Miss Windows Phone? How to get the most out of Microsoft Launcher on Android

Ever since Microsoft discontinued its efforts on its Windows 10 Mobile platform, many former users have moved to other platforms, namely iPhone and Android. Because of this, Microsoft has refocused its efforts to these systems, building new apps to bring their ecosystem to those platforms.

Patent news: The next Surface keyboards could have haptic feedback

Microsoft may be planning to incorporate a haptic feedback feature set to possibly compensate for an upcoming reduction in key travel as it looks to optimize surface area.

Windows Server vNext Insider build 18317 and Windows Admin Center Preview 1812 are now available

Microsoft has just announced the release of the preview build 18317 for the Windows Server vNext Semi-Annual channel release, as well as Windows Admin Center Preview 1812.

Latest Deals with Gold / Spotlight Sale has CoD 4, Grand Theft Auto V at big discounts

Microsoft is hosting cutting the prices of more games this week for users who are subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

From Bett: New tools for the visually impaired , Immersive Reader for VR, and Microsoft Teams gets n

Microsoft announced several new education features for Microsoft Teams as well as new programs to empower inclusive learning at the Bett conference this morning.

Microsoft’s new Classroom Pen is designed for K-8 students and optimized for Surface Go

The new Microsoft Classroom Pen has a design similarity with the company’s Surface Pen, but it’s just over 4 inches long with two buttons on the side.

At Bett, Microsoft introduces 7 new Windows 10 devices for Education, starting at $189

Starting at $189, the seven new PCs also include some 2-in-1 devices from Acer and Lenovo.

Lenovo to join the foldable tablet fray according to new patent

Lenovo might also be joining the folding tablet bandragon with a device of their own, and a patent was filed for the device by the company.

Xbox One reportedly gets faster, more intuitive voice commands on Harman Kardon Invoke and Amazon Ec

It seems that Microsoft has quietly upgraded the Xbox voice commands on the Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speaker, as well as Amazon’s Echo speakers with Alexa.

Play the Resident Evil 2 demo right now on Xbox One

The free demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 video game, Resident Evil 2 1-Shot, is now available to download and play on the Xbox One. Unlike most other video game demos, which limit the gameplay content made available to players,

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster gets a release date for Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster has now been confirmed for an April 16th launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. Both games are expected to be bundled together as one title for Xbox One and, as their name implies,


从WhatsApp 190亿美元被购,再看科技之朝生暮死阑夕投稿:Facebook收购WhatsApp,看中的就是WhatsApp的创新模式以及优质团队,是精英与精英之间的惺惺相惜,而腾讯投资大众点评,醉翁之意却在后者积累下来的商户资源。

互联网从业人员跳槽手册 哪些公司不能去?


360将推手机杀毒工具 可伪装定位保护隐私


Microsoft drops $400m with Xbox One, but gaming division revenue up strongly

Microsoft has just released some interesting Q4 figures for its Computing and Gaming Hardware division, though sadly there was no indication of the exact number of Xbox One consoles shifted.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Google's Neural Network Can Now Reply to Gmail Messages For You

If you’ve ever wanted a robot to respond to your emails, you’re in luck. Today, Google is announcing a new feature to its ambitious Inbox app that will enlist the company’s artificial neural network to craft automatic replies to incoming Gmail messages.

HTC称VR技术需3至5年才成熟 短时间不会普及



自从 B 站获得了 17 亿的天价估值之后,投资人们便开始把目光投向这个未被开发的处女地。从掌握更年轻一代的用户资源,直接掌握原创动漫 IP 资源的角度来看,二次元是一个十分需要重视和卡位的领域。 但是投资界发现自己好像并不能看懂这些项目,完全搞不懂为什么要在视频上加上各种各样的弹幕,也不知道什么是 23333。 有投资者认为二次元项目就应该放手交给创业者来做,因为年轻一代的用户群太过于特殊,只有懂他们的人才能做出他们需要的产品。 宅圈中的人真的非常有个性吗?有个性到他们需要各种各样独一无二的产品? 充满爱的二次元?


现在微信运营已经成为企业、商家的标配岗位,不惜花重金来聘请这方面的人才,整个微信市场是越来越好了,但是微信运营 ...


据外媒报道,索尼已表示将下一代4K蓝光播放机的推出时间延后至2017年3月,原因是等待兼容的软件。索尼美国电视业务主管Sunil Nayyar称,在推出4K碟片播放机之前,他们会专注于4K流媒体服务。该声明首次出现在行业出版物《TWICE》上。尽管松下、三星和飞利浦都已在CES 2016上发布了4K超高清蓝光播放器,而索尼却仍然停留在高端1080p播放机。

Zeiss made a really premium Google Cardboard headset

Google Cardboard’s biggest appeal has always been its accessibility. Heck, they send the headsets out with the newspaper. Zeiss is taking things in a different direction with the One Plus (not to be confused with the less spacey OnePlus),

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