Lisbon finally gets a substantial VC fund in the shape of Indico Capital Partners

Lisbon, characterized occasionally by some tech scene observers as ‘the warm Berlin’, has been threatening to generate more startups in the last few years, not least because it will now have the enormous Web Summit conference there for the next 10 years,

A diversity and inclusion playbook

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tech company that said it wished it had waited longer to implement on diversity and inclusion efforts. The examples of tech companies “doing it right” in this industry are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

Homeland Security has tested a working BlueKeep remote code execution exploit

Homeland Security’s cyber agency says it has tested a working exploit for the BlueKeep vulnerability, capable of achieving remote code execution on a vulnerable device. To date, most of the private exploits targeting BlueKeep would have triggered a denial-of-service condition,

Microsoft brings its To-Do app to Mac

Microsft in 2017 said it would shut eventually down Wunderlist, a company it acquired, in order to forge ahead with its own “to do” app. It has since launched To-Do, as the app is called, on Windows, iOS, Android and the web and expanded its feature set. Today, it’s bringing the app to the Mac, […]

Cleo, the London-based finech, has quietly taken debt financing from US-based Triplepoint Capital

Cleo, the London-based “digital assistant” that wants to replace your banking apps, has quietly taken venture debt from U.S.-based Triplepoint Capital, according to a regulatory filing. The amount remains undisclosed,

The future of diversity and inclusion in tech

Silicon Valley is entering a new phase in its quest for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. Some advocates call this part “the end of the beginning,” Code2040 CEO Karla Monterroso tells TechCrunch. At first,

Only 5 days left for super savings on passes to Disrupt SF 2019

We know you’re hard at work bringing your early-stage startup dreams to fruition, but allow us to offer this hot tip. Super-early-bird-pass pricing for Disrupt San Francisco 2019 pulls a disappearing act on June 21 at 11:59 p.m. (PT).

Tim Cook says Silicon Valley has created too much chaos

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a speech to Stanford graduates this weekend. In addition to the usual motivational stuff, he attacked other big tech companies in a not-so-subtle way. He painted a stark picture of Silicon Valley, saying it’s responsible for too many mistakes.

VLC prepares to add AirPlay support as it crosses 3 billion downloads

VLC, the hugely popular media playing service, is filing one of its gaps with the addition of AirPlay support as its just crossed an incredible three billion users. The new feature was revealed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf, one of the service’s lead developers,

An unsecured database exposed the personal details of 202M job seekers in China

The personal details belonging to more than 202 million job seekers in China, including information like phone numbers, email addresses, driver licenses and salary expectations, were freely available to anyone who knew where to look for as long as three years due to an insecure database.

World’s most valuable AI startup SenseTime unveils self-driving center in Japan

The world’s highest-valued artificial intelligence startup SenseTime has set foot in Japan. The Beijing-based firm announced on Friday that it just opened a self-driving facility in Joso, a historic city 50 kilometers away from Tokyo where it plans to conduct R&D and road test driverless vehicles.

ABI Research:2013年全球LTE用户数达到2.297亿



今天早些时候,在俄罗斯电视台的一次电话访谈节目中,美国国家安全局(NSA)的泄密者爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)就俄罗斯政府的监控活动对俄罗斯总统普京提出质疑。

联想拿下中国第一 那海外国际市场呢

联想:我不只是PC巨头,我还是手机大佬  联想 PC 销量早已超过竞争对手惠普、戴尔、华硕以及宏碁,成为全球最大PC制造商。虽然全球整体的 PC 市场正在萎缩,但联想似乎没有受到太大影响,销量继续攀升。  



Nonprofit Builds Salesforce Cloud For the Blind

Gamoid writes When we talk about "accessibility" in tech, we're usually talking about things like mobile apps and API compatibility. But for the sizable percentage of the world's population with vision impairment or full blindness, "accessibility" means they can use a computer, phone, tablet,

java开发:分享一下百度ueditor和七牛的图片集成上传 - 倚窗听雨



2015.01.08 更新感谢大家的支持,我也是觉得很多时候企业人员和审计人员之间发生不愉快是因为大家对审计不是很了解。在这里说一说审计的工作内容,也希望能够让企业人员和审计人员的合作更加和谐。

传 Pinterest 融资 5 亿美元 估值 110 亿

传图片社交网站 Pinterest 准备完成新一轮 5 亿美元融资,这将使公司估值达到 110 亿美元。截至目前,Pinterest 共筹集了 7.64 亿美元资金。



Inklet Adds Pressure Sensitive Drawing To Macs With Force Touch Trackpads

A new app update from Ten One Design available today brings pressure sensitive input via the new Force Touch trackpad to any drawing app on your Mac. Inklet 1.6, the latest version of adds support for the pressure sensitivity features of the new Mac input hardware,

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