取消 16GB 版本;Swift 3.0 Preview 1 短暂发布后被撤回。 By 王巍

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