'Jeopardy' contestant hilariously botched a question about Beyoncé and Jay-Z

If you want to be the Queen of Jeopardy, we suggest you brush up on your knowledge of Queen Bey first.On Thursday night's episode, a Jeopardy contestant named Jessica proved she was not so well versed on the every move of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Apple wants you to send your best iPhone photos in return for, cough, exposure

Apple wants your best iPhone shots, but it won't pay you if it ends up using them. On Tuesday, the company announced a photo contest that asks iPhone users to "submit their best shots." "The winning photos will be featured on billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores and online,

This birthday cake based on a Pikachu meme is going super viral

If you're going to make a birthday cake for your partner — even if said partner doesn't want anything for their birthday — then you might as well get some internet points for it.And if there's one surefire way to get internet points, it's with some variation of the surprised Pikachu meme.SEE ALSO:

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Dyson heaters, Silentnight duvets, Instant Pot cookers, and more

The temperature has dropped, in case you hadn't noticed. The cloud of breath forming in front of your face, the aching fingers, and the crowded public transport are all excellent signs that it's cold outside.Sometimes the cold creeps inside, and however many layers you've squeezed into,

The quest to binge-read 'Lord of the Rings' in one day

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge media, and what it does to us.Tolkien is in. Again.John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, war veteran and Oxford medieval language professor who died more than 45 years ago,

Kit Harington shares how he'll be watching the final 'Game of Thrones' episode

When the final episode of Game of Thrones airs, it's likely people will be sitting on the edge of their seats, with tears streaming down their face, and a growing sense of emptiness inside from knowing that this beloved show is over forever. But, if you're an actual Game of Thrones cast member,

How to handle tense protest moments in wake of MAGA teen confrontation

The anti-abortion March for Life and the Indigenous Peoples March both took place on January 18, but all anyone remembers from either is a confrontation between a white, male teen and a Native American elder — and the viral videos that resulted. Footage shows a group of predominately white,

Stephen Curry reveals the reason behind his dunk fail, proves he's human too

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Stephen Curry is, in fact, human. He makes mistakes just like the rest of us.On Monday night's episode of The Late Late Show, the Warriors' star shooter was asked to explain his infamous slip from Monday night's game against the Los Angele Lakers.

Dash buttons ruled illegal in Amazon's second largest market

Amazon's Dash buttons are perhaps the company's most overt effort to make you forget that buying something actually means handing over your hard-earned money. Now, someone is finally calling BS.A German court has ruled that the Dash buttons violate consumer protection laws, Reuters reports. 

Google Chrome to start blocking intrusive ads worldwide

Google Chrome's built-in ad blocker is going global this summer.Starting on July 9, "Chrome will expand its user protections and stop showing all ads on sites in any country that repeatedly display[s] … disruptive ads," Chrome Senior Director of Product Ben Galbraith wrote in a Wednesday blog post.

Netflix faces lawsuit over 'Black Mirror' and 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is on the receiving end of a lawsuit from the owners of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.Chooseco, LLC trademarked "Choose Your Own Adventure" in the 1980s and has sold hundreds of millions of books using the branding ever since. According to The Hollywood Reporter,

HP and Foxconn hook up for new cloud-optimised server range

Both companies are partnering up in a joint venture to bring low cost cloud-optimised servers to major online service providers.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/30/hp-and-foxconn-hook-up-for-new-cloud-optimised-server-range/


在移动广告行业盈利模式逐渐清晰前,阿里还拥有足够的时间和资金去抢市场,占地盘。不过,在移动电商和移动支付领域健 […]


再过一个礼拜,Google I/O开发者大会就要开始了。苹果今年在WWDC上推出了OS X Yosemite和iOS 8,Google I/O预计同样会推出重磅软件产品,系统UI经过重新设计的Android 5.

Skift:2014年全球航空IT趋势调查报告 通过手机值机旅客仅4.6%


c++ operator操作符的两种用法:重载和隐式类型转换,string转其他基本数据类型的简洁实现string_cast - zero_learner





现在距离 2014 年的黑色星期五还有 10 天的时间,而苹果已经对其官方在线商店的主页进行了重新设计。

来看看 Nokia 在 Slush 2014 的 N1 平板发佈会录影吧

Nokia 在今个星期的 Slush 2014 活动上,惊喜地宣佈推出他们首款 Android 平板 N1,同时代表他们在将本来的硬体部门出售给 Microsoft 之后「復辟」。现在 Nokia...

Remixing the Serial Theme with Notorious B.I.G. Is Surprisingly Perfect

Did you listen to the Serial finale yet? Good for you, now please don't tell me what happens. Instead, you should listen to this Notorious B.I.G. remix featuring the Serial theme . Fafu, the New York-based producer behind this little work of genius,



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