'I'm Sorry' has returned and Andrea Savage is still my personal hero

Are you there, Andrea? It's me, Alison.Sometime between the series finale of Gossip Girl and the birth of Kate Middleton's second baby, I gave up emulating the women I saw on TV. For too many of my teenage years,

'Game of Thrones' score deliberately hinted at an alternate ending for Jaime and Brienne

Game of Thrones ended with a a storm of contention, particularly around the final arcs of Jaime Lannister and Ser Brienne of Tarth, but the show's composer confirmed that he imagined a very different ending for them.Ramin Djawadi, who scored all eight seasons of Thrones, loves a good musical motif,

These environmentally-friendly headphones could be the future of “green” electronics 

Korvaa is the world’s first microbe-grown headset. It was built through Aivan, a Finland-based design house in the attempt to create a device with only naturally-derived materials.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Headphones, Green Technology, Environmentally Friendly, and Future Blink

Google Calendar scam adds malicious links to your schedule

Scammers are phishing in a new pond. As identified by Kapersky Labs in a report from Wired, bad actors are taking advantage of a Google Calendar setting that lets anyone place event invites in another user's calendar. In the scam,

This 34-inch Dell UltraSharp curved monitor is $420 off with code

TL;DR: This 34-inch UltraSharp monitor from Dell is a multitaskers paradise is only $679.99 with code SAVE15, saving you $420 in total. It also comes with a free $100 Dell gift card.Too Many Tabs Syndrome is definitely a thing.

Help Your Friend Quit JUUL

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Juul, Tech, and Health

10 ways to have fun when you're stuck in an office this summer

As an adult, the warmer months tend to blur together like long-forgotten calendar notifications hitting you all at once. "Wait, it's June? Now it's July? Mid-August? How did we get here?

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum is on sale for under $300 — save $110

TL;DR: This multitasking Dyson upright vacuum retails for $399.99, but you can get on sale on Amazon right now for just $289.99.Crushing your to-do list feels great, sure, but all that multitasking can take a serious toll on your intellect:

R. Kelly's daughter issues statement calling her father a 'monster' and pledging support to his accu

R. Kelly's estranged daughter has released a statement addressing his accusers, calling her father "terrible" and a "monster". In the statement, she expressed her support for the survivors of the alleged abuse. 

James Corden and Ashley Graham don't want you to diet this January and they wrote a song about it

Every January, companies get real busy telling us it's about time we all lost some weight. As if January didn't suck enough already.  Well, James Corden and supermodel Ashley Graham are here to tell us that we actually don't need to do any of that. 

Meditate, improve focus, and be happier in 2019: These courses and apps are on sale

New year, new you, new...brain?Before you ask, no — we're not going to force you through a Get Out-inspired transplant. We're merely recommending you subscribe to one of these seven affordable brain-training bundles and apps so that your mind's in shape this year. 



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修改hosts文件打开google等网站 - 天魂地煞

很炒蛋,使用google搜索的时候经常打不开,原因大家都应该知道,使用翻墙 代理等一些手段也许就可以的,不过这感觉很麻烦。我们直接修改系统的 hosts文件。 window系统hosts文件地址C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc。

PS4连续6月坐稳冠军宝座:微软推Xbox One促销新举措

次世代主机大战正变得更加有趣,微软Xbox官网刚宣布6月份美国市场Xbox One相比5月翻了一倍,隔日索尼P […]



苹果在线商店下架所有 Bose 耳机和扬声器产品

上周有消息称苹果很快会在 Apple Store 停止销售 Bose 耳机和扬声器。此前,苹果在线商店和零售店中有多种 Bose 产品销售。目前,苹果在线商店中所有 Bose 产品都已经下架,也有很多 Apple Store 完成了下架 Bose 产品的任务。

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Omaha cop killed in shootout the day before her maternity leave

A new mom and Omaha police officer was gunned down by a fugitive on Wednesday just hours before her infant daughter was set to be released from the hospital.Kerrie Orozco, 29,

CNNIC:2015年5月.CN域名注册量持续上涨至1199万个 净增14万




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