Mixer Go UWP app gets a major update and rebrands as Mixplay for Mixer

The Mixer third-party client has been completely rebuilt, bringing support for Mixer’s Faster than Light (FTL) protocol delivering sub-second latency, as well as many other new features.

Redesigned Outlook icon starts rolling out on Android devices

Microsoft's Outlook app on Android is now getting the same redesigned icon that first appeared on iOS devices earlier this week.

Windows 10 build 18362 ships to Slow Ring Insiders, Creative X-Fi bug looks to be fixed as 19H1 near

The preview build 18362 is now available on the Slow Ring, just two days after it first shipped to Fast Ring Insiders.

ID@Xbox set to launch Game Pass show with new game announcements

The ID@Xbox has just announced the upcoming launch of a new live show that will highlight new indie games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft plans two new data centers in Sweden

Microsoft is reportedly building two new datacenters in Sweden near the Swedish capital Stockholm.

How to stop programs running at startup in Windows 10

Windows programs can be registered to run automatically at startup. In the case of apps you register yourself, you’ll usually see them appear a few seconds after you login. However,

Windows 10 Surface app now tells users when their warranty ends

A new update rolled out that will now inform the time left on their devices two-year warranty.

Microsoft explained how Project xCloud will work on phones at GDC

With custom touch controls for each game, touch enabled menus and latency measurement tools to optimize the experience for mobile players,

Xbox One’s Red Dead Redemption 2 launches its new battle royale mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 released its own version of battle royale yesterday on Xbox One. As noted in a post on the Rockstar Games’ blog, a new Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta update introduced “Gun Rush,” its own version of battle royale, along with a few other bug fixes and performance updates.

Halo and Destiny’s Bungie goes solo again, ending 8 year partnership with Activision

After forming a partnership with Activision, publisher of the Destiny franchise back in 2010, the developer said yesterday that Activision has agreed to let Bungie assume full publishing rights for the Destiny franchise going forward.

Miss Windows Phone? How to get the most out of Microsoft Launcher on Android

Ever since Microsoft discontinued its efforts on its Windows 10 Mobile platform, many former users have moved to other platforms, namely iPhone and Android. Because of this, Microsoft has refocused its efforts to these systems, building new apps to bring their ecosystem to those platforms.



$57,000 Payout For Woman Charged With Wiretapping After Filming Cops

mpicpp sends this news from Ars: 'A local New Hampshire police department agreed Thursday to pay a woman who was arrested and charged with wiretapping $57,000 to settle her civil rights lawsuit.

The Fallen Mt. Gox Bitcoin King Faces Jail Time in France

After making a bloody mess of Mt. Gox, the first and biggest name in Bitcoin trading, no one is expecting CEO Mark Karpeles to redeem himself and refund their missing cyber-money. A new report of Karpeles' criminal past won't help.Read more...


天下无不散之筵席,过去两年间准确曝出大量科技猛料的推特账号evleaks,在推特上留下短短两句话:“一切美好终 […]

Winform也借MVC的TryUpdateModel一用~ - 翼帆

我们在使用MVC的时候,给model赋值只需要 TryUpdateModel(model) 就搞定了,而在webForm,winForm中,我们要写长长的 xx.xx = Convert.Toint( xxx.text) ...如果一个model有30个属性,就要写30行,看着都累!看着MVC的Tr...


作为DC漫画旗下的超级英雄之一神器女侠(Wonder Woman)拥有着非常高的人气,近日乐高宣布以此为原型的乐高套装将于明年上半年推出,其中包括知名的座驾--隐形飞机。



Tutanota, An Open Source Encrypted Gmail Alternative, Heads Out Of Beta

Germany based encrypted email startup, Tutanota, is taking its service out a beta next week — after a year of testing and almost 100,000 users signed up to send and receive secure email. Additional domains will also be offered in the new release, coming on Tuesday, including .com and .



一个 app 还是一群 app?这是一个新问题

尽管坐拥着超过 3 亿的海量用户,Instagram 至今仍然是个极简的社交网络工具,它聚焦于摄影分享,即便是在围绕核心的周边功能添加上也是极度节制,打开这个 app,用户只需要做三件事:拍照、加滤镜、上传。

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