Next Windows 10 update reserves space on your hard drive

It wants to make sure critical features always have enough space.

How to smoothly migrate from Windows Server 2003: 12 best practices outlined

We’ve got a heap of good advice straight from the trenches when it comes to the reality of migrating from Windows Server 2003, an OS which is now on death row.Read more:

Elite F-14 Flight Officer Explains Why The Tomcat Was So Influential

We sat at the end of the runway, our F-14's GE-110 motors humming, awaiting our clearance to begin what would be the last F-14 Demonstration ever. The Air Boss's voice crackled over the radio: "Tomcat Demo, you're cleared to five miles and 15k feet. The air show box is yours" At that very moment,

Nokia phones may have breached user data

And may have sent it to the Chinese.

Facebook stored millions of passwords in plain text

Facebook employees have had access to the database, but apparently have not abused it.

UK workers don’t fear AI impact at work

Many are interested in it and would love to know more.

Are your windows desktops headed for a cloudy future?

If so, how should you plan for a successful transformation?

Removable devices could be putting businesses at risk

Businesses have security policies, but nobody cares.

Outsmarting smartphones: How can we keep children safe while accessing the Internet via mobile?

Phone ownership is a new milestone that is met with excitement by children but – quite often - with trepidation by parents.

UK businesses unable to recover data after an incident

More data, more problems, Dell report finds.

Cybersecurity 2018: The year that was

2018 has marked the full awakening from the boardroom to shop floor and having the combination of appropriate technology and policy endorsed and supported by management is delivering results.

The cybersecurity beast: what’s in store for 2019

Below are some predictions of what 2019 is likely to hold for businesses from a cybersecurity perspective.

Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.

Windows Phone 8.1 set to arrive on 14 April

That’s the developer preview, mind, but it’s still a full version of the updated OS, and mobile Gods willing, it will be with us a week on Monday.Read more:


本周发生了一些事情——罗永浩宣布锤子科技获得 B 轮 1 亿 8000 万融资,百度正式推出了支付业务品牌“百度钱包”,新浪公司旗下微博业务正式登陆纳斯达克。废话不多说,我们进入正题。



Something Amazing Happens When You Chill Sugar Cubes in Liquid Nitrgoen

It's not something most people would stumble across. But Mikhail Svarichevsky has found that sugarcubes glow bright green in UV light when they've been dunked in liquid nitrogen.Read more...



JetBrains Upsource 1.0 ——一个新的代码审查工具

JetBrains近期推出了Upsource 1.0,这一是个专门为软件开发团队所设计的源代码协作工具。 By Abel Avram Translated by 邵思华


英文原文:Moot Reflects On 11 Years Running 4chan, The Webs Wild West  翻译:皓岳  Lolcats、Anonymous 和无数网络迷因(Internetmeme,亦称网络爆红)都源自4chan。有些人可能会因此感谢(或责怪)克 ... ...

With so many streaming options, why are Americans still obtaining music illegally?

Video: Armand Valdes, Loris RaveraIf music be the food of love, then our current music industry is an all-you-can-eat buffetYou can pretty much listen to any artist or song at any time you want on countless amounts of platforms and streaming services.

这块类 Arduino 机板能轻松挤进一颗 AA 电池的空间中

虽说目前市场上包括原厂与类 Arduino 的主机板产品选择已经相当地多,不过 Marker 毕竟是 Marker,与其等别人开发出符合需求的产品,不如就自己动手「改造」比较快啊!即便目前的 Tiny328 类 Arduino 主机板已经相当小型了,但 Johan Kanflo 依旧认为并不是这么好应用。而在这样的想法萌生之后,上图这个命名非常切题的 AAduino 便就此诞生了。在他着手将 radioduino 进一步缩小化之后,AAduino 成为了一块可轻松塞入单颗 AA 尺寸电池槽中...

[视频]豆腐渣工程 - 《我的世界》搭配真实物理效果

沙盒游戏《我的世界》吸引人的地方不仅仅在于开放世界的玩法,它所拥有的神奇物理规则也让许多不可能的建筑成为了现实,比如空中楼阁。那如果让《我的世界》拥有现实中一样的真实物理效果,会发生什么呢?近日一位3D建模美工Michal Mroszczak制作了一段视频,其中就展示出了《我的世界》搭配真实物理效果后的场景。

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