This waste-to-energy plant doubles as a ski slope

Copenhagen’s waste-to-energy power plant lets you ski on its roof, while it converts 400,000 tons of trash into electricity and heating. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhill hosts one of the world's largest artificial ski slopes.

This Waste Incineration Power Plant Glows Like It's On Fire

Power plants that burn garbage for energy are not places where you expect to find beauty. Usually utilitarian in design, they're often relegated to the middle of some industrial wasteland. But Denmark, a leader in incinerating waste for energy, has taken the opposite tack, commissioning big,

This fake Mueller report is the ultimate troll

We got got. Special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to the Attorney General on Friday afternoon. The investigation looks into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, but despite calls for transparency from politicians, Americans, and emboldened mothers on social media,

How to help survivors of Cyclone Idai

Tropical Cyclone Idai struck the African countries of Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique a week ago, but humanitarian workers are only now grasping the scale of the storm's destruction. Hundreds are dead, and experts believe that number will rise sharply in the coming days.

Huawei CFO was carrying an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air when she was arrested

It's bad enough Huawei Chief Financial Official Wanzhou Meng, who was arrested last December in Vancouver on charges ranging from fraud to money laundering, faces decades of jail time.But now, a report from Bloomberg has revealed  Meng might be a big fan of Apple products. SEE ALSO:

Mueller report sends a shocked internet into a hilarious frenzy

It's finally Mueller Time and no one knows what the fuck is happening. Special counsel Robert Mueller finally delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.

Pinterest throws subtle shade at Facebook in IPO filing

Pinterest is not happy with Facebook. The forgotten middle child of the social media family filed for an IPO on March 22, and in doing so the San Francisco-based company made a very public argument that its future is bright. That is, if Facebook doesn't screw things up for it first. 

'Supernatural' will end after 15 seasons

The CW is saying goodbye to Supernatural. The beloved drama will wrap up with its already ordered 15th season in 2020. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins broke the news in a video message right after they told their crew. They said they wanted fans to hear directly from them. 

Meme asks what if Robert Mueller is just procrastinating?

As we all anxiously await the Mueller report, a curious theory has emerged: What if Robert Mueller, special counsel of the Russia investigation and former director of the FBI, is just procrastinating?

'Bird Box' challenge to blame for car wreck in Utah, police say

Despite warnings from Netflix and just general common sense, it looks like people are still participating in that stupid Bird Box Challenge. Now, it has reportedly caused a car crash. On Friday morning, the Layton Police Department of Layton,

A sex toy for women won and then was stripped of a CES 2019 award

Startup Lora DiCarlo is raising awareness for gender bias at CES after their sex toy was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards honoree, only to be disqualified because the product was seen as "immoral." But now officials say it never qualified for the award in the first place. Read more...

'Jeopardy' contestant hilariously botched a question about Beyoncé and Jay-Z

If you want to be the Queen of Jeopardy, we suggest you brush up on your knowledge of Queen Bey first.On Thursday night's episode, a Jeopardy contestant named Jessica proved she was not so well versed on the every move of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

[图]结构简单做工扎实易维修 Nokia X拆解


已确认:苹果手表带 App Store 可运行第三方应用

根据 9to5Mac 援引消息源透露的情况,一小部分知名的社交网络公司在「最近」已经得到了苹果预先发布的该设备 SDK。Gurman 认为苹果希望能够在周二的发布会上展示一些第三方手表应用,但这些应用的开发进展目前尚未可知。


昨天,微软在旧金山开了一场讨论“云的未来”的相关主题会议,并称“云”将会是公司将来劲之所向,并在会上提到了牵动 […]

Robotic Submarine Finds Antarctic Ice Is Thicker than We Thought

The size and thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet acts as a barometer for global health but figuring out exactly how much frozen water is sitting atop the southern pole is difficult.

Magic Johnson: 'I'm happy' to see NBA stars join Eric Garner protests

LeBron James, Derrick Rose and the other NBA stars who recently donned T-shirts reading "I can't breathe" in memory of Eric Garner have at least one high-profile supporterHis name is Magic Johnson, and he played a little ball back in his daySee also: LeBron James can't breathe:

Elaborate stunt proves all Christmas carolers should have a 20-piece band

In one of Improv Everywhere's most elaborate stunts yet, a family in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey opens their door to a caroling quartet. Then, a 20-piece brass band piles out of a moving truck behind them.But why stop there?

Mark Zuckerberg's 2015 resolutions, as suggested by Facebook users

Every year, Mark Zuckerberg gives himself a personal challenge, because being a 30-year-old founder of the largest social network in the world just isn't enough.This year, he crowdsourced recommendations on, of course, FacebookSee also:


大致研究了一下目前互联网保险的主流模式,还请大家指点。 @张焘一、官方网站指保险公司通过自建官网销售保险产品。目前已有超过60家保险公司开通了官网销售保险的功能。


编者按:荐书派,腾讯科技周末荐书栏目,借由我们的视角,发现一些你未曾注意到的好书。  文/寇茜  《从 0 到1》(Zero to One)拥有畅销书必备的所有特质:作者彼得蒂尔(Peter Thiel)是连续创业成功的明 ... ...

Report finds FAA systems are unnecessarily vulnerable to hacking

America's air traffic control systems are at "unnecessary risk" of being hacked, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office released on Monday.The watchdog agency's report found that security weaknesses were not always addressed in a timely manner,

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