Amazon launches DocumentDB in blow to open-source world

Its service is compatible with MongoDB.

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple

Security giant says Apple is abusing its position within the App Store.

Microsoft Teams passes 500,000 organisations, promises new features

Microsoft Teams celebrates its second birthday.

World's largest aluminium producer hit by major cyberattack

Norks Hydro is still recovering following ransomware attack.

Half of EU businesses attacked in last two years

Attack surfaces are growing thanks to new IoT gadgets, BYOD movement and a general lack of vigilance.

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment strategy

To avoid overlooking the right resources during the transformation journey, a phased approach should be implemented.

Google will offer Android users a free choice of browser and search engine

The company wants to avoid another hefty EU fine.

How Artificial Intelligence will transform modern workplace

Irrespective of the workplace, AI offers the Midas’s touch for every type of workplace.

PC sales struggle yet again

Hardware shortage, as well as the US - China trade war, may be the underlying causes.

Savvy consumers add to squeeze on embattled retailers

Despite the continuing political and economic uncertainty adding to retailers’ woes, there are opportunities to be had this festive season.

Next Windows 10 update reserves space on your hard drive

It wants to make sure critical features always have enough space.

法网友Facebook急寻失踪男孩 后证实消息为编造

在这个时代,人们会创造各式各样虚假的网上形象。最近,法国网民们焦急寻找的失踪男孩,被证实其实是个只存在于 Facebook 主页的虚假形象。

TimesCity and National Train Enquiry System arrive in Windows Phone Store

Two new apps from India made their way to the Windows Phone Store this past week. First we have, TimesCity, a local recommendation service, the second one is an app for railway enquiry, NTES. Let’s take a look at both of them.


导读: 最近太多人和黑豆说和“针眼捅破天”的粉丝经济相关的事情了。黑豆忍不住得说说粉丝经济怎么玩?其实玩法很简单,你得先有粉丝,然后粉丝经济的事情让别人替你去想。     

Watch A Sinkhole Open Before Your Eyes

Real talk: Sometimes the streets in Russia try to eat cars. It happens. Read more...

Ocean Study Shows the Planet's Heating Faster Than We Thought

New climate model and satellite data suggests that ocean warming from 1970 to 2004 in the upper levels of Southern Hemisphere oceans has been massively underestimated. The findings are reported in two new studies in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Threema for Windows Phone messaging app arrives, takes data protection to the next level


再购买20架SSJ-100飞机 莫斯科2015年1月16日电 /美通社/ -- 俄罗斯航空公司(JSC Aeroflot, Moscow Exchange ticker: AFLT)和苏霍伊民用飞机公司(JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft,

Cortana 终于以公测之名登陆 Android 了,但不是所有人都能下载

跟随着上月的曝光,微软的虚拟助手 Cortana 也终于登陆 Android 平台了,并以公众 beta 的名义在 Google Play(所以她说错了也不能责怪?)。

Sony 設計師告訴你 : 為甚麼 Xperia Z5 系列沒有紫色

一眾 Sony 的 Xperia Fans 都可能會問,為何新的 Z5 系列沒有紫色。今日 unwire 的天恩就到日本東京的 Sony City 請來兩位 Sony 的藝術設計總監 – Rikkle Gertsen Constein 小姐及保田裕己先生為 unwire 的讀者解答這個問題。  

记一道笔试题 - little软件员

题目 4=1 + 1 + 1 + 1 =1 + 1 + 2 =1 + 3 =2 + 2 比如数字 4 可以被拆解成为如上的四种情况。那么现在给你一个vector> 把所有的结果全部的保存到这个vector>中。函数的函数体,应该是这个样子的: vector>&fun(intn){//函数...

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