Some US government websites won’t load after HTTPS certificates expire during shutdown

In a government shutdown, everything deemed non-essential stops. As we found out, renewing the certificates on its websites is considered non-essential. Several government sites are currently inaccessible or blocked by most browsers after their HTTPS certificate expired.

SpaceX’s astronaut launch marks the dawn of the commercial human spaceflight industry

SpaceX on Saturday launched two NASA astronauts aboard its Crew Dragon spacecraft, and the accomplishment is a tremendous one for both the company and the U.S. space agency. At a fundamental level, it means that the U.S. will have continued access to the International Space Station,

NASA astronauts successfully pilot SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft manually for the first time

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley took over manual control of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on Saturday, shortly after the vehicle’s historic first launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Crew Dragon is designed to fly entirely autonomous throughout the full duration of its missions,

Director Ani Acopian breaks down her drone-shot video, ’A World Artists Love’

“A drone is a camera,” Ani Acopian begins simply. “And it can fly. It’s basically a flying super-camera! I’d love to see more film and TV productions embrace the nimble and magical nature of drones and use them for more than bird’s eye view establishing shots.

SpaceX makes history with successful first human space launch

SpaceX made history today, flying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to space aboard its Crew Dragon spacecraft using a Falcon 9 rocket. The launch, titled ‘Demo-2’, is for the final demonstration mission in the human rating process of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and Falcon 9,

Startups Weekly: Remote-first work will mean ‘globally fair compensation’

Most tech companies base compensation on an employee's local cost of living, in addition to their skills and responsibilities. But expect that to change.

Huawei’s terrible week

When news broke Friday morning that Britain is looking to propose an alliance of democracies to build a 5G alternative to Huawei, you might think that that was the worst thing to happen to the controversial Chinese telecoms giant this week. In fact,

Original Content podcast: ‘The Lovebirds’ has charming leads and not much else

“The Lovebirds” was originally slated for a theatrical release, but with movie theaters closed, Paramount decided to release the film through Netflix instead. But even without a global pandemic, a Netflix release was probably the right call.

Xiaomi’s five-year plan is a $1.5 billion bet on smart homes

Xiaomi, the Chinese company best known for budget phones, is betting big on a future of connected homes. It plans to plough at least 100 billion yuan, or $1.48 billion, into the so-called “AIoT” sector over the next five years, founder and chief operating office Lei Jun announced on Friday. AIoT,

Another server security lapse at NASA exposed staff and project data

Two months ago, NASA quietly fixed a buggy internal server that was leaking sensitive information about the agency’s staff and their work. The leaking server was — ironically — a bug reporting server, running the popular Jira bug triaging and tracking software. In NASA’s case,

Epic Games receives an “F” from the Better Business Bureau

The Fortnite community may be polite, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting the customer service they deserve. The Better Business Bureau gave Fortnite maker Epic Games an “F”, the lowest possible grade. The Better Business Bureau,

BBM Beta 也加入了发送图标功能

分类: 智能手机现时 Line 和 Facebook Messenger 等热门实时通讯软件都可以发送图标,以一个比发送图释更感情丰富的方式去表达所思所想,而 BlackBerry 终于学懂这本秘籍,在 BBM Beta 上推出发送图标功能了。


为自己找到第二个合适角色,可不是件容易的事情,尤其是身家已超200亿美元,把一生中最最好的34年时光奉献给微软 […]

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三星首款Tizen手机Samsung Z再次推迟上市

北京时间7月11日晚间消息,三星今日宣布,其首款Tizen智能手机Samsung Z的上市日期再次被推迟。  三星6月初发布了全球首款Tizen智能手机Samsung Z。该款手机采用基于Linux的Tizen操作系统,配备了4.8英寸Super AMOLED屏幕,2.





Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

You know what? It's Friday! Thank goodness! Let's all make like Diddy and Bjork and talk about anything and everything in this here Kinja, right here, right now. Read more...

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Massive Parrot Disco will make you a real drone pilot

At CES 2016 Mashable's Lance Ulanoff got to check out Parrot's Disco Drone, which will fly longer than any of Parrot's previous consumer drones, going almost 45 minutes on a a charge. It will also double the speed of Parrot's fastest drone, cruising along at up to almost 50 m.p.

Seateroo lets you sell that window seat for cold, hard cash

Airlines have made bank on extra fees, charging for everything from checked baggage to seat assignments. Travelers, so far, have only been on the purchasing side of these transactions.But now there's Seateroo,

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