Xbox One’s Red Dead Redemption 2 launches its new battle royale mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 released its own version of battle royale yesterday on Xbox One. As noted in a post on the Rockstar Games’ blog, a new Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta update introduced “Gun Rush,” its own version of battle royale, along with a few other bug fixes and performance updates.

Patent news: The next Surface keyboards could have haptic feedback

Microsoft may be planning to incorporate a haptic feedback feature set to possibly compensate for an upcoming reduction in key travel as it looks to optimize surface area.

Windows Server vNext Insider build 18317 and Windows Admin Center Preview 1812 are now available

Microsoft has just announced the release of the preview build 18317 for the Windows Server vNext Semi-Annual channel release, as well as Windows Admin Center Preview 1812.

Latest Deals with Gold / Spotlight Sale has CoD 4, Grand Theft Auto V at big discounts

Microsoft is hosting cutting the prices of more games this week for users who are subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

From Bett: New tools for the visually impaired , Immersive Reader for VR, and Microsoft Teams gets n

Microsoft announced several new education features for Microsoft Teams as well as new programs to empower inclusive learning at the Bett conference this morning.

Microsoft’s new Classroom Pen is designed for K-8 students and optimized for Surface Go

The new Microsoft Classroom Pen has a design similarity with the company’s Surface Pen, but it’s just over 4 inches long with two buttons on the side.

At Bett, Microsoft introduces 7 new Windows 10 devices for Education, starting at $189

Starting at $189, the seven new PCs also include some 2-in-1 devices from Acer and Lenovo.

Lenovo to join the foldable tablet fray according to new patent

Lenovo might also be joining the folding tablet bandragon with a device of their own, and a patent was filed for the device by the company.

Halo and Destiny’s Bungie goes solo again, ending 8 year partnership with Activision

After forming a partnership with Activision, publisher of the Destiny franchise back in 2010, the developer said yesterday that Activision has agreed to let Bungie assume full publishing rights for the Destiny franchise going forward.

Miss Windows Phone? How to get the most out of Microsoft Launcher on Android

Ever since Microsoft discontinued its efforts on its Windows 10 Mobile platform, many former users have moved to other platforms, namely iPhone and Android. Because of this, Microsoft has refocused its efforts to these systems, building new apps to bring their ecosystem to those platforms.

Xbox One reportedly gets faster, more intuitive voice commands on Harman Kardon Invoke and Amazon Ec

It seems that Microsoft has quietly upgraded the Xbox voice commands on the Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speaker, as well as Amazon’s Echo speakers with Alexa.

Simbionix 推出首个 VR 培训模块

克利夫兰2014年6月26日电 /美通社/ -- 子宫切除术是美国最常见的外科手术之一,每年有60多万例。


每天一坐到辦公室裡就呵欠連連嗎?就算睡滿八小時,還是忍不住頻打呵欠嗎?YouTube科普頻道Vsause推翻以往的迷思,發現不單單只是生理層面的原因,心理因素也會造成呵欠不止的現象。 閱讀全文

小巧复古 宾得Q-S1相机更多外观图露出


用智能蓝牙把灯泡、水壶、开关、墨镜都连接起来,Seed Labs开发出智能蓝牙的微芯片

来自于波兰的初创团队Seed Labs获得了100万美元天使投资,他们致力于开发微芯片,使得智能蓝牙可以连接所有家电。相比传统的蓝牙,智能蓝牙不仅耗电更低而且更便宜。

iMac With Retina Display: First Look

Apple's new iMac with Retina 5K display has a resolution of 5120 x 2880. And it's stunning.It's hard to describe that kind of resolution without being able to show it to you. So these photos will give you a first look — but even they might not be able to do it justice.

Strategy Analytics:2014年Q3 Android和iOS全球智能手机市场份额达96%

根据 Strategy Analytics 发布的最新数据,今年第三季度,iOS 和 Android 合并后已经占有全球智能手机96%的份额。iOS 占有的智能手机市场份额为12.3%,而 Android 占有的市场份额为83.6%。


编者注:孤单是一个人的狂欢 狂欢是一群人的孤单,买买买,剁手也要买! 某天猫店主:“一年忙到头,最重要的就这么 […]

在App Store脱颖而出的九大窍门

阿拓带你飞:做事有学问,做产品有诀窍。要想在苹果app store排行榜前列,需要一些技巧,根本的你的应用要够 […]



Lending Club 如何修炼成为全球最大P2P平台

Lending Club 是全球最大的撮合借款人和投资人的线上金融平台,它利用互联网模式建立了一种比传统银行系统更有效率的、能够在借款人和投资人之间自由配置资本的机制。

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