Delightful 'Sonic the Hedgehog' speedrun is the perfect distillation of what makes speedrunning grea

At a hotel in Maryland, about 15 miles outside of Washington D.C.,hundreds of gamers gather to play (and watch people play) over a hundred games as quickly as they can, back-to-back, at all hours of the day and night, for a week straight.This is Awesome Games Done Quick,

Stadia will make YouTube livestreamers a lot more valuable

On Tuesday, Google unveiled its new video game streaming platform, Google Stadia. The tech behemoth stepping into the fairly new cloud gaming ring is certainly a big deal, but the effects it will have on YouTube’s ecosystem may be just as big.With the Stadia announcement,

Aggressive Instagramming is ruining Southern California's super bloom

People trampled California's poppies for the 'gram, and ruined it for the rest of us. Fields of fiery "super bloom" poppies are lighting up the hills of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, a city about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Thanks to uncommonly heavy rains this winter,

Facebook belatedly makes it harder to run some discriminatory ads

Nothing like finally doing the right thing after being sued and browbeaten into it. Sort of. Scandal-plagued Facebook announced March 19 that it would take steps to address one of its many structural flaws. Namely,

More Bad News About Vaping

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A new limited MoviePass offer comes close to the tantalizing original plan

MoviePass isn't done yet!The company continues to try and win over new customers, this time with a new plan that comes close to the monthly unlimited which first got it so much attention. MoviePass Uncapped will offer users more movies than any current plan for the limited-time price of $9.95/month.

It looks like Waymo is about to expand its self-driving taxi service

Waymo One — the self-driving taxi service from Google's autonomous car company — officially launched in December, but it hasn't been available to many people. That could change.In a blog post Tuesday, the company announced a new 85,000-square-foot technical service center in Mesa, Arizona,

Get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited *for free* when you buy select Echo or Fire devices

Trying to choose between Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited is an ongoing internal struggle. (Are we being dramatic? Nope.)Let's make it easy: For a limited time, you can get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free when you buy a select Amazon Echo or Fire device.

Costco is now selling a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese

You can never have too much mac and cheese, right? Or, I don't know, maybe you can now, thanks to Costco.Costco, the warehouse store fondly adored for its free samples and delicious food court options, now sells a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese. Lotta mac. Lotta cheese. Lotta money.

A $7,000 Smart Toilet with Alexa? Yes Please.

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Save $50 on the new Samsung Galaxy Watches at Best Buy

Situations where it pays to be a Samsung person: Waiting for new releases to go on sale.While Apple devotees probably won't see a sale on the Apple Watch Series 4 for months,

Microsoft is ready to bring 4G devices to India

Microsoft is ready to bring 4G devices to India. The LTE landscape has improved a lot in the country in the last few months and the devices and services giant has said that once the operators are ready, it will offer the technology.

金属壳2K屏Galaxy S5将于6月19日发布?

去年三星曾经发布 Galaxy S4 Advance,支持韩国最快 LTE-A 网络。今年,三星也将推出 Galaxy S5 Advance,它除了将支持韩国 LTE-A 超高速网络(下行速度达到225Mbps)之外,处理器、GPU 和屏幕也将进行升级。  

Systems of engagement are the future, and they could kill your company if you don't keep up

We spoke to Pete Abrams of AppDynamics, about why the old models of network management are dying out, and why your company could be left behind if it doesn't catch up.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

.NET应用程序与数据库交互的若干问题 - yangecnu




第三波假期干货——webstrom工具栏图标 - vajoy


苹果手机不能减免税 不论售价多少进境都缴税

上海海关昨天表示,9月19日至10月8日,上海浦东国际机场海关共查获旅客超量携带iPhone 6及iPhone 6 plus手机955台,其中涉嫌违规走私立案6起共691台,其余264台征税放行,涉案旅客分别来自中国香港,以及加拿大、俄罗斯、日本等地。

Windows 10终于免费 真因为苹果Mac OS X?

威锋网 1 月 22 日消息 今天凌晨,以卖 Windows 授权发家致富的微软宣布了一个震惊世界的消息,Windows 10 正式发布一年之内,Windows 7、Windows 8.1 以及 Windows 8.1 用户都将免费获得 Windows 10 升级。  



Spotify tripled its losses in two years. Is music streaming over?

Jay-Z, consider yourself warned: It turns out it's pretty hard to make a profit on music streaming for $10 a month. Money is streaming out the door of Spotify.The streaming music startup lost $197 million in 2014, a drastic increase over the year beforeSpotify is bringing in a lot of money — $1.

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