Pervs kept stealing the 'mile 69' highway marker, so it was replaced with this

2019 has barely started, and we've already suffered a great loss: A "69" mile marker is gone forever, and will not be replaced.

Apple wants you to send your best iPhone photos in return for, cough, exposure

Apple wants your best iPhone shots, but it won't pay you if it ends up using them. On Tuesday, the company announced a photo contest that asks iPhone users to "submit their best shots." "The winning photos will be featured on billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores and online,

This birthday cake based on a Pikachu meme is going super viral

If you're going to make a birthday cake for your partner — even if said partner doesn't want anything for their birthday — then you might as well get some internet points for it.And if there's one surefire way to get internet points, it's with some variation of the surprised Pikachu meme.SEE ALSO:

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Dyson heaters, Silentnight duvets, Instant Pot cookers, and more

The temperature has dropped, in case you hadn't noticed. The cloud of breath forming in front of your face, the aching fingers, and the crowded public transport are all excellent signs that it's cold outside.Sometimes the cold creeps inside, and however many layers you've squeezed into,

The quest to binge-read 'Lord of the Rings' in one day

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge media, and what it does to us.Tolkien is in. Again.John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, war veteran and Oxford medieval language professor who died more than 45 years ago,

Kit Harington shares how he'll be watching the final 'Game of Thrones' episode

When the final episode of Game of Thrones airs, it's likely people will be sitting on the edge of their seats, with tears streaming down their face, and a growing sense of emptiness inside from knowing that this beloved show is over forever. But, if you're an actual Game of Thrones cast member,

How to handle tense protest moments in wake of MAGA teen confrontation

The anti-abortion March for Life and the Indigenous Peoples March both took place on January 18, but all anyone remembers from either is a confrontation between a white, male teen and a Native American elder — and the viral videos that resulted. Footage shows a group of predominately white,

Stephen Curry reveals the reason behind his dunk fail, proves he's human too

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Stephen Curry is, in fact, human. He makes mistakes just like the rest of us.On Monday night's episode of The Late Late Show, the Warriors' star shooter was asked to explain his infamous slip from Monday night's game against the Los Angele Lakers.

LG is experimenting with rollable smartphones

LG, the company behind the mind-bendingly cool rollable television, is looking to bring the same flexible display tech to smartphones, according to one of the company's top executives.

GoFundMe will refund donations to campaign for Trump's border wall

A GoFundMe campaign launched last month to pay for President Trump's border wall raised over $20 million from more than 300,000 donors. But that wasn't nearly enough. Brian Kolfage assured donors Friday that because the campaign didn't reach its $1 billion goal, they would be refunded. However,

Thousands of photographs of the bygone Ottoman Empire digitized and viewable online

The Getty Research Institute has digitized over 3,000 photos from 19th century Turkey. The moments captured were primarily in Ottoman Turkey and tell a story of Turkeys culture and tradition.   Read more...More about Photography, History, Mashable Video, Imaging, and Photograph



U.S. Army Compares New Hacker School To "The Birth Of The Air Force"

Over the next three years, the U.S. Army will be filling its brand new cyber warfare institute at West Point with the best and brightest hackers it can find. Not just hackers, however: the institute will bring together psychologists, lawyers,

索尼虚拟现实眼镜+PS4试玩 输出到电视是关键

当索尼公司首次对外公布PlayStation 4游戏机的DualShock 4游戏手柄时,上面的彩条灯无法关闭让许多玩家都感到奇怪。虽然在最新的PS4固件中带来了亮度调节功能,但是依然无法彻底关闭。

Florida Judge Erupts Into Brawl With Lawyer

Oh, Florida.A brawl erupted outside a courtroom in Brevard County, Florida, on Monday when Judge John Murphy allegedly attacked public defender Andrew WeinstockSee also: 9 Famous College Dropouts Who Actually Went Back to SchoolWeinstock,


首先解释两个名词Virulence factor 致病基因。编码的大分子能促进对寄主细胞的粘附、破坏寄主细胞结构、引起强烈破坏性免疫反应等。是否表达致病基因是病原体和普通微生物群的主要区别。



程序员之路--回顾2015,展望2016 - Scottzg

一、前言 回顾2015年,有太多的事情,从暑假末的来北京找工作,到家里兄弟的结婚,再到自己喜欢的人也来到北京找工作,,,有太多的需要来回忆,来记录。今天就在此刻(2016年1月3日下午10:17)来简单的对2015年的自己进行总结,然后规划一下2016年的奋斗目标。二、先谈谈工作 从暑假结束快要.....


1. 西方经济的病躯 让我们从美国和欧洲的经济聊起吧。1.1 失业如今,法国的失业率已经飙升至 10%,破纪录新高。欧洲其他国家的日子也不好过,你可以从下面的这张欧盟失业率图表中读出来更多不详的气息:(图注:上个月失业人数比例。蓝色代表着 25 岁以下年轻人的失业率, 红色条代表总体失业率。)所以现实情况就是这样:工作机会不多,人们也不怎么愿意消费。所以每个国家都在选择下调利率,但是这样也不怎么管用。人们仍然不愿意花钱,这让整个社会都走进了「负利率时代」。德国如今已经在按照负利率开始出售他们的债券了!


巴塞尔艺术展都会(Art Basel Cities):巴塞尔艺术展启动全新拓展计划 瑞士巴塞尔2016年3月23日电 /美通社 / -- 巴塞尔艺术展隆重公布全新拓展计划「巴塞尔艺术展都会」,使巴塞尔艺术展突破现有的展览业务,进而与世界各地不同城市举办文化活动,在国际艺坛引发共鸣。本计划将为环球艺坛带来全新机会去发掘并投身在全球不同角落的文化潮流之中。作为本计划的一部分,巴塞尔艺术展将与多个获选伙伴城市携手举办精彩且内容驱动的特别活动,并让当地艺坛透过巴塞尔艺术展的广泛网络,与国际艺术世界接轨。

lol2016德玛西亚杯SAT vs LD视频录像 LD获胜

6月29日7月3日,德玛西亚杯(简称:德杯)将在苏州体育中心体育馆正式拉开战幕!在五天的比赛中,12支LPL战队与4支LSPL战队将同台竞技,通过小组赛以及1/4决赛决出四支最强的职业战队直接晋级到年底的德杯年度总决赛暨 ... ...

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