Huawei employee arrested in Poland over spying charges

Two people were arrested, including a Polish national working at Orange Polska.

Google hit with £44m fine over advertising practices.

UPDATE: Search giant fined by French data regulator CNIL.

Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI

If your business doesn't use AI, you're probably doing something wrong.

Canadian network says Huawei is "reliable" partner

Telus says Huawei offers "comprehensive security measures".

Following the fortunes of our future - 15 technology predictions for 2019

Our team has compiled some of the most likely trends they think have the potential to disrupt the tech industry in the next 12 months.

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase

KPMG research finds slowest growth rate since 2015.

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference

The world of web development experiences demand constant transformation every year, whether it is related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs.

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months

Browser-based attacks were primary method from spreading malicious programs in the country.

200m jobseekers have details exposed in major data breach

An open MongoDB database was easily exploited to leak CV details.

Amazon launches DocumentDB in blow to open-source world

Its service is compatible with MongoDB.

PC sales struggle yet again

Hardware shortage, as well as the US - China trade war, may be the underlying causes.


那些正在创造行业新秩序的创新者们在想什么?中国最大的创新者社区极客公园,日前公布了其 2014 年「奇点 • 极客公园创新者峰会」的日程。

美14岁女孩开玩笑称来自“基地组织” 被警方带走



据腾讯科技报道,被誉为“互联网女皇”的玛丽·米克尔(Mary Meeker)在5月28日召开的Code Conference大会上,公布了2014年的年度互联网趋势报告。

Taser Adds Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor To Its Board

Taser, the public safety company probably best known for its eponymous electric stun-guns used by law enforcement people to immobilise suspects, 

苹果和蓝色巨人 给了企业移动市场一颗“糖”

“IBM MobileFirst for iOS.”上周二,苹果宣布将与 IBM 合作,打造企业版的 iOS 。




上周五的闪投初选会有五个项目正在参加今天的天使汇 Speed Dating 闪投,一次面向五十位天使投资人展示项目,根据惯例,平均每个项目将收到8位投资人意向。有意愿参加下期闪投的创业者,请报名本周五的闪投初选会吧。

7/1 unwire 今日科技情報

7/1 unwire 今日科技情報 -------------------- CES2015 有廠商發表 32 …The post 7/1 unwire 今日科技情報 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

麦考林财报:2014年Q4麦考林净利润180万美元 同比扭亏


Anki 公司将在 9 月 20 日发售第二代智能玩具轨道赛车

不妨将 Anki Overdrive 看作是智能手机时代的玩具轨道赛车。在升级之后,加上游戏成就和功能特性,Anki Overdrive 就是智能手机和实体玩具的完美结合。这套系统在两年前推出,自推出以来该公司一直在稳步提升该系统。

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