Next Windows 10 update reserves space on your hard drive

It wants to make sure critical features always have enough space.

How to smoothly migrate from Windows Server 2003: 12 best practices outlined

We’ve got a heap of good advice straight from the trenches when it comes to the reality of migrating from Windows Server 2003, an OS which is now on death row.Read more:

Elite F-14 Flight Officer Explains Why The Tomcat Was So Influential

We sat at the end of the runway, our F-14's GE-110 motors humming, awaiting our clearance to begin what would be the last F-14 Demonstration ever. The Air Boss's voice crackled over the radio: "Tomcat Demo, you're cleared to five miles and 15k feet. The air show box is yours" At that very moment,

Some free VPN apps on Android come with malware, DNS leaks

Report raises privacy concerns among the top free VPN apps on the Play Store.

Google hit with largest GDPR fine to date

Company will have to shell out $50 million following ruling from French data regulator.

USA will seek extradition of Huawei CFO

As the deadline approaches, Canadian diplomat sheds new light on the US government plans.

Three-quarters of companies still failing to comply with GDPR

When users request a copy of their data, it needs to be supplied, in full, within a month.

How banks can create a sustainable Open Banking model

Since open banking is the future, it is vital that banks evolve a stable and sustainable model for it at the earliest. The following suggestions may help them be on their way.

5G and digital transformation for IT professionals: Q&A with Sascha Giese

This year is expected to be all about 5G, but there is one element largely absent from the discussion.

Small-scale DDoS attacks are on the rise

Spreading tiny parts of junk traffic across a wide range of IP addresses can wreak havoc, while avoiding detection.

Cybersecurity 2018: The year that was

2018 has marked the full awakening from the boardroom to shop floor and having the combination of appropriate technology and policy endorsed and supported by management is delivering results.

The cybersecurity beast: what’s in store for 2019

Below are some predictions of what 2019 is likely to hold for businesses from a cybersecurity perspective.

Bringing together blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence: Turning Skynet into re

All three of the new renaissance technologies will bring about major changes in the way work and processes are carried out, with the elimination of whole swathes of activity previously carried out by humans or the activity being carried out by smart machines, bots or smart processes.



Google调整算法 全球网站都受打击

Google PageRank(简称PR)是用来衡量网页等级的一个标准,范围0-10,越高越说明该网页越受欢迎(越重要),不过其算法也一直在不断调整,经常会导致网站PR值的波动。

The Gyroscope In Your Smartphone Can Be Easily Used To Spy On You

Sure, the gyroscope in your smartphone is great for whizzing past the competition in Need For Speed. But did you know that it can also be used to eavesdrop on your conversations?Read more...

CMD魔法堂:CMD进入指定目录 - ^_^肥仔John

一、前言 每次打开cmd默认目录总是当前用户目录,然后是一大轮cd命令才进入工作目录,哎,怎一个烦自了得。幸好我们可以通过批处理文件来进入指定目录,省心多了。二、cmd命令介绍 CMD [/A | /...

Smart Carry-On Lets You Track Bag's Location and Charge Other Devices

A campaign to crowdfund the "world's first smart, connected carry-on" reached its goal of $50,000 in two hours and one minute on Indiegogo Monday.Bluesmart luggage connects to a mobile app that allows travelers to track the bag's proximity, digitally lock and unlock it, check the bag's weight,

'People have no mercy': Inside the life of a Syrian arms dealer

AZAZ, Syria — Abu Ammar is a soft-spoken but charismatic man, who loves his five children and hates ISIS.See also: American Veteran Fighting ISIS in Syria: 'I'm Ready to Stay Until the End'Before the war, he ran a moderately successful TV and computer repair shop. But after his showroom in Azaz,

超级干货!深聊Material Design复杂响应式设计

编者按:Material Design初出茅庐,现在大多数是试水之作,刚好近期有同学接手了一个响应式Web站点的改版设计,笔者参考Material D...

上海工商:网购箱包不合格率超七成 高于实体店


'Destiny: The Taken King' raid will launch a little bit later than the rest

The new "King's Fall" raid in Destiny: The Taken King won't be joining the rest of the game's release on Sept. 15. But it's coming very soon after: Friday, Sept. 18.

微软SB和SP4芯片细节公布 详细分析该如何买

威锋网 10 月 12 日消息 关于之前很多人对微软两款新 Surface 产品的规格疑问,今天终于得到了官方的明确确认。

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