Peeps-flavored coffee creamer does, in fact, taste like Peeps

Craving a little saccharine yellow fluid in your morning coffee? You will love International Delight's new Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.We tried the Easter treat and can confirm that it tastes like Peeps. If you like the taste of Peeps, you will like this.

Stadia will make YouTube livestreamers a lot more valuable

On Tuesday, Google unveiled its new video game streaming platform, Google Stadia. The tech behemoth stepping into the fairly new cloud gaming ring is certainly a big deal, but the effects it will have on YouTube’s ecosystem may be just as big.With the Stadia announcement,

Aggressive Instagramming is ruining Southern California's super bloom

People trampled California's poppies for the 'gram, and ruined it for the rest of us. Fields of fiery "super bloom" poppies are lighting up the hills of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, a city about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Thanks to uncommonly heavy rains this winter,

Facebook belatedly makes it harder to run some discriminatory ads

Nothing like finally doing the right thing after being sued and browbeaten into it. Sort of. Scandal-plagued Facebook announced March 19 that it would take steps to address one of its many structural flaws. Namely,

More Bad News About Vaping

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A new limited MoviePass offer comes close to the tantalizing original plan

MoviePass isn't done yet!The company continues to try and win over new customers, this time with a new plan that comes close to the monthly unlimited which first got it so much attention. MoviePass Uncapped will offer users more movies than any current plan for the limited-time price of $9.95/month.

It looks like Waymo is about to expand its self-driving taxi service

Waymo One — the self-driving taxi service from Google's autonomous car company — officially launched in December, but it hasn't been available to many people. That could change.In a blog post Tuesday, the company announced a new 85,000-square-foot technical service center in Mesa, Arizona,

Get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited *for free* when you buy select Echo or Fire devices

Trying to choose between Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited is an ongoing internal struggle. (Are we being dramatic? Nope.)Let's make it easy: For a limited time, you can get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free when you buy a select Amazon Echo or Fire device.

Facebook tackles fake news in the UK with a new fact-checking service

Facebook is partnering up with Full Fact, a British charitable organization that focuses on fact-checking, to get rid of fake news in the UK, the company announced Friday.This is a continuation of Facebook's efforts to combat fake news, which the company ramped up after the 2016 election,

CES 2019 had nothing to say about the biggest conversation in tech

While CES sets the tech trends for the year, it rarely sets the tone. The giant-size tech carnival is a great place to see the latest TVs, smart home gadgets, and self-driving vehicle tech, but it's also a bubble. Hype and excitement over mostly incremental upgrades is epidemic at the show,

YouTubers everywhere will love this device

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Boss Noodles Make Eating Lunch in Your Cubicle Nearly Tolerable

Waddaup playa, you tired of this 14-hour-a-day Salary Man drudgery? Well, your ticket to the boardroom has just arrived in an easy-to-open cellophane wrapper. Crunch through those delicious flash-dried noodles, rack up a seasoned fatty,

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分析师预计Apple Watch售价500美元 首年销1000万只

美国投行派杰(Piper Jaffray)认为,苹果智能手表Apple Watch的市场潜力巨大,但它同时亦警告投资者一开始别对这款产品抱太高的期望,因为Apple Watch需要一定的时间才能挖掘出全部的潜力。

Why restaurants are leaving a foul taste in consumers' mouths

While new technologies have transformed a number of sectors, including healthcare, sport and finance, it seems that at least one industry is lagging behind. Read more:




酒店布草潮流风向标 时间:2015年3月30日-4月2日 地点:上海新国际博览中心 E5 馆 第二届"万润杯"酒店客房技能争霸赛 上海2015年3月11日电 /美通社/ -- 在上海旅游行业协会的指导下,上海博华国际展览有限公司携手上海万润酒店用品市场推出以酒店客房服务技能争霸赛及布草产品 PK 的活动模式,展示酒店客房服务的技能及布草的发展趋势,全面提升客房服务及布草的品质,为酒店及布草厂商搭建沟通交流的平台。

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