Tor pulls in record donations as it lessens reliance on US government grants

Tor, the open source initiative which provides a more secure way to access the internet, is continuing to diversify its funding away from its long-standing reliance on U.S. government grants.

Launching from YC, Eclipse Foods casts a long shadow over the $336 billion dairy industry

Eclipse Foods may be the company that finally takes milk out of the dairy business. Ever since the acquisition of WhiteWave Foods by the French dairy giant Danone for over $10 billion investors have been thirsting for a technology that would give consumers a better tasting,

Waymo is gearing up to put a lot more self-driving cars on the road

Waymo is opening another technical service center in the Phoenix area, an expansion that will allow the autonomous vehicle technology startup to double its capacity in the area as it prepares to grow its commercial fleet. The new 85,

Media fragmentation is annoying consumers

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications division published its 13th-annual Digital Media Trends survey, focused on identifying changes in the ways US consumers engage with various types of media. Led by an independent research firm, the survey had roughly 2,

Netflix is experimenting with different episode orders for ‘Love, Death & Robots’

You probably know that Netflix is big on data and personalization — it tailors the shows and movies recommended to each user, and even tests out different images to promote those titles. Now it’s extending that approach to the episode order of a new show, the animated science fiction series “Love,

Salesforce finally embedding Quip into platform, starting with Sales and Service Cloud

When Salesforce bought Quip in 2016 for $750 million, it was fair to wonder what it planned to do with it. While company founder Bret Taylor has moved up the ladder to Chief Product Officer, Quip remained a stand-alone product.

The 9 biggest questions about Google’s Stadia game streaming service

Google's Stadia is an impressive piece of engineering to be sure: Delivering high definition, high framerate, low latency video to devices like tablets and phones is an accomplishment in itself.

Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen steps down

Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen issued an open letter on the site’s blog today, noting that he will be stepping down from his role. The executive served as one of three cofounders for the service, launching the site in 2009, with Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler.

Some US government websites won’t load after HTTPS certificates expire during shutdown

In a government shutdown, everything deemed non-essential stops. As we found out, renewing the certificates on its websites is considered non-essential. Several government sites are currently inaccessible or blocked by most browsers after their HTTPS certificate expired.

Xiaomi’s five-year plan is a $1.5 billion bet on smart homes

Xiaomi, the Chinese company best known for budget phones, is betting big on a future of connected homes. It plans to plough at least 100 billion yuan, or $1.48 billion, into the so-called “AIoT” sector over the next five years, founder and chief operating office Lei Jun announced on Friday. AIoT,

Another server security lapse at NASA exposed staff and project data

Two months ago, NASA quietly fixed a buggy internal server that was leaking sensitive information about the agency’s staff and their work. The leaking server was — ironically — a bug reporting server, running the popular Jira bug triaging and tracking software. In NASA’s case,

HTC 將於 8 月 19 在北美發表新機,疑似搭載 Windows Phone 的 One (M8)

圖片來源: PC Magazine閱讀全文

Apple to begin production of 12.9in supersized iPad in Q1 2015

The iPhone isn’t the only device set to be magnified by Apple, with the long-rumoured 12.9in-sized iPad possibly looking at a spring 2015 launch.Read more:

Platforms Triumphed While Content Wasn’t Even Looking

Editor’s note: David Baszucki is CEO of ROBLOX Microsoft is buying Mojang (makers of Minecraft) for 2.5 billion dollars. That’s really impressive when you consider that Mojang has been around for only a few years.

赶紧升级: 内部人士称iOS 8.1.1于本周发布

感谢盘古工具的发布,让我们比之前更快越狱最新款的 iPhone。Cydia 之父几天前宣布目前越狱工具已经足够稳定之后,相信社区里已经有大多数人完成了越狱。

阿里回应工商总局批评 承认存在很多实际困难



为宣传 Apple Watch,苹果在伦敦塞尔福里奇、巴黎老佛爷、日本伊势丹这三家奢侈百货商场都设置了柜台并且配置 Apple Store 员工。今天开启 Apple Watch 试戴和预购体验。


今天人们排队数个小时购买智能手机,因为手机体现了最新的高科技。但是在Oculus公司创始人Palmer Luckey的眼中,数年后手机会看起来像一个历史中的产品,人们会用虚拟现实设备代替它。



报道称三星为CES 2016准备了相机方面的大新闻

一年一度的消费电子展即将于2016年1月6日开幕,而厂商们的各种传闻也早已满天飞。在一份“重大声明”中,三星表示为CES 2016准备了相机业务方面的“大新闻”。不过截止目前, 我们知道的仍非常模糊。

文章: 使用试验和数据创新并构建客户真正使用的产品

Jan Bosch是查尔姆斯理工大学的软件工程系教授和软件中心主管。InfoQ就如下内容对其进行了采访:企业能够从提高交付速度中得到的好处,导入敏捷和 DevOps后,组织的下一步措施,使用试验进行创新,用于试验的实践和组织如何更具创新性。 By Ben Linders Translated by 陆志伟

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