Halo and Destiny’s Bungie goes solo again, ending 8 year partnership with Activision

After forming a partnership with Activision, publisher of the Destiny franchise back in 2010, the developer said yesterday that Activision has agreed to let Bungie assume full publishing rights for the Destiny franchise going forward.

Official Outlook website gains brand new themes

Head to Outlook.com to see if any of the new additions fit your personal email and scheduling style.  

Microsoft opens Immersive Reader to 3rd parties, brings Office 365 to Google Education customers in

Microsoft annouced today that it's making its Immersive Reader tool is now available as an Azure Cognitive Service, and the company is also allow G Suite for Education users to sign in to Office 365 for free with their Google accounts.

How to customise your new tab page in Microsoft Edge Insider

Microsoft Edge Insider gives you several options for customising your new tab page. By default, it showcases the Bing photo of the day and provides you with quick news headlines. If this is too much unnecessary information, you can finetune what’s displayed using Edge’s settings.

Windows 10 20H1 build 19822 hides a revamped Cortana app

Microsoft released a new Windows 20H1 preview build yesterday with minor updates for language settings and Feedback Hub, but it looks like a new Cortana beta app is one of the new features that the Windows Insider team has yet to talk about.

Digital pre-orders are now open for NHL 20 on Xbox One with a limited time bonus

The upcoming video game, NHL 20, can now be digitally pre-ordered on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles ahead of its September 13th release date. The game is being released in three version; a Standard Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and an Ultimate Edition.

Xbox is one of the top brands of 2019, Nintendo and PlayStation didn’t even make the list

The 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report was published earlier this month and Microsoft’s Xbox made the list for the first time, coming in at 87.

Disney Magic Kingdoms will stop working on pre-Windows 10 Mobile phones next month

From July 1st, the popular free-to-play mobile game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, will cease to function on all non-Windows 10 Mobile Windows phones. From next month,

Miss Windows Phone? How to get the most out of Microsoft Launcher on Android

Ever since Microsoft discontinued its efforts on its Windows 10 Mobile platform, many former users have moved to other platforms, namely iPhone and Android. Because of this, Microsoft has refocused its efforts to these systems, building new apps to bring their ecosystem to those platforms.

Xbox One reportedly gets faster, more intuitive voice commands on Harman Kardon Invoke and Amazon Ec

It seems that Microsoft has quietly upgraded the Xbox voice commands on the Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speaker, as well as Amazon’s Echo speakers with Alexa.

Play the Resident Evil 2 demo right now on Xbox One

The free demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 video game, Resident Evil 2 1-Shot, is now available to download and play on the Xbox One. Unlike most other video game demos, which limit the gameplay content made available to players,

Lenovo Just Patented Their Own Version Of Google Glass

As we all know, merely patenting something doesn’t mean it will ever land in stores. However, Lenovo has just filed a basic patent for an “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.” The device, which appears on the USPTO website,

Google 从 Play 商店中撤下遭抗议的加沙主题游戏

Google 定期都会对 Play 商店中的内容进行筛查,但那多数是为了去除恶意软件或是诈骗应用。不过在今天,他们却因为一款游戏的主题过于敏感而对其下了逐客令。这款作品的名字是《Bomb...

[图]HTC 8S无缘WP 8.1 GDR1更新 或受限于内置存储

因驱动问题在今早的声明中微软表示“暂停”向HTC 8X/8S两款设备推送WP 8.1 Update 1系统更新,不过在刚刚HTC官方支持论坛的公告中表示HTC 8S的硬件不能满足WP 8.


导读:乞丐也有乞丐的“乞讨经济学”。有时候,从事什么行业并不重要,重要的是怎样让效益最大化。   我拎着刚买的levi's从茂业出来,站在门口等一个朋友。一个职业乞丐发现了我,非常专业的、径直的停在我面前。

如何评价电影《消失的爱人》(失踪罪、Gone Girl)?

自问自答 无剧透昨天刚刚看完,趁热把自己的感想和大家分享一下:)简单说,Gone Girl是今年最精彩的一部电影之一,无论如何你都不应该错过。它保持了大卫芬奇一贯的高水平,而且很可能在明年奥斯卡上赚得盆满钵满。

Do you even need a tablet?

The iPad had its fifth birthday last month. Over the years, the device has evolved quite a bit and has inspired competition from Microsoft (the Surface Pro 3) and Dell (the Venue 7 8000).But as smartphone screens grow in size, the question persists: Is a tablet even necessary?See also:


在昨天发布了财报后,谷歌和微软又开始了争夺市值第二的宝座。市值最高的科技公司苹果依然是全世界最值钱的公司,和谷歌、微软包揽了市值最高科技公司的前三名。 在撰写本文时,谷歌股价上涨 3.56%,目前市值为 3855.

Why 18,000 people signed a petition to boycott the year's biggest LGBT movie

More than 18,000 people have signed the petition to boycott an upcoming movie I have not seen. That film is Stonewall, a fictionalized account of the queer social justice uprising against police harassment at a New York bar in 1969I started the petition because,


继《地心引力》之后科幻题材的灾难电影日益收到影迷的青睐,即将于10月2日在美国上映的《火星救援》在众多热门电影中脱颖而出,故事讲述由马特·达蒙(Matt Damon)主演的马克·沃特尼(Mark Watney)幸运的成为踏上火星的第一人,但由于沙尘暴导致和团队失联,孤身一人在火星上面临飞机损毁、补给不足、环境恶劣的重重磨难,并最终想办法离开该荒原试图重新回到地球。


任天堂之前宣布,将于北京时间 3 月 4 日的早晨 6 点召开直面会。我们会看到新主机 NX 吗?答案是否定的。  任天堂在声明中表示,这一次的直面会以 Wii U 和 3DS 的新作消息更新为主,意味着无论是 NX 还是其手游的细节我们都还无从得知。  该公司已经确认即将正式公布新作《口袋妖怪:太阳》和《口袋妖怪:月亮》(中文官方译名为《精灵宝可梦》),如果不出意外它们将会在此次直面会上和我们见面。  至于玩家们最为关心的次世代主机 NX,更多人还是认为它会在今年 E3 期间公开。  《口袋妖怪》新作当然是最让人期待的,不过已经日薄西山的 Wii U 还会迎来什么呢? 阅读全文

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