Peeps-flavored coffee creamer does, in fact, taste like Peeps

Craving a little saccharine yellow fluid in your morning coffee? You will love International Delight's new Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.We tried the Easter treat and can confirm that it tastes like Peeps. If you like the taste of Peeps, you will like this.

This VPN is on sale for less than £1 per month

TL;DR: A five-year subscription to Ivacy VPN is on sale for £0.94 per month, saving you 88% on list price.The thing about VPNs is that the best deals are generally reserved for the longest contracts. To access the lowest monthly rates, you tend to have to sign up for years.

This coyote playing golf in a backyard alone knows how to have a good time

Did you know coyotes can't pass up a chance to play golf in a backyard?Well, maybe some of them can, but not this playful scamp who was seen tossing a golf ball around on someone's personal putting green.According to the video description, on May 22, a coyote wandered into a Tarzana, California,

The real star of the SpaceX astronaut launch was a sparkly stuffed dinosaur

The only thing cooler than humans going to space is humans going to space with an adorable stuffed animal.On Saturday afternoon, NASA launched astronauts into space aboard the Crew Dragon, a spacecraft built by Elon Musk's company, SpaceX.

Waymo's self-driving minivans will return to California streets in June

Waymo is ready to get back to the business of ferrying passengers around, at least in California's Bay Area.The Alphabet-owned company shut down a public testing program for its self-driving minivans in early March, as the global pandemic started to reshape society in the United States.

The 22 best movies now streaming on Netflix

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Hulu and chill? Amazon and chill? Vudu and chill??","image":"

Billie Eilish is absolutely fed up with people saying 'All Lives Matter'

Billie Eilish isn't afraid to speak out against injustice.On Saturday, the 18-year-old singer posted a blunt and lengthy statement to her 63.3 million Instagram followers to address the death of George Floyd.

SpaceX becomes first private company to launch NASA astronauts into space

For the first time in nearly a decade, NASA launched astronauts into space from U.S. territory. And for the first time ever, it was on a spacecraft built by a private company, Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Facebook tackles fake news in the UK with a new fact-checking service

Facebook is partnering up with Full Fact, a British charitable organization that focuses on fact-checking, to get rid of fake news in the UK, the company announced Friday.This is a continuation of Facebook's efforts to combat fake news, which the company ramped up after the 2016 election,

CES 2019 had nothing to say about the biggest conversation in tech

While CES sets the tech trends for the year, it rarely sets the tone. The giant-size tech carnival is a great place to see the latest TVs, smart home gadgets, and self-driving vehicle tech, but it's also a bubble. Hype and excitement over mostly incremental upgrades is epidemic at the show,

YouTubers everywhere will love this device

For everyone out there who wants to capture all the cool things they do in motion.  Read more...More about Tech, Video, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, and Cameras

Ask Slashdot: Books for a Comp Sci Graduate Student?

peetm (781139) writes "Having visited with me and my wife recently, the girlfriend of an ex-student of mine (now taking an M.Sc. in pure CS) asked me to suggest useful books for her boyfriend: '...He recently mentioned that he would love to have a home library, like the one you have,








帮助中小站长简单建立应用的鼻祖应该算简网,然而简网有限的定制性和流量导转能力让它在一时热潮之后趋于稳定。随 HTML5 技术的兴起,网页和应用的边界在某些场景下变得模糊,移动建站/建应用这件事再一次受到关注。

三星 Galaxy S6 Active 资料流出

GSM Arena 和间中「客串」的 @evleaks 都流出了声称为三星 Galaxy S6 Active 的图片。

Microsoft highlights the best PC games for the Xbox Controller

Using a gamepad with PC games has been a common practice for quite some time now. When it comes to PC gamers, a great many of them have decided to switch to using a...The post Microsoft highlights the best PC games for the Xbox Controller appeared first on WinBeta.

快播案庭审记录 王欣辩护律师吊打公诉人

1月8日,备受关注的深圳快播公司涉黄案在北京市海淀法院开庭审理,快播CEO王欣、事业部总经理吴铭、事业部副总经理张克东、事业部副总经理兼市场部总监牛文举出庭接受审理。面对传播淫秽物品牟利罪的指控,王欣和快播3名高层均否认控罪,认为自己无罪,截至今日晚间,庭审阶段已经结束,在持续两日的庭审过程中,有哪些不容错过的要点?  第一回合  公诉人问:快播是否具有发布、上传、搜索淫秽视频的功能功能?  王欣:快播不具备传统意义上的上传、搜索、发布功能,它的作用仅仅是给视频编码、编号,发布的功能是由第三方管理员实现的,只有这样才能让外界看到、然后传播,所以快播不具备传播属性。  

h5端呼起摄像头扫描二维码并解析 - 强_子

引子: 最近公司项目有个需求,微博客户端中, h5 的页面上的某个按钮能够与 交互呼起摄像头,扫描二维码并且解析。在非微博客户端中(微信或者是原生浏览器,如:safari)呼起系统的拍照或者上传图片按钮,通过拍照或者上传图片解析二维码。第二种方案需要在前端 js 解析二维码。这样依赖一个第三方的解....

2GB内存优势: iPhone SE vs.iPhone 5s测试

最近几天,相信大家都已经看过不少关于 iPhone SE 的评测文章。威锋网对这款新手机的看法也和很多人一样:这是史上最优秀的 4 英寸 iPhone,同时也是市面上最优秀的 4 英寸智能手机。除了挖角 Android 阵营之外,iPhone SE 目标人群还有那些仍然在坚持使用 iPhone 5s 的用户,它和 iPhone 5s 的主要差别到底体现在哪里呢?  关于 iPhone SE 和 iPhone 5s 之间的性能,苹果早在发布会当天就已经表示前者是后者的两倍,也就是说新手机和 iPhone 6s 和性能不相上下。

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