Peeps-flavored coffee creamer does, in fact, taste like Peeps

Craving a little saccharine yellow fluid in your morning coffee? You will love International Delight's new Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.We tried the Easter treat and can confirm that it tastes like Peeps. If you like the taste of Peeps, you will like this.

Dads created this collapsible child carrier

MINIMEIS is ergonomic, distributing a child's weight evenly while keeping them safely strapped in with a 9-point seat belt. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Dads, Child Carrier, Tech, and Innovations

Microsoft Surface laptops are on sale for under $700 at Amazon

TL;DR: Get a compact Microsoft Surface laptop (1st Gen, Intel Core i5) for less than $700 at Amazon. Choose the configuration that works best for you and get up to 52% off. The most important tool in a college student's arsenal is the trusty laptop.

Mr. Coffee's single-cup brewer is on sale for nearly 40% off at Walmart

TL;DR: This single-cup Mr. Coffee brewer that comes with its own travel mug is only $54.99 at Walmart. It's sold for $89.99 on the brand's website, so you'll save $35.Never is a coffee maker more important than in the wee hours before a mandatory 7:45 a.m. power lecture (*shudders*).

Smoky Anchorage has the worst air quality in the U.S.

Anchorage's smoky summer won't relent. As of Tuesday morning, the most populated city in Alaska had the worst air quality in the nation, according to the World Air Quality Index. A number of late-season wildfires have perpetuated Anchorage's hazy summer,

Here’s a guide for downloading web pages, articles to read offline

Whether it's that "NYT" article or the latest blind item from "BlindGossip," you may find yourself wanting to do some reading in a place without WiFi. That's where these tips come in.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

More delivery robots head to college campuses to bring you late-night pizza

If you live on a college campus, prepare to see more delivery robots around. Just don't expect one of them to bring you beer.Starship Technologies has announced that their slow, steady, and meticulous takeover of the world will continue at 100 universities in the next two years,

The Apple Card fits perfectly into 'American Pscyho' in this seamless re-edit

Thought American Psycho couldn’t get more, well...psycho?Thanks to YouTube channel NeonFlareify, the infamous fictional investment banker/serial killer has a new tool with which to try and one-up his fellow finance bros: The Apple Card, in all its laser-etched glory. Because it’s 2019,

Facebook tackles fake news in the UK with a new fact-checking service

Facebook is partnering up with Full Fact, a British charitable organization that focuses on fact-checking, to get rid of fake news in the UK, the company announced Friday.This is a continuation of Facebook's efforts to combat fake news, which the company ramped up after the 2016 election,

CES 2019 had nothing to say about the biggest conversation in tech

While CES sets the tech trends for the year, it rarely sets the tone. The giant-size tech carnival is a great place to see the latest TVs, smart home gadgets, and self-driving vehicle tech, but it's also a bubble. Hype and excitement over mostly incremental upgrades is epidemic at the show,

YouTubers everywhere will love this device

For everyone out there who wants to capture all the cool things they do in motion.  Read more...More about Tech, Video, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, and Cameras



LinkedIn takes on Chinese censorship rules... almost

Earlier this week LinkedIn hinted that it is not entirely happy about the scope of some Chinese censorship rules and is “strongly considering” changing their policies.Read more:

Visa:Apple Pay是移动支付应用行业的先驱

苹果公司的 Apple Pay 移动支付服务已经发布,而且即将上线。Visa是苹果这项服务的重要合作伙伴之一, 那么他们对 Apple Pay 有怎样的看法呢?

css知多少(9)——float下篇 - 王福朋


【ProDuct Note】你的背影如此深邃......


Astronomical Knolling Is The Prettiest Way To Organize Objects In Space

What happens when a planetary scientist has a love for order? He creates code that sorts everything from our solar system’s moons to exoplanets into graceful spirals where every object is slightly smaller than the one before.

Goldman Sachs claims Windows is holding Microsoft back

Investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs, has reported that they believe Microsoft will report quarterly revenue of $US 22 billion, which is just under the $US 22.1 billion amount previously speculated.



Nexus 6P: Google's Giant Phone Reinvents Itself In a Cloak of Metal

The original Nexus 6 was a mammoth, and not just in size. It was a lovely combination of well-designed hardware and stock Android software, which made a huge phone finally feel right. How do you top the original? With a gorgeous aluminum body.Read more...

matlab for循环的三种类型 - 平常心,平常心


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