200m jobseekers have details exposed in major data breach

An open MongoDB database was easily exploited to leak CV details.

What is steering the ship when it comes to IT trends for financial services providers – AI, Captain!

AI could be the difference when it comes to supercharging your processes.

UK businesses losing money and customers due to inaccurate data

For most organisations, the biggest issue seems to be the way data is structured.

US looking at making 5G gear outside of China

The next move in the China - US trade war.

Making the intelligent decision

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer just a nice-to-have – it has become a critical factor in ensuring that enterprises are truly customer-centric, competitive and digitally transformed.

How to survive in competitive online food delivery business?

There are a number of measures that must be taken care of before stepping into the competing business market.

UK digital workforce far bigger than previously thought

New methods bring new results.

Data visualization 101 - Five easy plots to get to know your data

Below you will find my personal top five preferred charts to visualize data.

Amazon launches DocumentDB in blow to open-source world

Its service is compatible with MongoDB.

PC sales struggle yet again

Hardware shortage, as well as the US - China trade war, may be the underlying causes.

Savvy consumers add to squeeze on embattled retailers

Despite the continuing political and economic uncertainty adding to retailers’ woes, there are opportunities to be had this festive season.

Become a Linux Kernel Hacker and Write Your Own Module

M-Saunders (706738) writes "It might sound daunting, but kernel hacking isn't a mysterious black art reserved for the geekiest of programmers. With a bit of background knowledge, anyone with a grounding in C can implement a new kernel module and understand how the kernel works internally.

苹果已为扁平化界面设计申请 3 个商标专利

威锋网讯,为了保护 iPhone 最新的硬件和主页设计,苹果近日向美国专利和商标局提交了 3 个新的商标申请。苹果的更新设计专利现在似乎覆盖了 iPhone 更大的 Home 键设计专利,具体表现就是 Touch ID 的功能。

A Look Back At Yahoo’s Flickr Acquisition For Lessons Today

When Yahoo made an offer to buy photo-sharing startup Flickr in early 2005, Stewart Butterfield and his team had a tough decision to make. There were many reasons for Flickr, founded by Butterfield and Caterina Fake, to sell, but also many to hold on and go for a larger exit.



蝙蝠战车作见证 《蝙蝠侠》主旋律神串烧

Youtube 上的音乐达人 The Piano Guys 二人组不久前一曲新作直接 Hold 住全场:在三代蝙蝠战车前演奏《蝙蝠侠》主题曲串烧!  

Audi breaks world speed record for a self-driving car

The German car manufacturer claims that its RS7 vehicle reached speeds of 149mph, taking just over two minutes to complete a lap of the German Grand Prix racetrack.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/21/audi-breaks-world-speed-record-self-driving-car/






2014年11月金立游戏大厅数据报告——信息图 您可能也喜欢的文章: 金立游戏大厅:2014年8月Android游戏报告——信息图 百度:2014年11月移动游戏平台数据报告——信息图 PP助手:2014年11月Android游戏报告——信息图

輕鬆港島親子遊 ‧ unwire 精選周末好去處

不知道上星期推介的尖沙咀遊好玩嗎? 今次小編就推介一下港島區的 3個活動,讓小朋友感覺一下不同的藝術文化。The post 輕鬆港島親子遊 ‧ unwire 精選周末好去處 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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